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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, is there a way to only delete part of a solid? Which means only part of a solids geometry. Unfortunately my model neither has a surface, nor lines. Only solid. If that's not possible, is there way to "reverse transform" a solid into a surface and subsequently a surface into lines? Of Course remodelling the whole model from the very begining starting with the 1D level would work, but I'd like to avoid that. Kind regards, Niclas
  2. I'm trying to clean and delete all the unused input data for my GFEM model. It has been passed around different people and there are thousands of data being unused mainly in HyperBeam section. what would be the best way to delete all the unused cross section entities without checking individual components manually?
  3. Hi, I am doinga calcul in Hypermesh using thecomposite resin model, ther qre no errors when I execute the solver qnd the cqlcul turns properly, however I find this messeges that I am not sure what they mean. Can you help me please? 160000 0.3571E-01 0.2303E-06 NODE 100096229 -28.9% 0.2627E+05 417.3 0.000 0.3755E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100079203 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065193 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18947 165000 0.3677E-01 0.2136E-06 NODE 100046689 -29.4% 0.2757E+05 354.3 0.000 0.3954E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18631 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065321 170000 0.3781E-01 0.2327E-06 NODE 100096229 -29.7% 0.2931E+05 480.6 0.000 0.4238E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100049157 175000 0.3885E-01 0.2036E-06 NODE 100096229 -30.0% 0.3168E+05 851.7 0.000 0.4646E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100086172 ANIMATION FILE: LGPC1.2_base_res_4.hfA010 WRITTEN Thanks!!
  4. Hello everyone, For the first time we are working with series of radioss files. At a given time of the calculation , for example at t=10s, we would like to continue the calculation by deleting a component. The reason is that this componenet is RDX gaz and is causing problems at the interfaces at a time he is no longer important in our model. In the HELP documentation we found that it was possible to delete a defined set or list of elements, but we are trying to delete an entire component, If any one could help us please ! In the new file of calculation _002.rad we want to use /DEL/????? for example like /DEL/Component
  5. Our bolts, nuts, and washers, have part numbers where the letter m is either the second or third character. All of the other characters are numerals. How can I delete *m* collectors? I want to get rid of all of my bolts, nuts, and washers quickly. I do want a chance to review them first and make sure I haven't accidently somehow included a desireable part. Then after the review, delete them all! I am using HM 12.0 on Windows 7 on an HP computer. Thank you. Phil
  6. Hello, I would like to know how to find elements that fail the validity check and then delete them. Is there a method to do so in tcl? Thank you
  7. How do I delete a model that's loaded in one of the hyperview windows? Under the 'Session' tab on the left there is an option to delete a page, but I'm unable to unload/delete one single model that's already open in one of the windows.
  8. I obtained a download of an inhomogeneous human head model which was pre-meshed, from the looks of it. This model includes an "airbox" surrounding the human. Here's an image with a cutplane on top of the airbox to see the human inside: I wish to place a source near the head to simulate the near fields, but placing anything inside the airbox will cause errors since the meshes of the source will interfere with the mesh of the "airbox." Naturally, I tried simply deleting the airbox and re-simulating, but this error appears: Also, the downloaded human model seems to be of a different type than a normal created construction, since I see a different blue icon to the left of the model's material items: Has anyone run into this issue before? I can't place a source in the airbox mesh, and I can't delete the mesh without ruining the model for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks, Drew
  9. hello, i am new to make scripts. i am trying to do a script to delete empty assemblies and sub assemblies in one action. i need a loop format of script to do this. but i dont know the structure. please help me out.
  10. Is there a delete option inside Hyperview? I have very huge system with lots of components but i will be evaluating only few components. So i just want to delete some components as including them results is bad performance (system). In component browser there is Delete option but it is not active. Or How to reduce the output file (here it is op2) The op2 being handled here is of 7GB size, how to reduce it without effecting the results.
  11. temp nodesパネルでclear allなどを押しても、どうしても消えない(消せない)節点がある場合は、Analysisページ⇒preserve nodesパネルで、左下の「# of preserved nodes =」項目をご確認下さい。 もし、1以上になっている場合は、「clear all preserved」ボタンを押すと消すことが出来ます。 preserved nodesパネルは、例えば節点拘束は節点荷重が設定されている場合に、要素を削除すると節点が消えて境界条件なども消えてしまうため、保持したい節点を指定するための機能です。 ソルバーファイルのインポート時に、どこにも属さない浮いている節点は、自動的にpreserved nodesとして扱います。
  12. Hi guys, i want to contact the red Shell component with the Grey solid. I´ve don this with the tool autocontact. The Problem is i want to delete parts of the green contact surfs, can someone tell me how. In the Pictures attached i marked the surfs i want to delete with a blue dot. Thanks for answering.
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