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Found 73 results

  1. Hey everybody! I've just tried HyperLaminate modul in HyperMesh and found that it can calculate the stiffness of a composite laminate, the [A] [D] matrices etc. as you can see on the attached images. Is there any tool which represent the stiffness of the laminate in polar chart? I think Ansys is capable of doing it, but I could not find this function in HyperWorks. Thank you for your answers! Kind regards, Imre
  2. Amasker

    Composite Failure

    Hi, I made a simple optimization - about composite optimization and steel plate size optimization, the following is the input file, the result shows FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). But when viewing the contour image, it is found that the partial area of the composite is invalid, the composite failure index greater than 1,does it mean that Optimizing the design is not feasible, Can someone give some advice?Thanks in advance。 B.FS.355.fem
  3. Hi, 1. Is the material orientation of each ply the same? I assigned different material orientations to each ply, but I cannot get the expected material orientations. 2. How to assign material orientation to elements with ply (fiber) direction? I try to assign the material orientation to plies with the cooridinate systems each ply used in drapping operations. But I found the obtained material orientation is not coincident with the ply direction. The attached pictures are the results of this test (for example, the directions in face A). I want to get the same directions, but I don't know how to do. Material_Direction_of_Ply.hm
  4. I'm planning to use PSOLID element for a 3D composite model, but I'm stuck with how to put thickness, orientation and Failure theory. Please tell me how to go about this. Thanks.
  5. marta

    Radioss - Fabric

    Hi everyone, could someone help me with composites simulation? I'd like to understand the difference between material law 25 and 58 to make the better choice for my simulation: in attach the data sheet of the material. If someone have theoretical and pratical (tutorial) material could shear it? Many thanks in advance Marta Tepex_Dynalite __102RG600__PA.pdf
  6. Dear Experts, I'm new to Hypermesh and need some advice on the meshing in it. I'm trying to model a composite unit cell. I have the yarns and their geometry from an external software in an *.stp format but I need to fill the domain with 3D elements which can act as a matrix of the composite. How can I perform this action in Hypermesh? I have tried booleans but they fail due to contact between the yarns at intersections. If booleans can be used, can you please tell me how can I improve it. Kind Regards 3S.stp
  7. Sascha Pazour

    Top Use Cases

    Saving Material Without Performance Loss Challenge Reducing the weight without loss of usability and strength Optimizing the manufacturing process Solution Injection molding simulation to optimize the part production and to create the fiber orientation for the new designed part Taking into account these results to perform most realistic mechanical simulation Results Significant material and cost savings due to optimized geometry Faster and more economic production process
  8. Hello, I have a laminate with 3 plies. I want to optimise the orientation of these plies such that the deflection of the laminate is minimum under the applied load. I can only perform composite shuffle, but I'm not able to optimise the ply angles. Please advice as to how to proceed to solve this issue Thanks, Kushal.
  9. Hello,Forums I am doing analysis of a unique CFRP pipe by Optistruct. I am receiving this following error message: *** ERROR # 605 *** Element 1 is referenced by STACK 1 (on PLY 1) and by STACK 2 (on PLY 5) simultaneously. Different stacks are created by dividing the upper and lower areas of the pipe into sets. There seems to be an error because it refers to the same element Is there any good way to do it? (Modeling is possible but analysis is error) CFRP-PIPE-Asymmetric laminated.hm
  10. Dawnblade

