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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, Is there a way to create sections within a Compose script? Similar to the %% function in Matlab? I sense there's a similar method/function but I'm struggling to find information. Thank you!
  2. Hello community, I want to share some code that will help you to use a gamepad/joystick in compose. I created an OML-class that represents the controller. I will provide you with more informations, documents and updates soon. To make the code work, you need to install the XInput-Python interface: https://pypi.org/project/XInput-Python/ In the topic below, there are instructions how to install python modules in compose: regards Nils vrjoystick.zip
  3. Hello community, for a project I needed a function that creates a sphere. Since there is no such function in the library I just want to share my function with you. best regards Nils sphere.7z
  4. Hi experts, I'm new to the Model-Based Development solutions, i'm doing a project on controlling Robot Arm by using Activate and Embed. My model include 4 DoF Robotic arm, 4 Servo MG90, 1 Arduino R3 and 1 joystick. I tried to control the robot by programming at Arduino, but i can't find way to control this model by using Compose, Activate and Embed. I don't have much exp so can you guys show me the details? Best regards.
  5. I need to store a big amout of data in a matrix but can't find how to use sparse matrix in altair compose. Is there any specific funcion? In matlab I would use "spalloc"
  6. Hi,there. my compose and Hypergraph version is 2017.2, but i can't register my function to Hypergraph. when i register function to Hypergraph , the Hypergraph shows the message : Unknown keyword setomlrootdir. Statement ignored. Unknown keyword registeromlfunction. Statement ignored. Please help me Thank you!
  7. Hi all, In below equation Nf is unknown and remaining are known values. How to write the code using compose to find out the Nf?
  8. Hello, I would like to know how to create a macro (script) using OptiStruct and HyperStudy for dynamic analysis (modal, harmonic and transient) of a free cantilever beam 1D. How to create / import geometry, put materials and properties, meshing, put loads and run the analysis. Thank you
  9. Hi all, Activate 2017.2 shows that it requires a Visual c++ compiler in spite of installing of the visual studio 2015. Kindly inform the solution of the same.
  10. Hi, I need help regarding usage of bandpass filter to isolate data from 5 to 15Hz in the program. Thanks file.oml
  11. Did you know about Manuel Ramsaier's Youtube channel explaining how to use a Multi-language Math Tool? If not, make sure to check the link and feel free to subscribe, if beneficial for you.
  12. Sorry if I put the topic in the wrong place but I can't find the forum for the compose although it's a component of solidThinking. My question is: how to import the '.mat' file into compose? Is it possible? My existing '.mat' is more than 1Gb with a lot of data and structures. Thank you guys!
  13. Hello community, I would like to create a subplot that spans multiple grid positions. I tried it as following but its only possible to hand over scalar values to the subplot function subplot(2,2,1) plot(x,y) subplot(2,2,2) plot(x,y) subplot(2,2,3:4) <----- thats the issue plot(x,y) Best regards, Nils
  14. Hello Forum ! I'm new to this tool. Can someone share me the usage of this tool ? I was just wandering will it be any helpful to write the scripts in TCL for HM ? Thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm a new user of Compose (have lots of experience in Matlab and Hypermath though) and I am plotting some data. I am experiencing two problems: 1) There seems to be no legend handle. So, I cannot edit the font size of the legend in my script. Any idea how to do this (in a script, not by clicking on the legend and editing it manually)? 2) When I execute the following lines, the Ylabel completely disappears from the figure. Even when I save it, there is no (or only some of the pixels) Ylabel; it is shifted too much to the left. How can I move the ylabel (again, in a script, although I'm not even able to move it by mouse or so). Changing the position of the axes or the figure does not help and there is no 'Position' option in the label handle. figure(1) plot([1:9],[20:20:180]) set(gca,'FontSize',12) ylabel('Reaction force [N]') legend('test') saveas(1,'testimg') Thank you for replying.
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