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Found 101 results

  1. Hello everyone, i am doing linear static + modal analysis to be to AcuSolve for fsi simulation. Optistruct simulation details: riser pinned at two end (constrain at xyz translation, free xyx rotation) + upward force (top tension) define as load. The loadsteps in optistruct are: 1. Linear static: spc: defined load: defined 2. modal Analysis: spc: defined method (struct): defined statsub (preload): linear static I get an error during importing op2 file into acuconsole-eigenmode manager; "internal error: inconsistent number of eigenvalue. The error only occur when there are two subcase (linear static + modal analysis). If i only do modal analysis without linear static, i can import the op2 file without any error. Is there any way(s) i can exclude linear analysis in "output: op2 card"? Attached is the thread in AcuSolve forum with sim files. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I've been trying to run a CFD simulation using the Hypermesh solver, however, I always get the same error (ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep) and I don´t know what it means. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks.
  3. Dear Acusolve support team, I am working on a problem of MCCB and I have received the losses information from flux user. As I am trying to perform a co-simulation , I faced the issue for the transformation. I tried using shift option in the transformation but entire mesh models do not transform.
  4. Dear Experts, My objective is to make a thermal analysis of a photovoltaic panel like in the paper I have attached. This panel shall be exposed to a irradiance of 1000 W/m^2 (in negative z-Direction) for 60 seconds at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The target values are the cell reaching solar flux (solar irradiance) and the temperature at the solar cell. I work with Hypermesh 2019 and the AcuSolve user profile. My procedure was similar to the tutorial ACU-T 3201 (Greenhouse Daytime Simulation): I have already defined the problem description and auto solution strategy, model propoerties and solar radiation models, applied volume parameters and meshed the panel with 1 mm tetra-volume elements. When I run the Acu Solve Job Lauchner and open the results in Hyperview afterwards, no results are displayed. Now to my questions: Is it possible to run a simulation with Acusolve without fluid (only solids) in the system? How do I define contact conditions like free convection with the environment or conduction? Do I need an emissivity model like in ACU-T 3200? Do I need to determine surface groups? I have also attached the Hypermesh file so to give you an idea of my simulation model. Thanks in advance! I would be extremely grateful about a help. 2015_Temperature distribution of photovoltaic module based on finite element simulation_Zhou.pdf Validation_2015_Zhou.hm
  5. Hello everyone, Would it be possible to use results from a Virtual Wind Tunnel simulation to form boundary conditions (i.e. inlet velocities) for a heat transfer CFD simulation? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi all, I have a question on particle tracing. I want to set up a cfd simulation where an exhaust emits particles. I want to trace these (finite mass) particles and determine the particle concentrations at certain areas. As a bonus it would be nice if I could check the particles which are deposited on a surface near the exhaust. I want to perform the cfd solution with acusolve while the particle tracing will be done with acutrace. Are the predescribed aspects possible within acusolve and acutrace software? Looking forward to your replies Toon
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there is any special requirement in order to determine the proper timestep for simulation that use ALE Mesh + Free surface. Usually, i calculate my timestep using Courant number = 0.5, but still after sometimes the simulation crash with error: Severe mesh distortion; must reduce time increment. Is there any proper/correct formula to calculate timestep size for these condition? *I am simulating a vibrating cylinder. free stream velocity: X-direction active cylinder motion: Y-direction
  8. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation of a cooling plate in hyperworks with the AcuSolve Solver. The geometry would be this: Where an aluminium cooling plate (the grey solid) is in contact with a water flow (blue volume). The problem is that I can't get a mesh with coincident nodes between both volumes, taking into acount that for the AcuSolve simulation I need two surfaces in the interface between the solid and the liquid volume. Do you have any solution for it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear AcuSolve Users, Please find the detailed procedure of mapping AcuSolve CFD results through linear interpolation option. It has a python script attached, a pdf document explaining the process to be followed. This Script can be utilized to get all the CFD results like Velocity, Pressure, temperature etc and map it onto other mesh for further analysis. Regards, Kamlesh Script.zip
  10. Hello, I am running a Laminar CHT analysis (Pipe flow). How do I select the outputs? Acusolve is not exporting the surface film coefficient (HTC) at the interface between the solid and the fluid domains. It outputs the temperature, pressure and velocities. On a side note, I am using HM 2017.2 and how to do set up a CHT analysis in HM? Specifically, I wanted to know how to setup the interface. Looking at the tutorials, I setup 2 interfaces (duplicate elements). I defined one interface as a wall and the other as an interface. It did not run. Anything that I am missing? Thanks, AK.
  11. Hi I am trying to perform a thermal analysis where a composite plate is subjected to radiation. The plate consists of 2 plies, the one on top is made of glass, the one on the bottom is made of aluminium. The radiation needs to go trough the glass and then reaches the aluminium plate. The aluminium absorbs almost all of the radiation, the glass mainly lets the radiation trough. How would I model this? I already did a test simulation which runs fine but it seems as if all the radiation is absorbed by the glass layer which of course is not what I want to achieve. Either the way I modelled the radiation is wrong or either my radiation coefficients are wrong, these are the ones I used: The radiation properties for glass: emissivity: 0.75 , specular transmissivity: 0.85 , diffuse transmissivity: 0 , specular reflectivity: 0.08 , diffuse reflectivity: 0 The radiation properties for aluminium: emissivity: 0.1 , specular transmissivity: 0 , diffuse transmissivity: 0 , specular reflectivity: 0.5 , diffuse reflectivity: 0.1 Any ideas or remarks?
