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Found 322 results

  1. Hello every one , any one have any tutorial or books to learn to scripting or give a valuable suggestion . Thanks Regards Yukesh
  2. Hello, I am trying to use TCL code to automate the tetrameshing process due to a large number of individual components needed to be meshed for CFD. I am using a simple right angled pipe and have a variation of code that was given in the "Hyperworks Desktop Reference Guide". I can successfully use the tetramesh process within Hypermesh itself manually, selecting my "Wall" as With BL (Fixed) and my "Inflow" and "Outflow" as W/o BL (Float) and do not have the issues that I will explain. However, when I try and automate the process using TCL code, my "^CFD_trias_for_tetramesh" part is only a 2D mesh. This then results in the following failure when using the AcuSolve job launcher: "No Valid 3D element found in the neighbourhood of a tria element". Whereas, if I was to do this manually, the part would be called "CFD_tetcore001", however it would be a 3D volume mesh. Here is my code: *createstringarray 2 "tet: 21532 1.2 2 0 0.8 0 0" "cfd: 86 0.0035 22 1.2 1" *createmark comps 2 "Inflow" "Outflow" *createmark comps 1 "Wall" *tetmesh comps 2 0 comps 1 3 1 2 Would anyone be able to provide any suggestions as to how to get a 3D mesh in the centre of the fluid. Thanks, James
  3. Hi, How to run perl script from TCL? Thanks, Regards, SriGanesh.
  4. Hello, I am learning how to run tcl scripts in hypermesh. I want to clear all the values assigned to the variable in the previous run before running the new script. I am facing difficulty in clearing all the values assigned to the variables. I tried using "clear" command but it doesn't work. Does anybody know how to clear previously assigned values of the variables?
  5. Hello Everyone ! I would like to set up a problem on Hypermesh which include around a hundred load cases (in linear static). To automate it, I found a TCL which "allows a simple template to be created to define the loadcases; useful for creating large numbers of static loadcases very quickly and easily" (link) Thanks to a little VBA, I've just succeed in transforming my Excel data base into a readable txt file for this TCL script. And it works. But my problem is this TCL script only applies my forces (and SPC) on the global system. Is there a solution, and how can modify the TCL script so that it can apply my load cases on a specific local system (expressed into the .txt for each load cases) ? If someone can help me to takle this problem, I will be sooo grateful (Because I've never learnt how to program in TCL) Thanks in advance, Best regards, Hervé Archives.zip
  6. How to plot the data as shown in below figure using TCL script after .odb file is loaded in the Hypergraph2D? In Y-Type I would like to select RF2-Reaction force(Time History) , all the nodes in Y Request , Value in Y component and plot them.
  7. I receive the below error when I try to run my tcl script in hmbatch mode. This same script however will run when I run it inside of Hypermesh using the scripting toolbar and gets no errors. I would like to run this in batchmode. ======Shell AR Distribution: max=3.91===== [AR=1~1.5]: et cnt=200 [AR=1.5~2.25]: et cnt=552 [AR=2.25~3.38]: et cnt=35 [AR=3.38~5.06]: el cnt=1 8 #0 star shape failed at enclosed stage Any suggestions? I have attached the tcl script. Base_shrinkWrap.tcl
  8. Hi fellows, I'm coding a tcl script, but got stalled because i don't know how to get which element types are in a particular collector/component. I mean, i need a command to get the info to know the element type that have a collector. For example, select the collector id1 and get a list with (C3D4, M3D3) if id1 has these element types. Thank you
  9. Hello So I want to create a drop down menu or button in hyperview So which commands should I use Thank you
  10. I have a surface and I'm able to get the list of lines on it. But I'm not able to get the list of points on a line. set surfIDs [ hm_getmark surfs 1] *createmark lines 1 "by surface" {*}$surfIDs set lineList [hm_getmark lines 1] puts "Number of lines on the selected surface: [llength $lineList]" #Trying to extract points using line id set lineId1 [lindex $lineList 0] *createmark points 1 "by id" $lineId1 set pointList [hm_getmark points 1] puts "Number of points on the selected line: [llength $pointList]"
  11. I have set of components like led_high_1 led_high_2 led_high_3 etc... i have to make a duplicate set of components with name like led_high_xxx_1 led_high_xxx_2 led_high_xxx_3 etc... i need a tcl script for this in hypermesh
  12. hi, i have interest to learn TCL scripting on hyper mesh. i have downloaded several tcl documents to learn it. the commands and structures on hypermesh are totally differs from the document. how do i learn it easily. please help me. regards MEIYARASU19
  13. Hi All, How to store and translate duplicated elements using tcl? Regards, Sanket
  14. hi, i'm trying to define an initial velocity by the tcl script. At first, i have tried to use macro to record the script to define an initial velocity. As following, https://imgur.com/a/u9xd4g3 the comman is *loadcreateonentity_curve(nodes,1,8,2,-7157.98626,6287.04714,0,0,0,9527,0,0,0,0,0) there is no detail for the velocity on the hyperwork online documentation when i try to use arguments to replace the vectors and the magnitude. *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Please pick one node" set magnitude [hm_getint "magnitude= " "Please specify the magnitude of velocity"] set plane [hm_getplanepanel "Please define a plane"] foreach {nx ny nz} [lindex [lindex $plane 0] 0] {} foreach {bx by bz} [lindex [lindex $plane 0] 1] {} *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 8 2 $nx $ny $nz 0 0 $magnitude 0 0 0 0 0 the results showed me an initial velocity with correct vector direction but wrong magnitude. (Magnitude = 1 ) https://imgur.com/a/DS4FHO5 does anyone can help me to solve this problem?
