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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I imported a Geometry. As usual there are some intersection which I want to repair in the Healing Context. Now I want to delete a line-line-intersection and get the following error message: What does it mean? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello guys, I am working on an Formula Student chassis. After my composites optimization, I have now a fully optimized thickness in my chassis. But now, I want to export my 2D meshing in CAD file. I saw previously the module "Shell to Solid Conversion", and tried to create a solid and an assigned PSOLID property. What should I do now ? Because when I tried to export my solid, an error occurs : "No supported entities present for Export". I also tried with OSSmooth, but I have no .sh file associated with my solid model... Thanks for helping ! Best Regards,
  3. hello, i want to import CAD geometry i didn't find option for import .prt file.
  4. Hi, is there a way to save the complete data together(including Graphic and CSV data) in the same file. it seems like if i move the Graphic or CSV file, the Motionview file could not detect the data anymore and no graphic or curve is defined in the MDL file. I need to `guide` the directory again to the CAD or CSV file. Thanks in advance. Farris
  5. Hey Guys! I have faced the next problem when I tried to Import CAD or Fine Element Model With Mass and Inertia in Motion View. The STEP file was imported and you can see on the attached image the „bodies” but the „graphics” aren’t visible. It is written at the Graphical source that "error evaluating". I tried to import in the 2017 version of HW, but it didn't work due to importing/conversion error. What did I do wrong? Could you please help me in this matter? Thank you for your help in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been using Optistruct topology optimization for a project I'm working on and I am satisfied with the results of the optimization. I'm now trying to make a CAD model of the part to simplify the geometry and make it more practical (adding surfaces for bolts to sit on and getting rid of the rough surface created by the mesh and OSSmooth). I'm using Solidworks as my CAD tool and can't seem to find anything about the most efficient ways of doing this. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks!
  7. Guest

    Compare CAD and FE

    Hi prakash, i would like to compare cad model and its FEM file which was meshed separately... And now I need to combine both to compare, by importing FEM file into CAD model.....to verify they have captured important CAD model surfaces...
  8. Hi, i have tried to Import a .hm file into Motionview, but the process has failed and it shows a message like the first Picture. i have also tried to Import a cad(step) data, the Import process was fine according to motionview, but there is no graphic. see second Picture.
  9. Hello, I want to import a geometry from STEP-file. But I get the following error message: I also tried to import the different volumes from the geometry on their own and it works. I only get for one of the volumes this message. I don't know why and what could be different to the other volumes. Does already anyone had this Problem too and knows what I can do? Thank you a lot in advance.
  10. Hi Optistruct users, I am currently working on a Formula Student Composites Chassis. My chief designer asks me to extract the CAD file from my composites optimization, in order to have right thicknesses everywhere in the chassis, and starting to place other elements around the chassis according to the FSAE rules. But I know that i'm working in 2D, and the only way to see my final laminate is to click on Element Representation. So basically, I am asking for advice on how to export my simulation into 3D CAD. Thanks for helping, Nicolas RICHTER
  11. まずはEvolveに慣れるために、簡単なデータの読み込みとウィンドウの操作、レンダリングについてご紹介します。 【データの読み込み】 1.ファイル > 開く を選択し、開かれたダイアログボックスでファイルを指定します。    2.下記フォルダにあるサンプルデータを読み込みます。   Evolveインストールフォルダ / Examples / Rendering / Lens.evo    【ウィンドウ構成の変更】 デフォルトの構成からパターンを変更してみましょう。 ・ 指定したウィンドウの拡大表示  ウィンドウ上部のドットの領域をダブルクリックするか、キーボードのVを押します。   ・ ビューの変更  ウィンドウ左上部にある文字をクリックしてビューを切り替えます。   ・ レイアウトの構成   ⇒  【レンダリングの実行】 下図に示す位置のアイコンをクリックするとレンダリングが実行されます。  ⇒    
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