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Found 320 results

  1. Hi, probably this question is super simple but I spent 2 hours searching the whole tcl commands for an option to querry the coodinates of a node which I can not find. You know how to do this? Thanks and best regards, Merula
  2. Hi guys, I am new in Tk programming and I have just created a Tk window using the tutorial in the HyperWorks GUI Toolkit Demos. My window is now finished but I have a problem to use it, I don't manage to get the entry value of a Combobox and "string fields". How can I do that ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hello All, I try to obtain the name or ID of the current collector (especially component) during the execution of a macro. I have looked for a command in the hypermesh help, but i did not find any "hm_getcurrentcollector" or equivalent Can someone help me? Thank you
  4. Hi, How to measure volume,area and mass using tcl. In hypermesh by Tools --> mass calc.. I need to change the density to adjust the mass of a component. For that i need the volume of the component. how to measure that using tcl...
  5. Hi all, I am looking for Tcl commands in Hypermesh documentation which can return the curvature parameters of lines. I intend to create lines offset (at a suitable distance) to certain curved lines (whose curvature exceeds a threshold value). Since I want this to be done automatically by Hypermesh, therefore it would be really nice if Hypermesh can check the curvature of every line in the model and then create an offset (washer layer) if it is required. For this purpose I am using *trim_by_offset_edges command, but this command needs the line numbers, which I (at the moment) have hard coded into the script. I want the curvatures automatically calculated, and offset lines automatically created based upon the decision after comparing the threshold value and current curvature value.
  6. Hi all, I am searching for an easy way to merge multiple component into a single component. I have already done some preliminary search but found nothing about merging components. For example: I have a .hm file with 3 components, each containing different type of entities (e.g. nodes, elements, solids, surfaces, points etc.), all I want is to have a tcl command that moves all entities in these existing components into a new component, and delete all previous components. I went through the documentation of scripts (Tcl modify commands) and found nothing directly helpful for this purpose. Experienced/knowledgeable users of HyperMesh, please help. Best regards, Mubeen.
  7. Hello all, I am trying to run a tcl script in batch mode, however, following error appears. Is there any way to solve this? You can see the error message and TCL script below.
  8. I want to create a model log system that works like this 1. As I run the job, the name, date and path of the input file is located in a master excel file 2. After the job stops running (successfully or with error) the reason for that is also written in the excel file. 3. This way I can track my progress throughout th whole year. I assume it needs some TCL/tk programming in the files that are always called when somebody runs a job. Can anybody provide me with some help or a starting tip? Thanks in advance Adeel
  9. Hello All, I want to select BeamSections in a particular beamsectioncollector using tcl script. How can i select it? I tried manually,. While doing it manually there is no option to Select beam sections collectorwise. Please suggest some commands to do the required task. Regards, Sanket Sunil Patil
  10. Hello All, I want to select attached elements to a particular element. What is tcl command for this selection? Regards, Sanket
  11. Here's a bit of a challenge and certainly one which has bamboozled me so far... Our models need to follow a particular numbering system, we already have a code which quickly renumbers literally everything in the model to a specific number range. But an add on we would like is to be able to rapidly renumber specific node numbers. In the models, we tag nodes with a label like "N-9001" meaning that node number must be 9001 (long story but we work on include files which must slot together so certain nodes must be certain numbers). At the moment this is a manual process but what I would like is a code which could createmark by tag name N9001, then renumber node to 9001. Can this be done? If so, how?
  12. I have hundreds of points that I was thinking I wanted to read in from a csv file to create nodes, and local coordinate systems for each of those nodes, but the end goal is to be able to apply a force at the node locations according to the local coordinate systems that were created. I read somewhere here, that nodes are not related to the mesh in any way, so Is there a way then to find the nearest node location in the existing mesh closest to the node I create from the csv file? Also, once a node is created by: *createnode $X_Pos $Y_Pos $Z_Pos 0 0 0 is there a way to capture the node ID that was created so that it can be referred to when creating the local coord system using *systemcreate3nodes ?
  13. Hello Forum ! I'm new to this tool. Can someone share me the usage of this tool ? I was just wandering will it be any helpful to write the scripts in TCL for HM ? Thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  14. Hi, How to duplicate elements in original component using tcl commands? Thanks, Sanket
  15. Hey guys, is it somehow possible to start and execute an OptiStruct Solver Run automatically by a .tcl command or script? The aim of this is to create the .h3d-File and .res-File automatically without pressing any buttons. I'm working with the 2017.2 student version of HyperWorks. Kind regards and thanks in advance, Simon
  16. Hey guys, I'm looking for a command to close or delete a variable totally. I got the problem that when I'm trying to run my script for the second time this error is occuring: This is the file in which the error is occuring: temp_in_fem.tcl Before starting this script the sample.scv file is created in this file: create_force_constraints.tcl I guess the variable is still saved somewhere in hypermesh and thus it can be deleted totally. I'm looking forward to your ideas. Kind regards Michael
  17. Dear All, is it possible to automate hex mesh for Flange (see ref Image attached) with washer around holes (holes may more than 2) . Any idea...Please Suggest... @tinh Regards PD
  18. What is Tcl command to get component name and split it? Thanks.
  19. Hi, all, When I import the LS-DYNA solver deck into hypermesh and output one component as a solver deck isolately, the other unreferenced nodes will also be output simultaneously. As the following picture, the white nodes are unreferenced nodes showed in LS-Prepost, and I need to use " Node edit" to cleanup every time. So I would like to know if there any method that can help me to cleanup the nodes automatically. https://imgur.com/a/RIdGahq
  20. Hey guys, I want to catch a mistake concerning the mesh. when this mistake is occuring, the user should be able to fix the mesh. During a while loop i have sometimes an error in the command *plotnodelist, because it needs the inputs "results of a analysis" and "nodes id". Sometimes the analysis fails and *plotnodelist leads to a break down of Hyperworks because of the missing results. Here is the relevant part of my code: while {} {...... if { [catch {*plotnodelist 1}] } { puts "analysis failed " break } else { *plotnodelist 1 } ....} Kind regards Simon
  21. Hello, Can anyone tell how to create spring elements between two components? Thanks, Sanket
  22. hi, I have a set of nodes .I have to find the elements attached to that. And store it in a variable. Can anyone tell how to use *findmark for this. Thanks, Mahes
  23. Hello, I am trying to write a tcl script for HyperView to run in batch mode. I need to load my model and results. Apply the results to the final increment and then export the model in a TCL script. None of the hypermesh commands are working and I cannot find HyperView TCL commands. Can anyone explain how this is done?
  24. Hi, I'm looking a way to get the value of TCL variable from FE Output template. In fact I would like to control template by using TCL variable, so my template has something like: *if([VALUE == 1]) ... *endif() *if([VALUE != 1]) ... *endif() Where "VALUE" comes from TCL variable. Any idea? TIA,
  25. How should i get these X1, X2 and X3 values for a selected node in the image. If i use hm_nodevalue $node_id It returns me X,Y,Z values as per WCS. But what i want is to get as shown in this window. Or may be if i can get local CSYS reference axis.
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