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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to automate a task and need some guidance. In a model with various components, I have the guide points of the fasteners. Some fasteners connect more than two components. I am looking to create the connectors automatically by selecting the points and export the connectors' information (cfast id and coordinates, attached elements). The final goal is to create automatically more than 8000 fasteners and extract their information, in order to use them for fastener analysis. Thanks for your help N.
  2. Hello, I have a problem using Inspire. I am doing a topology optimization of an upright. The problem is that the structure which the solver outputs to me is not connected to all of my non design space. The bearing at the bottom of this picture needs to be connected to both of the cylinders but is only connected to the top one. I alrady tried to separate the bearing (1 constraint and the other 2 contraints) but that does not make any sence at all. I also saw a picture, where it worked with nearly the same connectors. The only difference was that the forces were not in the center of wheel but in tire contact patch. http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/47251/APA_Folder/Webinar_.ppt_files/2016.05.10_Inspire-nCode_DL-Click2Cast.pdf?t=1529973239214 I already tried this, but it does not work for me. Thank you.
  3. As I am new to this software please can anyone guide me for complete car crash test with all the assemblies present within the car. Also how to connect each and every component within hypermesh . If possible kindly provide with the link for tutorial videos available . Thank You
  4. Does anyone know how composite and aluminum connects each other with hi-lock? I try to connect by choosing spots>>type>>Hilock, but it cannot realized. For aluminum- aluminum connection with hilock, there is no problem. There is a problem when composite-aluminum connection with hilock. When composite connect with RBE2 element to aluminum, it works. However, I need modelling the connections as hilock etc. I also try rbe3-cbush-rbe3 connectors, but it doesn't work, doesn't connect composite&aluminum. What kind of connector( similar hilock) can I use for composite-aluminum connection?
  5. hello sir, I need to create spotwelds between biws of a full vehicle and i have imported connectors from another profile but when i realise them they were not being realized, so can i add points or nodes at the connectors present in radioss, so that i can create spots at those locations using points or nodes.
  6. Hi Guys, I have UAV tail assembly-assembled from individual components within Catia V5 and imported into Hypermesh. Within Optistruct, I am trying to connect individual components together using connectors (at locations where they interact), however, it fails to connect the components together and I end up with errors. Can you suggest me what is the easiest way to connect components for my type of application? Also, is their any tutorials or videos available for preprocessing of a assembly? Also, here is an image of the assembly that I am working with. Thanks and Regards, Ramon
  7. Sir, If I make use (I havn't) of a bolt connector, is it deformable? I mean what about its material properties?
  8. Hello, I'm currently at a point where HyperMesh seems to run out of options, or I want to do more than HyperMesh was designed for. I'm experimenting with Nastran's glue contact surfaces, with attributes BSURF, BSURFS and BGSET. Now, I have already created funcionality in HyperMesh for BSURF(S) and BGSET, but now I want to create a custom connector to use this functionality in HyperMesh. I have a construction made out of several layers of shell or solid elements and I want to 'glue' all the intermediate surfaces/solids to eachother. Seeing from the functionality for, for example, bolts, HyperMesh is capable of realising connections with purely the connector location, the to be attached components/surfs/elems and a tolerance value. Of course, information of the type of connection is required as well, but many are preset. Now I'd like to create my own custom connector, allowing me to input the to be connected contactsurfs and a tolerance value, and let HyperMesh figure out which contactsurf should be connected to which other contactsurf. After that, it should all be formatted in the NASTRAN's BSURF(S) and BGSET. Now the latter can be arranged via a post processing script that you can add to the FECONFIG.cfg file. My question is, is the former (creating a custom connector) possible to users in HyperMesh, or is it solely purposed for Altair development? Thank you for your time and help. Jeffrey PS. Please see the attachment. I want to be able to select contactsurfs 1, 2, 3 and 4. The idea is that contactsurf 2 is connected to 1. Contactsurf 3 is connected to 2, etc. This functionality is already present in bolt creation, that's why I want to make use of the HyperMesh connectors rather than write a MATLAB script to do the same.
  9. Hi, Is it correct to use area connectors( adhesive) to model epoxy bonding between two CFRP Parts? If so, how to define the properties of the adhesive and which property Card Image and material Card Image should I use. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Mithun.
