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Found 8 results

  1. I have been trying to repair a STL file so that I can run it on my CADFEKO. However, after repairing it on FreeCAD, it still shows an error and that is --- "The triangle number 1 has neither an edge nor a connection point". As I am new to this tool, I have no idea how to fix it. Please help. fsr1FC8E1B030gr (Meshed).stl
  2. Good day, I want to compare RCS values of a shape with that of a model found in literature. How can I compare my simulated RCS with that of a model and plot on a diagram like the one below? Farai
  3. Hello, I have an issue with creating a gerber file from a CADFeko model that I made. The problem seems to rise when there is hollowed out geometry. For instance, my file consists of many many of such geometry: When I export my model, I get a gerber file which only shows filled up squares. I don't see any of the inner "rings". When I do a test with the same dimension but a form like this: The gerber file shows the appropriate geometry. I'm wondering if it's an issue with my FEKO model or the way gerber file works. This is my first time with gerber files and FEKO so I'm sorry if this question is very basic. Thank you
  4. I keep obtaining this error every time i try to use the feko solver after i add my matching network from optenni lab. I don't know what i should do to solve this. Any assistance would be highly appreciated
  5. Hi, I am trying to make a simple geometry with the script editor. I'm having trouble to set a metallic medium to a certain face. here is my attempt: metallic = project.Media:AddMetal() newSettings = {} newSettings["Medium"] = project.Media:Item("Metallic1") newSettings["Thickness"] = 0.002 substrate.Faces["Face1"]:SetProperties(newSettings) I get an error: Error 17901: Medium has an invalid value. When I try to set directly the medium with this code: substrate.Faces["Face1"].Medium= project.Media:Item("Metallic1") substrate.Faces["Face1"].Thickness=0.01 I get an error about being unable to set Thickness to 0. I think it cannot work because I need to make the media and thickness in 1 operation. I tryed using the SerProperties with the GetDefaultMedia() and it works fine. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you
  6. Want to know if my thinking is right. : If I introduce a plane wave excitation on planar dielectric layers, and request for a transmission/ reflection co-efficient, The transmission co-efficient that I see is the total transmission into the last infinite medium and the reflection is the waves getting reflected back into the first infinite medium from which the plane waves originated.
  7. Hello, I'm a student from Germany and actually I've got my first project to design an antenna. Until now I'm really fine and the result looks good. But now I want to take the whole geometry data from the antenna, including drilling holes, and material information to send them to a circuit board producer. The problem is, that the .gbr data format only includes information about the substrate geometry, but not about drill holes and the conductors. The board is double layered with electrical conductors and FR-4 material in between. The most holes are drill holes but one is constructed like a via. Does anybody know a possibility to extract the beforehand mentioned information to get my board as fast as possible from the producer? I would be very pleased if someone could help me with this issue. Greetings from Germany Tobias
  8. Hi, I am trying to run a POSTFEKO script from my CADFEKO script. But when I want to run a function from my POSTFEKO script in my CADFEKO script it gives the following error: "attempt to index global 'pf' (a nil value)" The code looks still messy, but I want to know why I cannot do a pf.GetApplication() when running from a CADFEKO project. FEKO_automation_processing.lua FEKO_pos_processing.lua
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