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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, My name is Dylan and I can't quite get the software to optimize my model exactly how I have it pictured in my head. I'm fairly new to this type of software as well as optimization itself, so I'm not surprised I got stuck in the first place! I currently am modeling steady state heat transfer through a 2-D radial pipe (much like a cd when you look at it in the X-Y plane). I constrained a temperature (of 3000 K) on the nodes along the inner radius of the pipe and I made a conduction interface on the elements along the outer radius of the pipe (to let the heat out) as well as a heat flux (of -345). When I run the OS analysis option, I get a nice spread for the grid temperature leading to a final temperature (of ~2800 K) on the nodes along the outer radius. So far, I think I am okay up to this point (as some of the numerical analysis I did on a previous flat plate model confirmed that this setup should would). Where I am running into problems is when I try to optimize this model in its current state. I've broken my optimization "wants" into a list. 1) 2 responses, one Vol Frac and one Temperature. 2) 1 constraint, a Vol Frac of 20%. 3) 1 object reference being the temperature on the nodes along the outer radius of the pipe. 3) 1 objective of minimizing the maximum temperature on the nodes along the outer radius of the pipe. AND I'm actually unsure whether I need to use the topology panel to utilize the optimizations available to me any further. If anyone has had any experience trying to optimize for temperature or any heat transfer optimization advice in general to offer, please do! I'll continue working minor changes to see if I can get the optimization to actually run in the coming weeks... -Please let me know if there is any other information I can give about my model that might make it easier to see why I'm running into problems! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read!
  2. Hello, I am trying to do a size optimization on a component with PSOLID. The manual I have been referring explicitly states that size optimization has to be done on either 2D or 1D. But I have been asked to do size or gauge optimization on a model with solid mesh. Is there any way that I can achieve this? Thanks.
  3. Hello All, As we all might be aware that rotor dynamics have been introduced with version 13.0 of Hyperworks. I am new to the rotor dynamic analysis. i need some help/suggestions regarding the same. following are my queries regarding the same:- Is it possible to use rotor dynamic analysis for calculation misalignment of shafts Can we use the same in continuation to topology optimization? thanks in advance
  4. Hello everybody, for my masters thesis, i want to implement a user-defined optimization engine. I've read and understood the related section in HyperStudy help but there are some Questions left (1 and 2 maybe because i'm not a programmer): 1. Since an executable file has to be provided, should i set specific compilation flags or similar? 2. I assume program language plays no role. But should i compile for 32 or 64bit? (Running Windows 7, 64 bit OS; HyperWorks installed in "C:\Program Files\" , therefore is 64bit, right?) 3. Is there maybe a simple example xopt program code for learning purposes? Thanks for any hints! Christof
  5. Hello, is there any literature available on how HMMO is working in HyperStudy besides the online documentation? I have a few problems understanding the exact concept. It would be great to get more information about how the GA opererators and the gradient search steps are used within the iteration steps to find the optimum. In the online documentation it says "HMMO consumes only a few model evaluations (typically 5) for gradient estimation". Which model evaluations are selected for the gradient estimation if they are that few? Does the gradient estimation influence the offspring created by the genetic algorithm in any way? Or are they independant of each other in the way that the GA is used to find a region near the optimum and the gradient search to reach convergence? Thanks for your help!!
  6. Hello everybody, we want to optimize the fiber orientation from a fiber-reinforced composite which was made by injection moulding. We simulated it in Moldex3D. We just started a new study in HyperStudy, set the variables and already did the nominal run. Now we have to set the responses but we don't know how to do that. Could anybody help us with this problem? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey I am just having issues in optimization, where its runs the file but it somehow doesn't connect all the design and non-design elements. This is how my model is set-up: 1.) I have set an objective of minimize volume. 2.) Using displacement and 3.) All non-design elements are set as a 3mm offset from the bolt holes. 4.) All bolts have been modeled as rigid elements. As seen in the image it doesnt seem to always connect all the bolt holes with some design material. Does anyone have any idea how i cant set it up so that it always connects all the bolt holes irrespective of any load going through it.
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