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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I'm doing a motion analysis of a Bicycle frame where I have to analyze a motion of the frame and find the force on suspension entity also to find the displacement of suspension entity. I want the Rod marked near the "1" should move along the curve. I've tried a lot but ended up wrong. Please, provide me with proper guidance. Please check whether the constraints I've given is correct or not... Please, refer the figures below... I want the rod 1 to move along the curve and reach position 2 and comeback the same. Please, help me to select the proper interpolation and Independent variable. Thank you for your valuable time... Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 .
  2. I did a curve blend between the start and end of a single curve. The direction of the blend was opposite the crv and confused the caps on the extrusion. Is there an easy way to flip it's direction?
  3. Hello together, is it possible to define and save a result (graph) in the output response window as a vector with all the given points instead of just evaluate one result for a specific point. For example: I have the given curve as shown in the picture. Now i want to save this curve or graph as a vector or in a similar format. With the tutorials I can only read out one specific value of the curve at one given point. But my aspiration is it to save the whole curve, to display it or use it for a vectorial calculation. Do you have any advise how i can do this with hyperstudy? Is it possible to do this in the define output response window? Thanks in advance and cheers
  4. Hi, Please how can i see the curve ( itérations ) of my objective function in hyperview after a topology optimization ? I THINK THAT WE CAN USE THE FILE .MVW but i dont know how exactly Thank you
  5. Dear all, I'm working with HyperGraph 2017.2 on a Windows 10 desktop PC. I would like to plot a curve in Hypergraph and color the shaded area under the line. Via Google I have found this link, where it seems that there is a check box available from the Curve attributes panel on the Line attributes tab. However, this check box seems to be missing for my Hypergraph: Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? (Or any other method to color the area under the line?) Kind regards, Robbin
  6. Hello iam looking for a code to put all names on page 1 to an Array. It should save Redundant values only once a time. Has anybody a idea how? best regards
  7. yehoo


    hi, is there a way to create a curve equation from a surface of a solid or component? either Hypermesh or Motionview.. thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I am trying to build a rigid mbd model with rigid bodies engaging in 2D rigid-to-rigid contact. I have defined curves where the contacts will occur, using the Add Curve functionality. Attached images 1.png, 2.png and 3.png from my curve panel, showing the settings I am using for all three contact curves. As you can see, in the Z direction, they all have the same value as 0. So they are indeed coplanar as they all line on the XY plane. I proceed to define a 2D rigid-to-ridig contact. Attached image, contact.png, shows my settings for one of the contacts I use. I have also made sure to correctly define the contact sides; so there are no problems there either. Finally, attached image, error.png, shows two of the error messages I'm getting. All my error messages are the same so I am only showing those two. It is telling me my curve graphics are not coplanar. However, what it seems is that they actually are indeed coplanar. I would be grateful for any help to fix this problem. Best regards
  9. Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and I'll truly appreciate your help. I'm trying to simulate a shuttle moving along a guide, which is simplified with two curves (Up and DOWN). As you can see here below and in the attached files, I simulate the four wheels with four bodies joined to the shuttle through 4 bushing elements with high rotational and translation stiffness. Each wheel is constrained to the relative curve through a Point To Curve constraint. In order to move the shuttle, I have firstly applied a constant force along the x axis of the shuttle and everything works well. Since I got to simulate the behavior of an electric motor, I would like to apply a motion law. Therefore I created a simply motion with constant speed set to 100mm/s. When the shuttle compete the guide's curve (so it changes the axis of motion from x to y), it "blows up", releasing itself from bushing elements. I tried to define the motion between other markers, but I don't get the desired motion. Can someone help me in this matter? Thank you Carrello.mdl Curva.txt
  10. Hi, i want to include an average level line on specific sections of curves in my plot window, like in the attached Image. Is there some funtion / plot macro to do this?
  11. Hello there, I need some advice for defining the stiffness of a spring damper element with a curve. My task is to model a 1 mass oscillator with a non-linear stiffness. But first of all I want to understand how to define a stiffness through a curve. So I tried to model a linear stiffness through the curve and verify it with the regular linear simulation. My questions are: Can anybody tell me what I have done wrong with my curve definition? I defined a sinusodial force with +/- 10kN but the mass is just swinging in the negative area? Can anybody specify what the independent variable is? What do I have to put there when my curve is defined as force over displacement? I have attached my files. I appreciate every help
  12. Hi there, When defining the stress-strain curve for the material (/MAT36), should it be used the true curve or the engineering one? Thanks
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