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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I would simulate a hertian contact about two cylinders. I tried to create a smulation but I had some problem about the results and convergence. In particular I have problems about the contact type (SLIDE, STICK and FREEZE) and track. I attach the simulation that I created. Thanks for the advice you will give me. cylinders_contact.hm cylinders_contact.mvw
  2. Hi, I am a beginner about non linear simulation, I want simulate a contact about a gear transmission. In Altair tutorials I found this example:"OS-1520: Finite Sliding of Rack and Pinion Gear Model" that could help me. In the simulation, the motion is create by "enf_rotation" from a displacement of 5 radians. The load step hasn't Load declared and the rack is free to move on x. Now I have three questions: -What differece is between SPC and SPCD? If I used SPCD for "enf_rotation" would I get a different result? -Why there are contact stress in results? (There aren't forces or torque, the rack is free to slide) -If I want evalue the contact stress about a gear trasmition with a motion torque on pinion and a resistence torque on gear wheel, is this hypermesh's tutorial a good way? Altairguide-pignongear.pdf
  3. Hello, I'm trying to define contacts between 3 parts of my model. The model consist out of shell elements only. Tried the autocontact, connectors and contactsurfaces tool. However I didnt manage to connect the parts. I have attached an screencapture of the file as well as the model file itself. Can anyone help me out here? BottomConstructionLoose.hm
  4. Hi all, I have a model with multiple contacts and have been using N2S contacts. I've found that in some of my loadcases, these contacts produce excessively and unrealistically high loads. I've checked to assure there is a sufficient gap between master and slave components and have even tried changing to S2S, PARAM EXPERTNL CNTSTB... in every case the the contact in question remains an unrealistically high stress or another contact which was previously low force suddenly becomes massive. The way I set the models up is to select contact surfaces for both slave and master and select slide option, I don't apply any clearance or srchdis values. Anyone any suggestions? Alas I cannot share the model.
  5. Hi, I am using hypermesh v13 and optistruct v13 for bolt pretension analysis (Non linear Quasistatic analysis) for 4 cylinder inline engine. Components consist Cylinder head , head bolts , gasket and Cylinder block. Head bolts are inserted and they pass through cylinder head--gasket--cylinder block. Internal threads are present in block and external threads on bolt. will you please tell which type of contact should be used for contact between cylinder head bolt and cylinder block for optistruct solver ? There must be relative motion between them...right ? please give explaination too so that I can understand.
  6. What is the difference between them in term of slave and master nordes relative movement?
  7. Hi All, I seem to have a recurring issue and it doesn't seem to make much difference if I use S2S or N2S. I have a number of very similar models, all set up the same way and I would only expect a mild difference in stress distribution and contact. What I get is with some of the loadcases I have an extremely high contact force. Now I've encountered this before and have needed to switch to gaps but this time I really do need the contact forces exported. Here are some notes..... NLPARA = NINC 10 PARAM = CNTSTB Contact card = Adjust = auto, type = slide, MORIENT = Norm. In general, slave contact surface is smaller mesh size. I've added some images....
  8. Hi guys, I am currently trying to solve a problem with my 3 point bending setup. I designed a hybrid composite structure with 3D elemtents as core and 2D elems as Laminate. To apply the load I have modelled a 2D Impactor which moves down and translates the forces into the laminate via contacts. (MORIENT: Norm, S2S, TRACK: finite) Everything works fine exept my results... if I view the contact forces Optistruct would give me the result as shown in the picture. Has anyone had this problem before? I have already tried using CNTSTB and defining the SRCHDIS. Changing Master and Slave or N2S and S2S did not help either. At some values the two lines of contact forces would move closer to each other but never close enough. Greetings from Germany Lars
  9. Hi, I m working with beam analysis. The beam consists of three small assembled sections. I have created contacts in Optistruct profile and exported in Nastran profile (.dat file) because I have to do analysis in MSC Nastran (client requirment) but the contacts were not exported in the .dat file. Is there any way to exported these contacts in .dat file? Nastran profile doesn't supports contact formation.
  10. Can anybody help me with creating contacts in hypermesh NASTRAN profile? Previously I have tried to export .dat file from hyermesh to MSC NASTRAN but got excessive pivot ratios error.By using PARAM,BAILOUT,-1command i got the results but the beam was broken from the contacts.
