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Found 32 results

  1. Hello, In order to make solid mesh I need to edit/trim my solid which has 3 solids inside it. When I trim my solid using "trim with surfs" (its the only effective way since the inside geometries are complex), Hypermesh makes wrong surfaces after trimming, they are not the same as the surfaces I have, sometimes even connects them together! I am wondering what can I do? I am not able to upload my screens, meanwhile any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. When the analysis is started within BasicFEA [Run Analysis], the *.fem file will be produced, but no further process happens, except a small window appears and disappears very quickly. The error massage "Out file not found" appears in the lower left corner. HyperWorks v13.0 is installed. OptiStruct could not be found OS-start menu. Is that the major problem?
  3. Hi everybody. Is possible to create a component with different thickness along of its length, for example like a wedge? I want to create a component with variable thick but progressively without a drastic change between sections of the component. Thanks for your answers.
  4. Hi, I am very new to Virtual Wind Tunnel and Hyperworks in general, been at it for a mere few days, so my issue may be incredibly basic. My issue; I am using Solidworks to create a car model assembly, importing that into Hypermesh and meshing it. Everything seems to go correctly here. I am then importing the meshed file into Virtual Wind Tunnel, setting everything up and running the simulation. My issues comes with the results; it is 'seeing' my model as a number of dots/mesh elements, not as the whole model (I have attached a screenshot, poor quality but it gets my issue across). This could well be an issue with my model or meshing but I really have no idea. I have tried lots of things over the past couple of days to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
  5. Hi all, I'm in my Final Year of Uni, studying Aerospace Technology Engineering. As part of my course, I need to complete a Final Year Project. Mine's on Flight Crash Simulation. Now, I've got a surface model of a 757 (I can't upload it for some reason?? - see here), and I basically need to crash it in HyperWorks, I'm assuming using HyperMesh, and then exporting into HyperCrash. My Tutor has no idea how to use the software, and apparently noone in the University has ever used it before. I'm assuming I'll have to convert the surface model into a solid, and then mesh it in hypermesh.... Can someone help me out with the basics? Thanks Cheers Guys, Sam Bancroft
  6. Please post the links to all the Hypermesh learning resource freely available in the internet. It can serve as a wiki for regular Hypermesh users.
  7. Hi i have to study the displacement on a tube. I need 3d mesh because i have to choose the material. I have as material MAT1 and as property PSOLID (i don't want PSHELL). The problem is that when i selected the surfaces with "bounding surfaces" it doesn't transform in solid because " no closed volume found". This is one image of the tube. What else can i do? Thank you very much
  8. How to create a temporary surface segment in hypermesh as a component from a contact surface and component nodes.
  9. While changing the user proflie in Hw 12 in hypermesh from radioss to optistruct, I get an error. If I skip or click ok it goes but I cant find optistruct in analysis panel. Please reply as early as possible
  10. Hello, I am doing analysis of universal joint assembly (Yoke1, Spider, Yoke2). Spider is a cross member which has 4 bars extruded. So there are 4 revolute joints between trunnion and yokes. Can anybody tell me how to create a revolute joint using RBE2 elements in Radioss Bulk Data? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsTSispqWkYwMj6cy6vS8KmDxC2gM9aMmdf_Ffk06VMnPcRNnX To create a revolute joint between 1 bar and 1 yoke hole, I applied the following procedure: 1) Create a center node of the spider bar: node A 2) Create a center node of the yoke hole: node B 3) Create a RBE2 (Independent Node: node A, Dependent nodes: all the nodes on the portion of the bar which will be inside the yoke hole.) 4)Create a RBE2 (Independent Node: node B, Dependent nodes: all the nodes on the yoke hole.) 5) Create a local coordinate system having 'x' axis from node A to node B 6) Assign the node A and node B to local coordinate system. (set reference and set distance) 7) Create RBE2 (Independent Node: node A, Dependent nodes: node B; All dof constrained except dof4 (rotation in x axis) Is this method correct?
  11. Hi, I'm quite new for using Hypermesh. I've an assembly of 3 components. I've tetrameshed each component. After meshing I just exported the mesh in a .dat file. When i use this mesh in Ansys WB all the components are flexible, What should i do to change everything to Rigid?? If i change it in Ansys then its asking for a remesh. Could someone help a little. Thanks, Vishnu.
