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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All, I have to run in batch mode a tcl file, in which a meshing process is recorded. Is there a guide or some tutorials? The tcl is perfectly working if i run it from Hypermesh, but it doesn't if I use hmbatch.exe Thanks, Enrico
  2. Hello, I am post-processing many sets of results data in Hyperview (20 sets per h3d results file, and multiple h3d files). I have 7 pages with 2-4 Windows per page. I want them all to show the same results set. Right now I need to go into each window and update the results set, and do this 20 times per result, and I have dozens of results. I then need to go through and export photos for each page, and it becomes time consuming. Is there a way to: update ALL windows to the same results set and export ALL plots to PNG files. Also, since I have multiple H3D results files, if there is a way to point all windows to the same file that would be great as well. If I can run this in batch, that would be best, but anything that cuts down on the number of clicks would be helpful since the plots are standard and just need the new results loaded before being exported. I did find the synchronize windows button but that just synchronizes the view, not the results data. I appreciate any help you can give!
  3. Hello, i'm new to Hypermesh but i need to solve a problem which mush be very simple for a veteran user. I just need help on how to make a simple batch script that given and input file containing triangle surface mesh of a solid, output the entire tetra volume mesh of that solid. I'd like to do that from shell without using any gui. That's it! I would really appreciate any help. P.S. Could you please include which file format it accept as input and which as output? Thank you for your time.
  4. カーブにローパスフィルターをかけるには、 ◎x= p1w1c1.x (元のカーブの横軸) ◎y= batch(p1w1c1.x,p1w1c1.y,0,200) (フィルター関数(元カーブの横軸、元カーブの縦軸、0、上限カット周波数)) と設定します。
  5. Hi, I run a script in simlab (Project-->Autoplay-->Script) after importing the parasoild into it. But as the script meshes the bodies, cmd window pop ups for each activity (like meshing). Can i run this script in background using batch and avoid such pop ups? If yes, Please guide !!!
  6. Sirs, i have question about data ploting in batch mode. I wrote some simple script to read model and results, prepare some dirived cases and then plot curve and export it. It works perfectly if it runs in gui mode. But there is issue with batch mode. Page1 GetAnimatorHandle Animator1 puts [Animator1 GetMode] #first try Animator1 SetInterpolationMode "transient" #second try Page1 SetAnimationMode "transient" puts [Animator1 GetMode] ###Output: # static # static Above part of script always set animator mode to static... the expected result is transient mode of animator to plot whole curve not just one point. Has anybody similar issue? Thanks in advance for help Regards Maciej
  7. Hello, I encounter a problem when running Hyperstudy in batch mode in my university's computing server. I tried batch mode on my computer and it worked. But when I copy to the server, there were errors. Here's brief description of my model: 1. I use tpl model. 2. I want to use batch mode to run the approach "opt_3". opt_3 is copied from opt_1, but I disable some parameter in opt_1. 3. I disable the following execution checkbox of approaches nom, doe, opt_1,opt_2. Only enable opt_3. After copying xml and tpl file to server, I changed the content of <pathorigin> and <folder> tag in "xml" file.and got some error messages below: 1 Message: Settings location ( d:\Users\cc-161970\AppData\Local\Altair\HyperS tudySettings.xml ) 2 Warning: Could not find argument ( filenames ) in command ( Purge (cmd_purge) ) ... 7 Warning: Could not find argument ( archname ) in command ( Create Archive ( cmd_create_archive) ) ... 22 Error : No template file specified for model ( Model 1 (m_1) ) 23 Error : All model references must be resolved for ( Optimization 3 (opt_3) ) 24 Error : Validating optimization failed! 25 Error : AttributeError: 'GenRpt_Hst_Xls' object has no attribute '_intfXls I have several questions: 1. in message 1: There's no setting file in the shown path. Should I copy one from my computer to that path in sever? Or where could I change that setting location ? 2. for warning 2 and 7, do that matter? what should I do in the xml file? 3. about the errors, it seems the xml file cannot find tpl file. I already modified the path to where tpl is. What else I should do? I attach my files. If you could guide me a bit, I'll be really grateful. Many thanks, ChihPeng errorMessage.txt extension_4beams.tpl Study_1.xml extension_4beams.fem
  8. Hi, I have created a tcl script that captures screenshots (.jpg images) from Hypermesh screen. The script works fine when I execute it in interactive mode , but fails when I try it in batch mode. So, is there any way to capture images in Batch mode? API used in tcl script : *jpegfilenamed "Model_iso.jpg" Command in .bat file : call %ALTAIR_HOME_DIR%\hw14.0\hm\bin\win64\hmbatch.exe -b -tcl captureImages.tcl >> captureImages.log 2>&1 Thanks, Roshan
  9. Hello everyone! I would like to ask how to write a simple script for HyperGraph2D, which would allow importing h3d file and then exporting curves in a text format. My problem is that I am facing optimization, for which I need to post-process dozens of curves using an inhouse code, which operates on fem results in a text format. Unfortunately, according to the manual, for the simulations that I use (NLGEOM), OptiStruct generates only binary output. To overcome this problem, I was thinking to use HyperGraph in batch mode, to import a h3d file and then export some of its content as ascii file. Can anyone help in this matter? Kind regards, Jakub
  10. Dear all, We are trying to create a tcl script that is called from a batch file with: C:\....\hmbatch.exe -tcl C:\...\MyTcl.tcl That works fine. Our TCL then looks like: variable myLocation [file normalize [info script]] append filename1 $myLocation "Tester02.fem" append filename2 $myLocation "Tester02.sh" *createstringarray 2 "isosurf: 3 3 0.6 0 -1 0 0 10 30 1 0" "other_params: 1 0 0 0 10 0" *ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "$filename1" "$filename2" "*.grid" 1 0 1 2 but this is not working. Apparently when trying to run the *ossmooth" command the "$filename1" and "$filename2" variables are not recognised. Any help on how we can do that please??
  11. Hi there, I am trying to load a tcl script from the command prompt using batch mode that does a bit of post processing. When i run it, the command prompt doesn't produce any errors however once it is complete HyperWorks has not loaded and I can not see my results. Is there something additional that i need to add to the command prompt line or to my script? Command Prompt line: C:/altair/hw/bin/win64/hw.exe -b -tcl "<tcl_directory" "<tpl_directory_called_in_tcl_script>" `
  12. Hello all, I am trying to run a tcl script in batch mode, however, following error appears. Is there any way to solve this? You can see the error message and TCL script below.
  13. Hi, I would like to know if I can write a batch file to run a tcl script through the HM platform without actually needing to open Hypermesh .? My code is written such that it can run via Wish console, but in my office where this macro will be used, only hypermesh is available to run tcl codes. Also as this work does not require HM to be open, I don't want to use the FILE -> RUN option in hypermesh (making it more user friendly by not asking him/her to open hm). Is there any way to create a batch to execute this file ?
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