  11. Dear all, I want to study the behaviour of assembly under the force when there is physical gap between two components with the help of either contacts or gap elements or spot gap. Please guide. Thanks in advance. Regards Amol
  12. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to perform a modal analysis of a component AFTER it has been loaded with a force. During the loading step, some parts of the component engage in SLIDE type contact. I use OPTISTRUCT. I currently plan to make two loadsteps for the analysis: 1.A non-linear quasistatic step during which I load my model and contacts are engaged 2.A normal modes analysis which should compute the modes for the deformed structure obtained after step1 Is this possible in Optistruct? Thanks in advance for any answer. Regards Matteo
  13. i am doing linearstatic analysis in optistruct.i am facing problem in giving contacts.i tried in several ways like set 1 as node set 2 as elememts.and another combination like set 1 as element set 2 as elemets similarly both set1 and set 2 nodes.we are getting same error for every combination below shown. *** ERROR # 1762 *** Incorrect SET type for MSID on CONTACT 1. . please find the alternate solution to resolve this problem.
  14. Good evening, I'm trying to run a simulation on a model (showed in the picture). The errors happen because of the SLIDE contact between the PIN (purple) and the CONROD (green) components. To avoid to get "error - no convergence", I decided to put SPC on the lateral faces of the CONROD component (the green one in the picture) with only dof2 possible (so it can only translates in Y direction). Is this solution good to simulate the sliding contact between a wrist pin and a connecting rod? Or do you think that there are better solutions? Thank you Pin.bmp Pin2.bmp
  15. Hi, I want to check interface stiffness in TYPE7. Solver compute interface stiffness automatically every time step. How can I check it? Thanks
  16. hello, I want to give frictionless bonded contact between each part. The parts which are bonded together should move simultaneously and should not intersect each other or pass through others after contact begins. eg bones with the articulating surface. (one part is bone and other is articulating surface)
  17. I need help defining the contact between the parts shown in the attached image. The solver is Abaqus. I have given tie constraint between 1st and 2nd part (both master and slave are selected as surface). these two parts should be like glued to each other and no separation between them. but the tie is not working as the 1st part is passing through the other. also, the 1d line element should move with the parts to which it is connected. thank you
  18. Hi all, I am a beginner here. I am trying to create a contact between a tank and its support (an interface). What should I look out for? What parameters will tell me its a good connection or I have made an error. and what kind of checks can I perform before the actual analysis? As of right now, after the interface, when I apply a force on the tank, the contours do not show up on the support even if a increase the load considerably which tells me somoething is not right with the connection between the two parts. I import the tank and support in the same file but as different parts and I then I use solidmap mesh on the two parts separately and equivalence the nodes. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi all, Is there any command available to find surfaces which are very close to each other. I have 2 components and there are some locations where the surfaces are really close(like contacts), need to find these surface ids without any manual selection.
  20. Hi Everyone, I am working on project to carry out contact stress and later to do fatigue analysis. I am using Optistruct for this analysis. Image_01 shows how parts are assembled to each other. Image_02 & 03 shows that area of contacts I am interested in. I have attached .hm file for review. Can someone please guide me for how to define contacts between, 1. Inner diameter of housing to Outer diameter of Bush (Press fitted Bush) 2. Inner Diameter of Bush to Shaft diameter. (Shaft rotates on Bush ID) 3. Face of Shaft collar to Face of the Housing. Model is constrained at the Bolt location and Load of 200 Nm is applied at the center of Shaft. Aim is to Study the contact stress at Press fit area, Bush ID and Side face of collar of the Shaft. For Fatigue analysis, I would like to check if 200 Nm Load is applied at interval of every 2 sec, what would be the life of the Bush? Regards, Jagdish Shaft_bushing.hm
  21. Hello! I am currently working on the analysis of a two piece wheel hub for a wheel hub drive. The model contains apart from the mesh a few contacts (some of them with a negative clearance for bolt pretension) and springs to modell the stiffness of the wheel bearings. My problem is that the analysis does converge pretty well but there are no results attached. I already tried to define several ouputs with different options but I never got results. If I just change the load step to "linear static" and run the analysis there are results. Did someone have the same problem already or does someone have an idea what could be my fault? I am working with HW 13 and Optistruct. Many thanks in advance! Regards, Max
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