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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to 3D mesh this model with solid mapping. I have already tried 'toggle edges' and 'trim with surf'. I have also tried to divide the circular plate (top plate) into small pieces by connecting the nodes, however, I was not able to split any surfaces. I am not exactly sure which edges I should toggle and how I should get rid of the narrow surfaces between the rectangular (side) surfaces, to make the model mappable? Thank you, Muge Candogan
  2. i am solving a problem with 3D mesh..i have a lug and pin joints in it. I want to model it using a 1D element..how can i do that? tertamesh_10size.hm
  3. Dear sir/ Ma'am, 1) I have a 3D model for which I wish to do Hex meshing. I have divided my model in several parts and I could hex mesh some of them. But since I am not able to hex mesh all of them I want to go with a mixed meshing i.e., tetra meshing for the remaining parts. May somebody please tell me the way to achieve what I am wishing to do? [Please tell me the path to the suggested options in the hypermesh] I could have meshed my model completely with the 2nd order tetras but I want to have hex elements at the contacts. 2) Please, also tell me if there is any problem in using mixed (hex-pent- tetra) meshing in the transient (explicit) analysis. What type of elements (including for 2d meshing) are suggested for a transient structural analysis of a large assembly (also for the individual components) having loads applied for milliseconds? [It's not the case of crash analysis] Thank you in advance!
  4. I am meshing my steering knuckle in the hypermesh with user profile as Optistruct. When i go for elements check up , i find a few hundred elements failingin the tet collapse domain. How do i correct them ?
  5. Hi All, I made a mesh using volume tetra and I want to further refine it. How do I use the tetra mesh parameters menu to do this (assuming this is the way to do this)? One of my main goals is to add more layers of elements through the thickness of the whole part, so I thought I could use the "Number of layers" option, and then chose a refinement box that is bigger that my part (i.e. that it encloses my part), and then I thought the next step would be using the tetra remesh menu to remesh everything, but this workflow is not working. I'm probably not using menus within the tretra mesh panel correctly, so what exactly is the workflow of tetra mesh refining other than using proximity and curvature in the volume tetra menu? One aspect that confuses me in the tetra mesh parameters menu is that it only asks for a refinement box: but once I choose my parameters and my refinement box, how to I "apply" this this refinement? Again, my goal is to add more elements through the thickness of my part, which why I specified number of layers = 4. thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, Here is an error I am facing while trying to hexa-mesh the component using the tool- 'solid map'. It is saying that 'an edge is shared by 3 or more input faces'. I am not able to understand the meaning of this error and also not able to find any alternate way to hexa-mesh my component. The image of the component has been attached for reference.
  7. I want to create mesh of bolt and nut with brick element. In literature one procedure is given for meshing helical thread. Bolt mesh is created by translation and rotation(with eccentricity) of 2D plane nodes. I have created nodes at different axial planes but How to connect these nodes to create Hexahedral elements? The literature can be referred from the following link http://pressurevesseltech.asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/data/Journals/JPVTAS/28489/011204_1.pdf Thanks in advance
  8. I want to 3d mesh a rod with curved profiles at both ends, but I am not able to mesh the ends of the rods properly leading to element errors which I am not able to solve. Also I want to 2d mesh a cylinder connected to the rod at one end and then link the 3d elements on rod and 2d elements on cylinder. I have attached the model file and also the images of the cross section of rod and cylinder. Please help me with the same. rod_and_cylinder.hm
  9. hello everyone, i was meshing a solid body (Done auto cleanup, no free edges, no open surfaces) by tetramesh (volume tetra) and just after meshing 2 new component arrived in model browser named tmp_2d_for_tetra and error_elems. what does these 2 mean? How to remove these errors? what is the cause of it? what should be done?
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