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Found 86 results

  1. Hi All, I wanted to simulate conjugate heat transfer simulation in AcuSolve which involves Conduction & Mixed convection. I have followed the best practices that are described from meshing to problem setup. Herewith, im attaching my residual plot which seems not converged and stabilized results. It would be helpful if someone help me with this.
  2. Hi Experts, I'm looking forward to perform a full car exterior aerodynamic study. I've done with the tutorilas and implemented the same in my case too. But I'm getting some errors. The tutorial fuile I've been worked is a Plane with Wind tunnel (It does not have wheels. But When it comes to car, there was a need of integrating the wheel. So if there is relevant tutorial / model kindly share it with me. So that I can make the setup according to that file. I'm getting warnings as below when I followed the tutorial file "Plane" The tutorial I've been followed is "CFD-1400: Wind Tunnel Mesh" I'm also attaching the Acutail file for your reference. T3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warnings T3_EXT_Acusolve_bc.warnings T3_EXT_Acusolve.1.Log_acuTail.txt
  3. Is it possible to do a 2D simulation of an aerofolio with Acusolver?
  4. Hi guys, i have some questions and problems with the tutorial OS-T 1600. 1. First question: What is the best way to start a FSI-Simulation. The way in the Tutorial, or the Co-Simulation Tool (Picture 1) (Picture 1) 2. Second question: When i start the FSI-Simulation i get an error (Picture 2). (Picture 2) I think i use the wrong hostname. Could anyone explain, what i should insert in the green field (Picture 3) (Picture 3) Thanks Michael
  5. Hello, i tried to solve the Optistruct OS-T 1600 Tutorial, but after starting the two solvers (optistruct, acusolve) there is a convergence error of acusolve that stops the job: Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 5202 *** Acusolve stops before FSI iteration achieves convergence. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. Does anyone knows the problem? I checked all steps of the tutorial and start it again, but the error still appears. The next step was to change the exchange parameter of acusolve (min/max_stagger_iterations) and optistruct (min/maxEX) to 30. A Simulation of the Tutorial with only 0.02s worked. To simulate the tutorial 0.1s or the whole 1s - as it is described in the Tutorial- still doesn´t work with a value of 100 for max_stagger and MAXEX. Another error appeared: Does anyone has got experience with the tutorial OS-T 1600 and solved it successfull? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. AcuSolve Introduction Training webinar recording.
  7. Hello expert, I am new to CFD and i have some questions about turbulence model and Y+ value. There is a lot of turbulence model provided in AcuSolve: Spallart Allmaras, K-epsilon, K-omega,... - So which model should be used for some specified case? The value Y+ is used to determined the "first cell height" while meshing. - what is the value of Y+ should i used to calculate "first cell height"? - Does it depend on type of flow (internal/ external) or chosen turbulence model? the following picture was taken in HyperMesh > Utility browser. Thank in advance! Best regard!
  8. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation of a cooling plate in hyperworks with the AcuSolve Solver. The geometry would be this: Where an aluminium cooling plate (the grey solid) is in contact with a water flow (blue volume). The problem is that I can't get a mesh with coincident nodes between both volumes, taking into acount that for the AcuSolve simulation I need two surfaces in the interface between the solid and the liquid volume. Do you have any solution for it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Acusolve users, I have a problem related to bathroom shower where I need to see the flow distribution. I need suggestions on the methodology to be applied. I am thinking to create a cylinder as shown in figure(second one) to capture the flows. But will it be possible to do in acusolve as it will be a case of multiphase flow.(Water+ atm. air). Any suggestions to achieve a correct methodology ?
  10. hi guys, i am getting troubles with HM-CFD while perform an AcuSolve tutorial ACU-5001 (transient-sliding-mesh) in the tutorials, there is a step call Project Steady State Solution to Use as Initial Conditions. but i can not find this function on HM-CFD (ver 2017.3) so i can complete the excersise. I tried to run transient analysis using restart command base on steady state result but nothing worked. Attacheds are my model files for steady-state and transient cases. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance! sliding-mesh.hm rotating-frame.hm
  11. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation with the solver acusolve in hypermesh. In this simulation i hahave a control volume (water) that flows through a a cold plate i n contact with multiple solids with a heat source. The problem is that when I make the mesh in hypermesh it does not make coincident nodes between txo different volumes, as it does in acuconsole. What should I define te make the nodes in the shared surfaces between different volumes coincident? Thank you
  12. I'm running a transient simulation in acuSolve, and when I try to open AcuProbe to view the residuals plots it does not open. Then, if I open another AcuSolve session and I try to open AcuProbe, the information window appears and it says : pnlTools.pnlToolsError :Unable to Launch AcuProbe. I have tried to restart the computer, do you have any idea of how can I solve it? Thank you
  13. Hello everyone. I would like to simulate a solid body interacting with a fluid body. As you can see in the model below, the solid body enters, through an interface, inside the fluid body. I assigned to the solid a vertical translation motion. Now, in the results, the two meshes interpenetrate, but the solid doesn't interact with the fluid. Can you help me please? picture1.bmp
  14. Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to simulate the behaviour of granular material with acusolve, and if so, if anyone could give me a tip on how to do it thanks in advance!
