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Found 10 results

  1. I have a setup a simulation to perform a multi-objective optimization for both structural and thermal load using minmax and a design equation which is a max(compliance, thermal compliance). How should I normalize the two quantities (values of both fall in the range [0,1])?
  2. Hello community, We are trying to do topology optimization of this solid body but after running for 20% or so it gives us this error. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with my model because i doesnt show any optimization after i ran the calculation.Plus, the solver are empty and its only said that the job is completed. I'm using an Optistruct of my school which connected to the server i guess. Please help me.
  4. Hi all, can someone please explain to me the difference between defining the stress constraint via DTPL - Card and by DRESP1-card? All the tutorial models show differerent solutions without explaining the difference in detail. Thanks in adance!! Regards Peter
  5. Hi , I have performed topology optimization using PCOMPG. So I have created the PCOMPG using hyperlaminate option with +/- 45 deg orientation for alternate layers with total thickness of 5 mm (each ply thickness is 0.25mm). After solving the model, in post processor window I am getting option for base thickness (attached the screenshot) with thickness of 45mm throughout all the iteration.Please clarify why it is showing that option and that value. Also I need clarification on PCOMPG, if I use topology optimization on PCOMPG whether the effect of overall & individual thickness and Ply orientation will be taken into consideration ? In the second attached image the topology optimization results for individual plies are show.Is it possible with PCOMPG? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Is there anyway to integrate Additive Manufacturing constraints for topology optimization in optistruct? I would like to add constraints such as maximum overhang angle, minimum number of support structure, etc... I would also like to determine the best build direction. Thank you
  7. Hi, The problem consists of a connecting rod submitted to axial loads which define the phases of admission (traction) and combustion (compression). I am trying to run the following optimization:  2 load steps : Traction Compression 2 responses : Volume Compliance 1 constraint : 60% Volume 1 objective : Minimize compliance I managed to run a direct transient analysis for the two separate load cases. I tried running a topology optimization for one of the load cases but an error occured with the following message: *** ERROR # 557 *** DRESP1 2 is not referenced from within a static or an MBD SUBCASE. This type of response must be specified from within a static or an MBD SUBCASE. This error occurs in DESOBJ 2. I would like to know: How can I create alternating load steps to simulate the traction and compression phases If it is possible to run an optimization with these dynamic loads Thank you !
  8. Hello, I'm trying to use a nonlinear material (MATS1) in topology optimization which is resulting in the following error: *** ERROR # 4650 *** The design space for topology/freesize optimization can not contain nonlinear material. --- Is there any way to use a nonlinear material in topology optimization or is it currently not supported? I'm using HyperWorks 2017.2 with the following hotfixes: HyperWorks Desktop 2017.2.1 HyperWorks Solver 2017.2.2 Thanks in advance Manmit
  9. in the dconstrain step, i tried to select load step but it shows msg that load step is no compatible with the response. I don't understand what is problem?
  10. Hello, I'm currently working on a university project which is investigating the use of topology optimisation for additive manufacturing (AM). One of the side effects of some AM processes is that built components will exhibit different mechanical properties along each axis. This is dependent upon orientation of the design within the AM build chamber. In respect to Selective Laser Melting or Electron Beam Melting in Titanium-64, could anybody recommend an approach (within Optistruct) which could account for the varying mechanical properties? Alternatively, if anybody knows of a way to heat treat AM parts so that the anisotropy/orthotropy is negated during optimisation, that too would be helpful. Any help with this issue would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, Dan Walton
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