  10. Hi, I have ran a simulation of an assemble but the forces exerted on the model don't seem to tranfer on to other components. The components are connected through spotwelds. I have attached a picture that might explain the problem better. In the picture I have applied SPC BCs at the door hinge and latch. On the outer panel I then applied a high force along the nodes on the center line of the door. As you can see from the picture the forces on the outer panel don't transfer on to the likes of the impact beam. Could anyone advise me on what I should do to fix the problem? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am having problem with adhesive connectors generation. where ever there is an edge, the elements are highly deformed. see the Picture below. Is there any way to correct These undeformed elements easily insted of editing each node. There are hundreds of connector elements, so correcting individual elements is not feasible.
  12. Hi, I have a question on spotweld connectors. I have the following two components with shell mesh. I have a hard time choosing which option to use in spotweld. Pls help me. Please explain which one we should use and when? 1) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- find nearest nodes 2) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- project and find nodes 3) Mesh Dependent - adjust realization- ensure projection 4) Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- remesh 5) Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- smooth 6) Mesh Dependent - quad transition- imprint 7) Mesh Dependent - quad transition- skip imprint Which method is good and if I use different methods will I get different results? I have used (Mesh Dependent - adjust mesh- remesh) but then I feel that when I do this because of remesh my elements become smaller and fail in quality. Thanks, Datta
  13. Hello, I've been trying to connect two surfaces using area connectors but I can't seem to get it to work. I always get the following error: "Realized Elements are Double Dependent" I'm trying to connect the surfaces in white to the bottom one in blue. If I connect one of them first, the second will fail; If I connect both of them at the same time, they will both fail. The mesh on both the top (yellow) component and on the bottom (blue) component is perfectly symmetric. Can anyone help me please? Thank you very much!
  14. Hi, Can somebody please tell where I can find this example file?
  15. Submitted by Joe on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 09:20 I've started testing Vissim and I have question. When using Vissim, I would like to change the number of cases supported by a case block. I see in the help file that this is possible. How do I go about doing so? Thanks
  16. Hello, I am working on topology optimization of a electric motor bracket / mount for metal additive manufacturing. In the gear train there are two pinions driving a helical gear in the middle. I have defined the location and direction of gear force components (axial, radial and tangential) exerting on the pinions and driven gear as shown in the attached image. As can also be seen from the image there are three forces acting on pinion gear and three forces (in the opposite direction) acting on the driven gear; all of those force components are located at the same point. I would like to connect the three gear force components acting on the pinion gear to its own mounting and fixation holes and other three force components (located in the same point) acting on the driven gear to its fixation holes. Could you be of any help as to how the three force components acting on the pinion can be connected to its own fixation holes and how the other three forces that apply to same point to other fixation holes? Please advice. Thanks in advance, Erkan
  17. Hi, I´m trying to simulate a weld with the seam panel to connect a t-joint. The t-joint consists of two plates which are meshed with solids. The two plates are selected for the “components”. For the seam weld I´m using the „penta (MIG + T)“-type. When I want to realize the seam weld I always get the message “Failed: Link entity 1 (comp id 1) and link entity 2 (comp id 2) do not have projections”. Is someone able to tell me what´s the problem and how can I fix this? Many thanks in advance for your help! Regards Nina
  18. Hi, Is it possible to get the ID of all failed Connectors by using TCL-Script, so that I can automatically delete them? Regards, Simon
  19. おせわになっております。 現在、強度解析と振動解析でボルト締結がRIGIDを再現していますがボルト周りの応力が大きく発生しました。RIGIDの方法以外、他の再現方法を教えていただきます。 サンプルモデルがあれば助かります。よろしくお願いします。
  20. Can some one please explain me what is Tolerance in Seam welding panel? What is the value to be given. Thanks
  21. Can someone explain me this panel please. Mainly about Tolerance and spacing, and other important things.
  22. Good afternoon, I have a question concerning the connectors in Inspire. What's the difference between rigid and flexible connectors ? Thanks in advance
  23. Here is my .hm file. I would to connect the design and non design component as a whole but i still do not manage to do it. Please help me guysss !!!! TRY.hm
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