  12. Hi, I am performing research for a thermal radiation CFD simulation. The simulation is the following: A plate is locally heated by a laserbeam. So my question is: would it be possible to only apply radiation on this single spot? How would I do this in AcuConsole? I have done a greenhouse simulation already with radiation heat but than the radiation hit the complete model. So is it possible to only locally apply radiation in a model? Thank you in advance Toon
  13. Hello every one. I need help. How to generate shear flow at velocity inlet & nodal initial condition at AcuSolve (as attach picture). For now, i only want to simulate shear flow in empty domain. After shear flow successfully generate, i want to put riser in the domain.
  14. Hi I am trying to simulate the temperature of a piece of paper lying on a surface, both subject to a radiation source (so a thermal CFD analyis). I made a large cube where the bottom side is the floor and the upper side is the outlet. The 4 vertical sides are inlets with a very low inflow speed (0.01 m/s). The piece of paper (modelled as a solid with the correct properties of paper) is lying on the floor obviously. Radiation heat is hitting the surface and the paper from dead above. When I try to run the model I get the following error: ''Non-planar inlet boundary condition found <Inlet quad4 Fluid wedge6>'' so I suppose something is up with how I am trying to simulate this problem (multple inlets,...). I ran the exact same problem with only one inlet and it ran fine. The paper and floor got hot but the asymmetry of the inflow kinda ''contaminated'' the result. Any ideas on how I can solve this? I am also wondering is there is a better way of solving this problem (so maybe I should use a different model setup)? I am not really interested in the flow field itself, more about the temperatures and flow field due to the temperatures (I included buoyancy due to Boussinesq). Any help and advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance Toon
  15. Hello everyone, I am learning to use HyperMesh and Acusolve and I am currently trying to create a CFD Tetramesh in HyperMesh and export it to AcuSolve. To get used to the software I've chosen to start with a Mesh for a very simple pipe-geometry. For creating the CFD Tetramesh I've followed all the steps in the following tutorial: https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/engsol/engsol.htm?cfd_1800.htm After creating the Mesh I've exported an inp. file for AcuSolve. The Problem is that once I import this file in AcuSolve no Volumes or Surfaces are shown. Maybe I'm missing something important or doing something wrong. I'd be grateful if someone can give me some tips. I've uploaded all the files that I've created so feel free to check them. Thanks in advance. Geo files.zip
  16. Hello everyone. I would like to simulate a solid body interacting with a fluid body. As you can see in the model below, the solid body enters, through an interface, inside the fluid body. I assigned to the solid a vertical translation motion. Now, in the results, the two meshes interpenetrate, but the solid doesn't interact with the fluid. Can you help me please? picture1.bmp
  17. Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to simulate the behaviour of granular material with acusolve, and if so, if anyone could give me a tip on how to do it thanks in advance!
  18. Dear AcuSolve Users, Please find the attached material to run AcuSolve in batch mode. Regards, Kamlesh BatchRun_AcuSolve.zip
  19. Hello, I have a query regarding the generation of core mesh in hypermesh cfd. Why it is necessary to have only tetra core meshing? Is it the requirement for hypermesh or in others also for cfd core must have tetras.
  20. Hello, I'm working on a model the third day and can't understand what is the mistake in the meshing parametres. Once I got to build and can't anymore, don't understand what the problem is. sector-100mkr-1gr-narost-001.acs
  21. Hi All, Please find attached tutorial for CFD optimisation of a manifold. Some of the applications, where it can be used includes, HVAC ducting • Reduce pressure drop • Increase flow uniformity • Maximize/minimize outlet temperature Heat exchangers • Maximize pressure drop • Maximize heat transfer Brake discs • Minimize temperature • Maximize heat transfer • Brake cooling ducts External Aero • Minimize drag • Maximize negative lift and many more. I have also attached a simple Pipe CFD optimisation tutorial. Please do contact us for any queries. Regards, kamlesh Acusolve_Hyperstudy_tutorial_manifold.zip Acusolve_Hyperstudy_Tutorial_Pipe.zip
  22. hello guys, i am doing some AcuSolve tutorials by Engineering Solutions-AcuSolve. I have found some problems with the Transient-heat-transfer while using on HyperMesh-Engineering Solutions. Here they are: 1. I can not restart computing on Engineering Solutions: The mentioned simulation is transient, which require a restart computing base on the previous computed results ( Steady-state). but restart function seemed not intergrated in Engineering solution. 2. Cant assign multiplier function for inlet's temperature: to be more precise, the inlet temperature drop down in few seconds. but this cant be specify in HyperMesh-Engineering solutions. Does anyone know about this issues? Please help. For more informations, please ask. Appreciated!
  23. Hi All, Please do register for Altair Multiphysics Webinar series. Click here to register Best Regards, Kamlesh
  24. Hi, Anyone have experience in using Hyperview as post process for Acusolve result? Currently, I'm able to plot contour (on surface) and streamlines. But, 1) How to make cut plane? 2) How to get average value of a surface contour plot? e.g. velocity magnitude at a surface Thanks
  25. If AcuFieldView is launched from AcuConsole, the default is to use the direct reader by selecting the desired problem.run.Log file. Once in AcuFieldView, a data file can be read using File > Data Input >AcuSolve [Direct Reader] > Browse to desired .Log file. Or if acuTrans or acuOut has been used to generate FieldView format data files: File > Data Input > AcuSolve [FV-UNS Export] > Browse to desired .fv file.
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