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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am doinga calcul in Hypermesh using thecomposite resin model, ther qre no errors when I execute the solver qnd the cqlcul turns properly, however I find this messeges that I am not sure what they mean. Can you help me please? 160000 0.3571E-01 0.2303E-06 NODE 100096229 -28.9% 0.2627E+05 417.3 0.000 0.3755E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100079203 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065193 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18947 165000 0.3677E-01 0.2136E-06 NODE 100046689 -29.4% 0.2757E+05 354.3 0.000 0.3954E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18631 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065321 170000 0.3781E-01 0.2327E-06 NODE 100096229 -29.7% 0.2931E+05 480.6 0.000 0.4238E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100049157 175000 0.3885E-01 0.2036E-06 NODE 100096229 -30.0% 0.3168E+05 851.7 0.000 0.4646E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100086172 ANIMATION FILE: LGPC1.2_base_res_4.hfA010 WRITTEN Thanks!!
  2. Submitted by dbaechtel on Sun, 04/17/20 Once I have drawn a connection between blocks, how do I Delete that connection later? I have made a connection between a control block and a 2D plot. Later I want to Delete one of those connections. But the connection will not select. There does not seem to be a way to delete a connection without deleteing a block. Hos do I Delete a connection?
  3. Two bodies are connected by means of bearing (upper race and lower race bolted to respective bodies). Detailed analysis (ignore bearing model) is not required. What type of connections could be given between two components? Can we assume a block instead of bearing, and give what type of connections?
  4. Hi, I have a problem with contact analysis. My model is working fine in one direction (let's forget about the connection between the bearing and the gearbox), i.e. the bearing pushes away the flange. However, if I change the direction of the force, in which case the bearing should slip out and has no effect on anything, the bearing still pulls the flange. What do I have to modify to make the bearing available to push the flange but not pull? Thank you aecyd bolted_flange.zip
  5. Hello all, When i run my optimization there is no result displayed in shape explorer at the "recommended solution" (the star). Increasing material yields solutions in which the non-design areas are not connected. The "most-material" solution is the only one which connects but is a fully dense representation of the design space. I ran both a maximum stiffness optimization with a frequency constraint as a minimize mass optimization with the same frequency constraint. 3 questions: - Is there a way to ensure the non-design always connects - Is there a way to refine the scale of shape explorer. Ie run an optimization between mass 3 and 4 kg? - Is there a way to use the previous optimized result as a starting point for the next optimization. (Ie use the solution as the design space?(+offset would be great). Thanks for any help! Mika
  6. Hi, I am working on a laminate optimization. I'd like to do the three phases: Free Size Optimization, Size Optimization and Shuffle Optimization mentioned in the composite manual. My question is how can I connect the element faces in the 3rd direction with other elements of different components. In the attached picture I would like to connect the yellow part with the different laminate layers. Are there any solutions available, I could not find equal problems in the composite manual. thank you in advance, Martin
  7. Hi everyone, What is better approach to connect a 2D shell element to a 1D element? I have a assembly with 3 components, 1 bracket modeled by 2D elements which carries the load, 1 plate modeled by 2D elements likewise, where the bracket is lay and also, shall be interface component between bracket and beam component and 1 beam component modeled by 1D elements where loads and displacements must be transfered. The connection between bracket and plate was modeled by Cbush elements which represents bolts stiffness, therefore, my concern is how can I model the connection between plate and beam to represent a weld? I have attached a picture which it clarifies my problem. The green one is a bracket, red is a plate and magenta is a beam. Thank you, Richard
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