    Contact in composites

    Dear Sir, I want to do a three point bending test of carbon fiber laminate in Hypermesh with Radioss. I found something puzzle when i create the contact between components after i had defined materials, properties (CFK using M25_COMPSH and property with it using P17_STACK), plies, laminate and some of boundary conditions. I chose TYPE 7 as the card image to let laminate be a slave entity and impactor be a mater entity but i found i cannot select my laminate component in the option(i can only see other component) Is there any mistake in my operation? Here are some pics under. I am exactly green hand in radioss, my apology... and I hope someone can help me on this.
  11. Hello, I'm Kaustubh Garud ME design Student, Doing my ME project in Analysis of Adhesively bonded joint between composite laminates(static and Fatigue). Can we do that using hypermesh preprocessor and solver? Also, can we create cohesive elements or cohesive zone model using hypermesh ? Please help. Thank You
  12. hello community i want to simulate composite Forming with independent layers modeling with resin. i found in the forum this training support ,but i don't found the other parts of the training. the training support refers to the file " bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial.hf" as in the picture i would be very grateful if you could help me to find this file it well be agerat help . Best regards. SAIDI Amine HF_Training_Composite_Forming_EN.pdf
  13. Hello everybody, i want to create a simple forming simulation with composite material. I want to form 2 plies, 0° and 90° fiber orientation. After the simulation, i want to see the fiber orientation etc., as shown here: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_post_processing_composite_forming_results.htm Is there any tutorial i can use? http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_setting_up_composite_forming_sim.htm This doesnt help, since its for sandwiches only. If there is no tutorial: - Where can i create the laminate? Do i just do this in the User-Process Tree or do i have to create a laminate in the Model-Tree and somehow apply it to my blank?
  14. We are trying to analyze composite PIPE. When creating a cylinder surface and simply creating Piles and Laminates, it is stacked with the surface as an intermediate plane as shown in the attached image. (Cylindrical surface is white line) For example, are there methods such as stacking layers from the outermost layer toward the inside? (I do not want to change the diameter of the cylinder)
  15. Hello everybody, I'm not entirely new to FEA analysis but I'm struggling with Optistruct at the moment. I have a Formula Student Monocoque which I am trying to optimize to work with unidirectional carbon. I'm trying to create an optimum lay-up that's as light a possible while being as stiff aswell. I followed the guide "tutorial composite optimization with optistruct 11.0 on the example of a formula student monocoque" to the letter but somehow the Optistruct Optimization creates almost 1300 plies... Which is is impossible to manually adjust the zones... Could somebody have a clue what's going on here? Maybe I'm doing something wrong in the OptiStruct settings? I should have only 4 plies per original ply on default... Thank you in advance! I attached the model file. Regards Alexander monocoque_18-04-16_ADB_Opti.hm
  16. Mahesh Agrani

    Composite Optimization

    Dear all, Can I find optimal composite material geometry and configuration for any specific value of Young's Modulus, Density and thickness of the component?
  17. Hello! I have a problem and I haven't solved it for few days already. There is a rectangular composite plate and it is necessary to optimize thickness of the each ply to reach minimum mass and acceptable stiffness. Besides the thickness of each ply must to be multiple of the certain number. But a freesize optimisation with a composite optimisation result to the laminate with plies of different forms and each ply has inconstant thickness. I tried a lot of different ways, but it didn't help. For example, increasing of MINDIM is confined by some average dimension, and inspite of defined TMANUF of plies and PLYMAN of desvar the thickness is not multiple of the number. Can anybody help me? Best regards
  18. akshay325

    Composite Plate Theory

    Hello, I'm using PCOMP to model my composite structure, I wanted to know that which theory does it use to solve?. Is it possible to change the theory from CLT, to first order shear deformation, or higher order shear deformation?
  19. akshay325

    Number of plies as variable

    Hello, How can I make the number of plies as the variable rather than the thickness of the ply, since the ply thickness has to be 0.2 mm, and the number of layers can change. And I see that there is nothing like manufacturing thickness when I connect HyperWorks to HyperStudy. I'm using GA as solving algorithm. Thank you.
  20. Hello, I'm importing a .hm file to the HyperStydy which is a composite model. But I'm not able to import variable other than Material and Moment. Can you point out where I might be going wrong?
  21. I'm planning to use HyperStudy for multi objective Optimization of laminated composite structure, and I wanted to know it is possible to make orientation of ply as one of the design variable? I want optimum angle for ply, for the given load condition, rather than sticking with the angle given by user. Thank you.
  22. Hey all, currently I am working on a composite optimization process that involves no 45 and -45° plies. What I experienced was, that with the step 3 (shuffle optimization), optistruct did not consider my constraint of maximum ply successor. Is this a knows issue? Additionally, why can't we define pairing constraints between other plies than the 45 and -45° ? Is there a physical reason why you would do that just with 45 and -45 ? Thanks and best regards Merula
  23. Hey, so I've been working on a composite optimization of a formula student monocoque and run into a problem. Following the tutorial preparated everything for the continuous size optimization and started the optimization in optstruct, but after iteration 0 and iteration progress 93% i just stops without an error and says "job complete". why is that? I've tried everything i know so far. I inpected the .out file and after the design property table of iteration 0 there is nothing more, the file ends there. On other design steps of the same model, I got it all the way though from freesize to shuffle with no problem. just this latest step is giving me trouble. I even can run the various optimization steps again with no problems. Any sugestions on why this isn't working would be great, I sadly can't share any (.hm or similar) files due to non-disclosure. Thanks Pascal
  24. akshay325

    *** ERROR # 1807 ***

    Im getting the following error when i tried to put composite shaft with constrains Mass, and Composite Failure Upperbound 1. The Objective Function is Min Compliance. *** ERROR # 1807 *** Composite failure responses are applied to ply 9 which belongs to a topology or free-size domain. Help needed, Thank you