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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I have to add and subtract currents on the surface of antenna using characteristic mode analysis. Can anyone please tell me how to do it? In CST Studio we have option of add and subtract results at different frequencies in post processing steps but I do not see any option for it in FEKO.
  2. Hello, I have a 3D antenna pattern that was designed in CST Studio Suite 2018 and I want to use it in WinProp ProMan. What is the easiest way to convert the data? Because CST exports 3D patterns in certain formats but none of them is supported by WinProp (AMan and ProMan). Thanks.
  3. Hello every one i have created one microstrip patch antenna and its simulation was fine. after that I have try to generated a circular array, but this time i remove the substrate from the microstrip patch antenna. The idea is to make an array of microstrip patch antenna with shared dielectric. (8 mircostrip antenna + 1 single substrate) Problems: - whenever i wanted to make a single substrate after i made an array of microstrip patch antenna, the substrate will also becomes an array. So the number of substrate and microstrip antenna are the same Question: - how can we extend the dielectric so that all the antennas share the same dielectric in the same time use the array tools for the microstrip patch antenna your help and consideration are much appreciated. the FEKO models are in the attachment - i'm using feko version v2018.2.1 image1 & 2 - problem image 3 - how the end product should look like (without using copy and translate method) 26.04 - patch antenna 10GHz new dimension.cfx
  4. Hi Good day, I would like to start with creating two different magnetic based coils as Transmitting coil (TC) and Receiving coil (RC), to measure the Z impedance values changes with respect to the movement of TC around RC. Following are the configuration which I would like to proceed, Transmitting Coil: L 67 uH Q 22 Ccalc 24.19 nf - - F 125khz Receiving Coil: Coil Configuration L 728.73 uH Q 53.24 R 15kohm Ccalc 2.224nf F 125khz - - The Receiving Coil (RC) resonated at a frequency of 125kHz and diameter of 7cm. Transmitting coil (TC) dimension is 9 x 9 x 9 mm^3. Datasheet of RC as: https://www.rfsolutions.co.uk/downloads/1457021091DS-ANT-125K.pdf Initially, the RC and TC will be 3cm away from each other on z axis. The Impedance( |Z| ) value can be measured with respect to the movement of TC on x-axis/y-axis. -> The RC: loop antenna actual dimension, the copper wire diameter, number of turn, the diameter. (the details of the coil determine the inductance value) For RC: 0.236mm diameter (34 swg) Enamelled Cu wire. Diameter Antenna: 7cm internal , Number of turns: 67 turns Inductance: 700uH Quality Factor (Q): 17 For TC: Inductance: 67 uH Quality Factor (Q): 22 Capacitor: 24.19 nf Frequency (F) 125 kHz Number of turns: 52 Diameter: 8mm -> Matching circuit details. Matching circuit For RC : C = 2.3159nF (Formula:F=1/2π √LC) Matching circuit For TC : C= 24.19nF (Formula:F=1/2π √LC) kindly can you suggest me the step or user manual for me to start on to this project. Looking forward to hearing your comments on it, Regards
  5. Hello, I modeled a parabolic dish reflector, and fed excitation with a wire feed at focal depth. I solved the model with MLFMM, and I got following result: The gain of dish antenna is disoriented. How can it be correctly oriented towards reflector? Thank you, FieldForcer
  6. Dear all First of all i have little experience with EM software and i will be very happy if you give me some guidelines and support. I am trying to simulate a circular loop antenna but it is necessary the current distribution to be uniform (constant)Iφ=I0 in order to compare the analytical solution directly with the simulated one. I m trying to insert multiple voltage sources but i cant achieve constant current (phase and amplitude). Do you have any idea or advice how it will be possible; Are there any tutorial or example or advice how to simulate 2D structures in FEKO? I would like to simulate something like the parallel plate WG but i have infinity to z-axis and y-axis. One solution is the PBC; Are the any other method; Thanks in advance
  7. Hallo, I'm trying to design a dual reflector antenna and I'm using as a test a plane wave as a feed system with CADFEKO. But when I try to create mesh the software blocked and in 7% and I should close the whole software. I have a student version of Feko and I'm a new user of it. So maybe there is something missing in my design. In GRASP a plane wave can be used as a feed system and its size and coordinates can be set as well but in Feko I didn't find such a thing yet. I would appreciate your help so much. Thank you for your attention
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