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Found 6 results

  1. hi, i want to optimize 1 D Truss in Hyperstudy, but i can only see material and force in Design Variablen (ich want to change r_i radius). wilch card can i change in Hyperstudy, that i can see Design Variablen (r_i radius) in Hyperstudy. thanks!
  2. Hello friends Iam new to this forum. i have a question regarding how to connect hyper study and adams car. When we run adams car simulation we have some responses(called requests in adams car) generated. I want to do multi-objective optimization of those responses with adams car hardpoints as variables in Hyper study. I want to know how to dothis. I searched on internet and hyper study tutorials but could not find relevant literature. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, I am using Hyperstudy 12.0 for Optimization.I am not Familier to Batch files. I have 3 Abaqus jobs that I want to run Simultaneously in 3 different Folders ( E:\Ak\ Folder1 , E:\ Ak\ Folder2 , E:\ Ak\ Folder3 ). The jobs are in 3 Folders (Job-1 is in Folder1 , Job-2 is in Folder 2,Job-3 is in Folder3 ). I want to create a batch file that copies all 3 Folders including files in them in the working Directory for Hyperstudy ie. (E:\ AK \ Approaches \ nom_1 \ run_0001 \ m_1 ) for nominal run. The batch file should work for Optimization also ( E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_001\ m_1 , E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_002\ m_1, E:\ AK \ Approaches\ Opt_1\ run_003\ m_1 ....so on ) I also neeed to make a abaqus executable batch file that will Run the three jobs at the same time in three respective Folders Folder1, Folder2, Folder3 and perform Optimization of all 3 jobs. I hope I explained the Problem well. Thank You in advance for Your help. Kind regards, Ameya
  4. Hello, I am trying to plot force/displacement in HyperStudy and at the moment I can only plot displacement at certain node (N1, N2, N3,....) however I would like to plot using maximum displacement. Can anyone instruct me to how I can output maximum displacement to be able to plot it in HyperStudy? Many thanks, Ahmed
  5. Hello Group Are there any Tutorial \ Case studies \ Guide for Correlation with Hyperstudy? Here is my task I have experimental frequency response in Excel form. I want to correlate my FEM Model frequency response with it. My approach is to match peaks in both response as close as possible for ease of setup in first step I consider similar point on both Experimental-Fem modell and match its FRF, my design variable is youngs modulus. E So I have to take Excel values as referance curve and and vary the value of E so that direct frequency analysis of FEM modell with optistruct gives similar response. Any help regarding setting up the study will be useful Regards Pratik
  6. Hello, I created a finite element model of a wing in HyperMesh. An experimental modal analysis has been performed on the real model of that wing, so I know what the eigenfrequencies and the eigenvectors are. Now I want to do a system identification in HyperStudy. As a response in this study I want to retrieve the eigenvectors at some nodes from output files of the optistruct solver. Under Define Responses - Expression - File sources I can actually see for the .res output file the option to select the eigenvector at a certain node, however, I can't select for which Mode/Eigenfrequency this eigenvector is. Is there a way to select a Eigenvector as a response at a certain node AND for a certain mode? Thanks!
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