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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I am using the WinProp API. Why does my program import antenna pattern error?If this information is not written, API runs normally! My antenna pattern information has been written into the antenna settings.But in the end the calculation will go wrong. I hope to get your help. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, I have plotted data in POSTFEKO with API scripting, but I do not know how I can export each graph as a .dat file. Can someone help me with that? And is there a macro recording option for POSTFEKO, because I could not find it. Thanks in advance! With kind regards, Meerten Lua_example_post.lua
  3. Hello everyone, i am trying to learn about Ext_Api. working on the examples given in installation folder. (C:\Program Files\Altair\13.0\hm\examples\hm_extapi) can anyone guide me how to use it and also how to go for the changes if required. Thanks Shivanshu
  4. 通常、HyperMeshでは、節点はサーフェスやソリッドジオメトリと関連性を持っています。 関連が付いている場合は、エンティティ選択時の選択オプションの"by geoms"でサーフェスやソリッドジオメトリに関連する節点/要素を簡単に選ぶことができます。 ただ、節点とジオメトリの関連が全く無い場合には、この方法で選ぶことが出来ません。 節点とジオメトリの関連が無い状態でも、ソリッドジオメトリの中にある節点を選びたいという時には、指定した座標値がソリッドジオメトリの内外かを返してくれる「hm_ispointinsidesolid」コマンドが便利です。 この「hm_ispointinsidesolid」コマンドを活用して、例えばユーザーが選択した節点群とソリッドジオメトリから、ソリッドの中にある節点だけを抽出したい場合は、下記のような記述で可能です。 set inlist ""; *createentitypanel solids "Select a solid"; set solidid [hm_info lastselectedentity solids]; *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes"; foreach nodeid [hm_getmark nodes 1] { lassign [hm_getvalue nodes id=$nodeid dataname=coordinates] X Y Z; if {[hm_ispointinsidesolid $X $Y $Z $solidid] == "1"} { lappend inlist $nodeid; } } if {[llength $inlist] == "0"} { tk_messageBox -message "There is no node in selected solid geometry."; } else { tk_messageBox -message "Found the [llength $inlist] nodes,\nYou can call from retrieve option."; hm_createmark nodes 1 "by id" $inlist; *marktousermark nodes 1; } hm_markclearall 1; ※ファイルに保存して、"File→Run→Tcl/Tk Script"から実行できます。 ⇒Tclファイルのダウンロードはこちら:SelectNodesInsideSolidGeom.tcl ※ダウンロードには、必ずフォーラムへのサインインが必要です。 InsideSolid.mp4
  5. Hi everyone, my question is if it is possible to export deformed shape on HyperView from the API? So is there a command that substitutes File -> Export -> Solver deck?
  6. Hi All, I have x, y ,z coordinates and I have system ID also. Eg: {0 0 25} and system ID :658001 Suppose, a node is present in the model at the above location, How to get the node ID using HM APIs? Note :hm_closest node is not working for me. Regards Gopal
  7. Hello In the past, the Cedrat company sent superconductor code (my problem doesn't solve by Flux superconductor!!!) to us for Flux 10.3, which was purchased by our university, and we needed the "Intel visual FORTRAN compiler 11.1.060" software to use it in user version. Now, I want to use the code in the Flux 2018, which I need "Intel visual FORTRAN compiler 11.1.065" software, to use it in user version (Flux 2018). I searched in the Intel site for finding "Intel visual FORTRAN compiler 11.1.065" software but I could not find it. can someone help me out? I add the code to you My_sup.f3d_usr.zip
  8. Hi, How to check the element's normal is sequence and consistent? Please suggest a way to do through programmatically... Regards, SriGanesh
  9. Hi All, I have been exploring weather WinProp (ProMan) can be used for real time applications. The main obstacle for real time performance is the time winprop takes to provide heat maps. I think, if we could query winprop to provide point to point values instead of a entire prediction plane of many points, then we can unlock its real time potential. Would you please advise if there an API or something through which can accomplish this. Thanks Have a great day Balaji
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