  12. Hello All, Can we define Pbush property with RBE2 element of is it only defined for CBUSH (spring) element. Regards Pratik
  13. Hi guys, I need open a .modfem file in hypermesh, however the nastran profile not open the file. Somebody can help me? Thanks
  14. Hi, I have a problem with Hypermesh 13.0. Here're my environment: Hyperwork 13.0 with all updates OS : Windows 7 64bit professional SP1 User Profile : NASTRAN Mesh Option: element order: second 3D meshing method : solid map When I ask for density=2, Hypermesh creates 4 element layers (see screenshot). Hypermesh model is in attached ZIP file. Anyone could confirm me this "bug" ? Thanks, HW13_Solid_map_NASTRAN.zip
  15. Hello, I'd like to write a script for HyperMesh which automatically generates properties and assigns material to a component. The article Automation for Material and Property Values in HyperMesh Using TCL inspired me enough to make my life easier The idea is similar to that one, described in the article. I'd like to put information about material and thickness in my component name. The only thing I don't know is where can I find commands which could read and analyse my components name. I.e: COMPONENT_NAME@MATERIAL_THICKNESS (my component name) Main_Hood@steel_12mm I'd like to split the name of component into variables: NAME = Main_Hood (everything before "@" sign is a name) MATERIAL = steel THICKNESS = 12 Could you suggest me where could I search for such commands? Thank you in advance. Best regards Jakub
  16. Hi there, I'm new in Hypermesh software and i'm not sure how to solve this problem!! I've attached a file of the problem. Could you please help me solving this. I'm not sure as to where should I input the values of the initial nominal yield stress 50MPa, the nominal UTS 180MPa at strain 0.1. It would be great if you could help me in the Properties section as much as you can. Thank you.
  17. Hi everyone; I want to know if we are able to use composite fabrics in composite optimisation? I mean, composite fabric = a layer that consist of different oriented fibers and sewed together. Composite manufacturers sell them like this. In all hypermesh composite optimisation tutorials, they use individual plies which are fibers in one direction only. I want to use different fabrics (one is 45,-45,90 - 600 grams and 0.5mm - the other is 45,-45,60,-60 800 grams and 0.75mm for example), and conduct free-size, size and shuffling optimisations using these fabrics. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for anyone replies.
  18. I need to create a pull-down Menu in Macro Window (User Window) and if it is possible, Please Share your Experience here... I refereed HM help also, but that's not describe about pull-down Menu. ​Thanks in Advance Srinivasa Rao
  19. Hi everybody i would perform a simulation of a lifeboat ditching, like in the tutorials where is used an ALE approximation, but using the SPH approximation, smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Does anyone know how build a sph model in hypermesh and solve it with radioss? Are any kind of tutorial about SPH simulation online? i was not able find it anywhere... Thank you!!!
  20. Hi everybody I would like to create a rigid mesh on the surface of a body, because i need a rigid body, for which are not calculated stresses neither strains. Could i mesh this surface using "rigid body mesh" panel in automesh panel? if it is the way, the mesh created will be used just to compute other things like interfaces reactions or others, and the mesh created will be completely rigid ... i'm i wrong? thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to do the blast tutorial in 2D and I don't understand how to use the Law 20. Do I have to apply it on both material or do I have to create a new part that would be the interface between the materials and apply the law to it or something else ? Does someone have any example or can explain it please. Thank you in advance. JB
  22. Hi, May I get some advice on the meshing skills from 2D to 3D meshing? 1. How should I deal with the end of this triangular shape? The element at the end must be low quality. 2. For this triangular shape, should I use mix mesh as above or use R-trias shape? Which one would benefit me in tetramesh in the following steps. In general, what is the different between common trias and R-trias elements? Do they have some advantage in some specific application? 3. How should I deal with the two ends of right triangle with curve hypotenuse? These two ends are sharp corner. 4. For this long surface, should I use equal number of elements at the red labelled lines? If the elements number are equal, only Quads would be created. If not, and use default number, the longer side would get more elements. Which situation would benefit the 3D tetramesh? 5. For the similar situation, how should I deal with this surface to get a better mesh? What shown is the result for simple mix mesh. 6. Which kind of 3D mesh would get better result in similar number of elements, 3D tetramesh or 3D hexamesh mixed with tetramesh. To put it in this case, which 3D meshing would be more accurate, 1- split the quads into trias for tetramesh; 2- mainly hexamesh combined with tetramesh. 7. How should I construct the hexamesh combined with tetramesh? Thank you for your advice.
  23. Good evening to every body i'm working on sph modelling of water; to obtain reasonable time step i have to use an artificial bulk modulus in the MAT LAW 6. I have found in the Monagham teory that it should be chosen using an artificial (lower of the real one) sound of speed that should be at least 10 times the maximum phenomena speed. I'm testing a water entry of a wedge, and the water surface imapact speed is 3 m/s. The water tank is in complete rest situatuion. Is this speed that i should use as "maximum speed of phenomena"? Thanks
  24. Hi, How to create a sliding contact in Nastran Userprofile in Hypermesh? What will be the contact type needed to be selected while creating the Interfaces (Groups) How to map the slave and master contact surfaces??
  25. I am solving the composite tube under imposed velocity. I am getting error as " * ERROR IN MATERIAL/ELEMENT DEFINITION (LAW)INVALID MATERIAL LAW 23 FOR SHELL 1". Kindly provide some clarificationThe same error occured in Law 25
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