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Found 21 results

  1. Hello All 1. I Would like to couple my SRM Machine model in Flux to Activate to perform a closed loop simulation using a look up table approach which is given in a document " Switched Reluctance Motor Multiphysics simulation". Can any one provide the Activate blocks shown in the example ?? 2. I would like to do a electromagnetic simulation where the motor should be started with a load (torque). Is it required to include moment of inertia of the load as well ? 3. I would like to compute efficiency map of the motor. Are there any python scripts available ? Multiphysics_Modeling_of_Switched_Reluctance_Machine_(SRM).pdf
  2. Hello, i'm pretty new to Activate and Altair Tools in general. In the past i just worked with Matlab / Simulink. I am trying to import my Simulink model into Active, but i get multiple Errors in my Command Window. Below are some examples. When i start the import i just get multiple errors like these and nothing else happens. Is there a smooth way to find out what these error's mean and how i could fix them? Thanks for your help. Aiko
  3. Hi experts, I'm new to the Model-Based Development solutions, i'm doing a project on controlling Robot Arm by using Activate and Embed. My model include 4 DoF Robotic arm, 4 Servo MG90, 1 Arduino R3 and 1 joystick. I tried to control the robot by programming at Arduino, but i can't find way to control this model by using Compose, Activate and Embed. I don't have much exp so can you guys show me the details? Best regards.
  4. Hello to all, in my first model i want to simulate a dumper using a cylinder with orifice in the line to the tank. I've tried different configuration but every time appears this type of error and i don't understand what it mean. Is there someone that can help me uderstand this error? What i have to change? Thanks in advance! Arnigaber
  5. Hi, I'm using Activate with student license and i had this tipe of error with simulating modelica blocks. I've installed the Visual Studio Community 2019 with C++ and Windows 10 preview SDK and MSVC v142 before this installation i had no possibilities to start a simulation because of the error that modelica needs a c++ compiler. Anyone that can help me? is this a common error? Thanks for the attention. Arnigaber
  6. Hey commuinty last night I got the idea of creating a guitar tuner using activate Now I am curious if there is a way to get microphone access using the OML language. If not, i am sure there is a way by using Python language. Basically I just need to record an audio sequence and process it with my future activate model. Is there a way to interrupt the the process for recording? I will put that question in a new topic best regards Nils
  7. Hello, These days, I work with Flux coupled with Activate for simulation of contactor dynamic behavior. The contactor has 2 coils, 3 switches. The 3 switch is controlled by activate. While the current of the 2 coils are used as sensor input for Activate. But when I start the simulation, at beginning the current in the coil seems reasonable. But after 5ms, or like this, the current and voltage on the coil starts to become very strange, and non-meaning, just noisy points, I don’t under stand why. I think, the activate only control the switch and do some control, very simple, the Flux finish FEM calculation. When I work with Flux alone, same calculation performed, no noisy points. For solver I use same as tutorial showed for activate and Flux coupling simulation. I hope I can get some help for this topic. Thanks. Activate_couple_Flux_simulation.docx
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement a co-simulation using Activate and MotionView, using the Hydraulic tools, but I'm getting this error at the very beginning of the simulation. How can I fix it? I got version 14 of Visual C++ Thank you all
  9. I am going through the tutorials for activate. The pictures showing the OML codes for the pictures are missing in the installation directory. Is there another place to get them?
  10. Hi all, Activate 2017.2 shows that it requires a Visual c++ compiler in spite of installing of the visual studio 2015. Kindly inform the solution of the same.
  11. Hi, can I use hydraulic models from DSHplus together with Activate, e. g. in a co-simulation similar to MotionSolve?
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to understand how Hydraulics works in Activate, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be usefull, thank you all.
  13. Hello community, how can I do a parameter sweep in activate? I want to simulate a controller with different parameters for the gain. Afterwards I want to overlay the different system responses in a plot. I defined a vector with different values for the controller gain "KR" and use it in a "MatrixGain"-block. KR = [1 .1 .06 .01 .02]; I hoped that could work but it doesnt. Another approch could be to do it by doing multiple simulations with different parameters. best regards Nils
  14. Hi, This question is regarding WinProp WallMan software. I found in my WallMan window that, all options in preprocessing tab are greyed out (disabled). Also, the preprocessing icons on the right side of WallMan window are greyed out too. Can anyone help me to find a way to activate Preprocessing properties. I am in need to run 3D IRT for my simulation which I cannot do without preprocessing data. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks Balaji
  15. Hi, I am trying to do a Monte Carlo simulation on my model. I am varying the inputs based on a Normal distribution to see how the output behaves. I need help with 2 things here. 1. Is there a way to automate the execution of the simulation, so that it simulates multiple times (say 1000 times) 2. is it possible to capture the data in a .csv file by appending it, so that i get data from all the simulations, and that it is not overwritten everytime the simulation runs. BR Saurya
  16. Dear Experts, I would like to know how to switch two Modelica blocks based on a situation of the simulation. For example, please assume two SpringDamper blocks, A and B are contained in an Actibvate model which are applied at the same location. SpringDamper block (A or B)used in the simulation is decided based on situation of simulation and might be changed during the simulation. I created a model (attached) where MoCustomComponent based on Spring is used. In the model, spring constant of the Spring block can be switched during simulation but Spring block cannot be switched in this way? Are there any ways to switch Modelica blocks? Regards, Minoru Yubuchi Model5.scm
  17. Can we edit user defined Libraries that was created from Activate (.scb)? Yes. File->Library->Manager->Select a library on the disk If you would like to add a new block, select the block and click Add/Replace If you would like to remove an existing block, select the block from the library, and click Remove
  18. Dear Experts, When I ran a Modelica script through MoCustomBlock in Activate, Activate issued the following error: [fmi2GetEventIndicators]: Error at t=7.5262725398123784e+000: index-1 and derivative evaluation failure Failed in updating zero-crossing surfaces. In what case, is this error issued and what should I fix generally? Regards, Minoru Yubuchi
  19. Dear Experts, My Modelica sript contains the following equation: tan(gamma) = (y - y_b)/(x - x_b); where y, x, x_b, y_b are variables. Please let me have your advice how to avoid zero-division (to avoid to become x=x_b) in Modelica script. When I tried to insert the following statements in Modelica argorithm section: if abs(x-x_b) <= 0.01 then x := x_b + 0.01; end if; of cource, as you expected, Activate issued the error: system is overdetermined. Regards, Minoru Yubuchi
  20. Hello all, I have a state space system model which takes in 3 inputs and gives a single output which I am trying to model in Activate. The 3 inputs are time series signals and I am currently using lookup tables and the mux block to feed it into the state space block. When I try to run this table, there is inconsistency between the dimension of output port of Mux block and input port of State space block. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Also open to suggestions of using other convenient blocks for my simulation like signal generator or signalIN blocks. Thanks, Rajath
  21. Hello, I am new to Altair Embed and would like to know if there is a way to import Activate models into Embed?? There is an option to import Simulink models but that does not support the .scm extension of Activate models. I could not find any other documentation regarding this, so would like to get some suggestions or workarounds for this problem. I am using basic 2019.1 versions of both Activate and Embed. Thank you, Rajath
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