  15. Dear AcuSolve Users, Please find the detailed procedure of mapping AcuSolve CFD results through linear interpolation option. It has a python script attached, a pdf document explaining the process to be followed. This Script can be utilized to get all the CFD results like Velocity, Pressure, temperature etc and map it onto other mesh for further analysis. Regards, Kamlesh Script.zip
  16. Dear AcuSolve Users, Please find the attached material to run AcuSolve in batch mode. Regards, Kamlesh BatchRun_AcuSolve.zip
  17. Hello, I have a query regarding the generation of core mesh in hypermesh cfd. Why it is necessary to have only tetra core meshing? Is it the requirement for hypermesh or in others also for cfd core must have tetras.
  18. Hello, I'm working on a model the third day and can't understand what is the mistake in the meshing parametres. Once I got to build and can't anymore, don't understand what the problem is. sector-100mkr-1gr-narost-001.acs
  19. Hi All, Please find attached tutorial for CFD optimisation of a manifold. Some of the applications, where it can be used includes, HVAC ducting • Reduce pressure drop • Increase flow uniformity • Maximize/minimize outlet temperature Heat exchangers • Maximize pressure drop • Maximize heat transfer Brake discs • Minimize temperature • Maximize heat transfer • Brake cooling ducts External Aero • Minimize drag • Maximize negative lift and many more. I have also attached a simple Pipe CFD optimisation tutorial. Please do contact us for any queries. Regards, kamlesh Acusolve_Hyperstudy_tutorial_manifold.zip Acusolve_Hyperstudy_Tutorial_Pipe.zip
  20. hello guys, i am doing some AcuSolve tutorials by Engineering Solutions-AcuSolve. I have found some problems with the Transient-heat-transfer while using on HyperMesh-Engineering Solutions. Here they are: 1. I can not restart computing on Engineering Solutions: The mentioned simulation is transient, which require a restart computing base on the previous computed results ( Steady-state). but restart function seemed not intergrated in Engineering solution. 2. Cant assign multiplier function for inlet's temperature: to be more precise, the inlet temperature drop down in few seconds. but this cant be specify in HyperMesh-Engineering solutions. Does anyone know about this issues? Please help. For more informations, please ask. Appreciated!
  21. Hi All, Please do register for Altair Multiphysics Webinar series. Click here to register Best Regards, Kamlesh
  22. Hi, Anyone have experience in using Hyperview as post process for Acusolve result? Currently, I'm able to plot contour (on surface) and streamlines. But, 1) How to make cut plane? 2) How to get average value of a surface contour plot? e.g. velocity magnitude at a surface Thanks
  23. If AcuFieldView is launched from AcuConsole, the default is to use the direct reader by selecting the desired problem.run.Log file. Once in AcuFieldView, a data file can be read using File > Data Input >AcuSolve [Direct Reader] > Browse to desired .Log file. Or if acuTrans or acuOut has been used to generate FieldView format data files: File > Data Input > AcuSolve [FV-UNS Export] > Browse to desired .fv file.
  24. Hello all, I am stuck up with the results visualization in acufield view.I have a log file but unable to extract plot in acufield view.It is showing error "internal software error". Please guide, how to resolve. Refer the attachment.
  25. Hello, I am getting an error while Pre solving in Acusolve. I am getting error i.e. acuPrep: *** ASSERTION in Function <iopGetFileLineCnt> File <iopFile.c> Line <1368> acuPrep: *** unable to open file <MESH.DIR/MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.ExhtGas_ShapedTube_6.tet4.Face_ExhtGas4_Side0.tri3.ebc>; Too many open files acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep Can any one tell me why this error is coming & how to sovle it. I have attached .log & .inp file. Please find it. MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.1.Log MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.inp
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