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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, We are working on a car chassis for a University Project Team. Chassis is made from carbonfibre composites. We put together support parts and main chassis with using adhesives (like Pleksus). We are running structural analysis by using Hypermesh-Obtistruct. So here is the question, what is the proper way to model composite - adhesive - composite connections? I have tried adhesive connector, but it is just filling the gaps with rbe3s. I want to connect composite parts with adhesive that i have the mechanical properties. For better understanding, i am attaching two pictures, our past car chassis and a composite model to try adhesive connection. Thanks for your supports. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello, I need a help with procedure please.? I am able to create the adhesive brick elements mesh using optistruct (3D - connectors - area - "constant thickness" as Hexathickness - type "adhesives" ) in student version (Hypermesh 2019) (as in the image). But in Radioss ( Block format 140) (Hypermesh 2017.2), the same process is not working. While using the same procedure, I get the surface connector (as below) without thickness (even while creating through: 3D - connectors - area - "adhesive(contact)" as type). But I would like to create the brick elements. Also, I would like to do hexa positioning it with "mid thickness" option and I couldn't change the "shell gap" option to the "mid thickness" with the drop down (as shown in the highlighted below). Could anyone please tell me if it is possible and also how to create it in the Radioss.? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to connect my composite models together between blue component and black component by using area connector -> hemming,. However, i modelled the thin red layer between those two components for adhesive definition (the reason why i do not use adhesive connector from thr first place is due to mesh size neccessity since the thickness of adhesive layer is relatively thin compared to other components while i would like to control the mesh size if adhesive component). My approach was that in area panel choosing hemming type connector where is the location of elements is upper-red layer connecting to blue component and lower-red layer connecting to black component. The connector failed to realise which i do not know why, please advise. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I am doing analysis for Corrugated fiber board box i.e CFB box. Its Structure is as per Pic1. So I took mid surface of it, and shell meshed it.( Refer Pic2). In same case, I simply offset both the liner, and then meshed it. ( Refer Pic3) Now, which one is correct and give better result without any issue? 1. In 1st case is there any issue regarding initial penetration? liner and flute have different properties and material. 2. Do I need to give contact interference in any case? 3. In actual scenario, there is adhesive between Liner and flute to stick together.(Pic4). Do i need to use connectors? 4. Suggest any other appropriate technique....
  5. Hello comunity, I am trying to convert a LS-dyna hexa contact adhesive into a Radioss adhesive via hypercrash. I did it sucessfully with the spotwelds, using the tool "Connections -> SpotWeld-> Extract from Model", but this same tool does not work when I am dealing with adhesives. Somebody has a suggestion?  Thanks a lot!
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