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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding HyperXtrude 17 that I would like to ask. Is it possible to perform a parameter study (DOE) with HyperXtrude? I would like to automatically perform simulations with varied process parameters (for example: ram speed, workpiece temperature, tool temperature) without having to set up each time the simulation manually. Regarding the JobManager: what is the difference between the 4 solver hosts that I can choose from? hxME_3055 hxME_3055_os (I assume this one is for OptiStruct) hxME_3581 hxME_3581_os I am also trying to use heating elements in the container. I would like the heating/ cooling to start after a certain time. However, I am not so sure how to define the function in the GRF-File. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Chiara
  2. 「任意の変数組み合わせ」の類似として変数、応答全てすでにテーブルデータとして持っている場合の方法をご紹介します。 TABLEdata.mp4
  3. Hello Everyone, I would be really appriciated if someone can answer my question. I dont know if it is possible in Hyperworks to do implicit parametrisation. I am currently working on a cross section shape optimization of a b Pillar. This b pillar consists of 3 metal sheet. Outer inner and the reinforcement. Reinforcement should go up and down in the y direction Outer and inner pillar should be parametrised in x direction. I have already made required morphing and saved them as shape. This is called as an explicit shape parametrisation while the geometrical conflict and overlapping can only be prevented by having a smaller margin of movement. In order words when i move the reinforcement more than 12mm outside pillar and reinforcement will cause an overlapping. Is there any way to control this? When the outer pillars are wider there is whole bunch of space that reinforcement in y direction to move. But if move it than there will be overlapping when it is narrower. Such as in the picture belows. Hope i could explain my problem.
  4. 実験計画法において、任意の変数組み合わせで実行したい、という場合があります。 HyperStudyでは、DOEタイプNoneを選択して頂くことで自由な組み合わせを定義可能です。 予めExcelなどで組み合わせ表を作成しておくと、コピーペーストでHyperStudyの組み合わせ表に貼り付ける ことができるので便利です。 手順は添付動画をご参照下さい。 DOE.mp4
  5. Hi, I'm using Hyperstudy 2017.2 and Radioss as a solver. I encounter an error when I perform the evaluate step in the DOE approach. It happens that during a run (whatever) the evaluate and extract steps can't finish succesfully, but there aren't errors in the messages box and in the .out file I can read that analysis is already finished with normal termination: in spite of this, the cursor keeps turning and seems to be waiting to finish evaluation. I realized that when it happens, there isn't the .h3d file in the run folder, even if run is completed and all animation A0# are created. I realized also that by finishing the "hvtrans" process from the task manager, or (is the same) Tclsh85t application, hyperstudy concludes the evaluate step, extracts results and goes to the next run. It's a random problem, but it always happens at least once. Thank you all for helping out.
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