  15. Hello, I would like to know how to find elements that fail the validity check and then delete them. Is there a method to do so in tcl? Thank you
  16. I have components in the assembly and i want to find the IDs of surfaces which are really close or almost touching other component. Is there any way to find out those details?
  17. Hi, I would like to export all the pages in my hyperview with required screen resolution. In Hyperview there is an option in Menu- Export* - Multiple Images - old/Advanced where I can specify width and height seperatly. But this option is restrictred to 'Export each window separately total page size'. This means If i have 4 windows in a page this option is exporting images of individual window with specified resolution. I would like to export all the pages with required width and height. At present I am trying to using command window with following commands by opening every page: hwi GetSessionHandle sess sess CaptureScreenToSize png 01.png 1400 593 I am trying to write a tcl/tpl script to automate this process (Export all pages with given width and height). It would be appreciated if someone can help me with this code. Thanks in advance Agassi
  19. Dear all, the following image is an example. In the following image, i would like to re-number the node number 13 to 113. I am able to do it using the manual options available under tools option. But i would like to re-number using commands or tcl scripts. Thanks & Regards, Prabhu p
  20. Hello, Is there any command to find associated nodes of an element using TCL command . Thanks Girish
  21. Hi, I have a little problem with exporting local coordinate systems. I need them to postprocess welds but I don't use them in the analysis, so I must assign at least one node to the system that I have created. I do it by using this menu: Once I have assigned the nodes to the system (with "set displacemente" button), I export the model and I get a piece of code from the exported file like this: *TRANSFORM, TYPE=R, NSET=HM_auto_transform_14AA0 -4.463E-08, -0.9995139, 0.03117584, -1.0 , 1.4901E-08, -9.537E-07 **HMORIENT ORIGIN 3.2 ,-1.324 ,-0.18998 I was wondering if there is a way to export a local coordinate system with a NSET previously created in HyperMesh by using TCL. I know you can do this changing the button in HyperMesh (like I show in the image below), but when I try to do this with tcl commands, HM ignores it. Furthermore, in the command file this action is not recorded. I was trying with this: set name [hm_getstring "Name=" "Please specify a name for the NSET."] *createlistbypathpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes to create a weld" set lista [hm_getlist nodes 1] *clearlist nodes 1 *createentity sets name=$name ids={nodes $lista} *createmark systems 1 "by collector id" [hm_info currentcollector systcol] set sistema [hm_getmark systems 1] *createmark sets 1 $name *systemsetanalysis sets 1 $sistema Can someone help me?
  22. I would like to select nodes using "by face" command and I have ID of one of the nodes on a face using a TCL script in Hypermesh. Thank you.
  23. Hi All, I have x, y ,z coordinates and I have system ID also. Eg: {0 0 25} and system ID :658001 Suppose, a node is present in the model at the above location, How to get the node ID using HM APIs? Note :hm_closest node is not working for me. Regards Gopal
  24. HeIlo, is there any way to create short cut or tcl file to select elemnts by adjacent by clicking on a single element? Please help me.
  25. 例えば、「aabbccddeeddggqqlldd」という文字列から、「dd」だけを消した状態にしたい場合は、下記のようにします。 方法1:splitコマンドを使う方法 set ORIGINAL "aabbccddeeddggqqlldd"; set REMOVE "dd"; set NEWNAME ""; foreach S [split $ORIGINAL $REMOVE] { if {$S != ""} { append NEWNAME $S; } } puts "$NEWNAME"; 方法2:regsubコマンドを使う方法 set ORIGINAL "aabbccddeeddggqqlldd"; set REMOVE "dd"; set NEWNAME [regsub -all $REMOVE $ORIGINAL ""]; いずれも実行すると、「aabbcceeggqqll」が返るハズです。
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