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Found 19 results

  1. Hello together, i have a short question: Is it possible to mesh a geometry too small? Is there any limitation except the computing power? Or in other words: Does the rule apply that the smaller the elements, the more accurate the result? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, What is the difference between JOINTG Reaction forces and Element Stress (1D)? To what i have seen they dont match, when I extract one or another, their magnitudes are not the same? so, what of each of this mean? thank you!
  3. Hello All, I want to perform 2D mesh union operation of two set of overlapping elements. Below are the images for reference. Here, both mesh A and B consist of 2nd order tria elems. Mesh A is from an older FE model built in different pre-processsor (Abaqus CAE) and Mesh B was generated within HM. The objective is to preserve mesh-A and stitch the extra mesh region present in the mesh B to it. I have tried using the mesh Boolean operation, but did not get any solution. Not sure if I am missing out something. So, is there a way to achieve this ? I am open to tcl scripting as well. Thanks, Roshan
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question about 1d element with varying cross section. Is it possible to use such elements with optistruct? I have tried CBEAM as an element and property PBEAML, I ve tried everything and I cant figure it out. I ve tried using the PBEAML card option "pbeamlintstationslen" for dividing element into different cross sections but it doenst work. Can anyone guide me on this subject? Thank you very much for your time, Gonçalo
  5. Hello, I would like to know the equivalent element of 2D Bernoulli-Euler in Hypermesh?
  6. Hi all I would like to get a list of thickness for selected elements. I wrote these codes but it gives just one thickness as a result. Could you please help me ? *createmark elements 1 179 79 150 279 35 ... set test [hm_getthickness elements 1] foreach elements $test { puts "$test" }
  7. Hello everyone, I'm using the Mesh>Create>Tetramesh Option to create elements for a geometry. I set the element size to 10, but during meshing there are way bigger elements automatically being created...probably to reduce computational cost during meshing. This might be a problem for my future calculations. Is there a way to set fixed boundaries regarding element size, which the algorithm must not exceed during meshing? Or even better, to let the algorithm only use elements with the size=10 to fill the volume? Kind regards, Niclas_emi
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a tool in Hypermesh which says the average element size of a 2D mesh? I could use the measure tool and get the distance between two nodes of an element, but I am interested in get the average of all elements. Thanks in advance, Alex
  9. Hallo, is there in Hyperview a function to find an Element via ID? I am thinking about a function like the function "Find" (or find entities) in Hyperworks, where you can find entities with the ID-number. I want to check if the measurment points still are on the correct locations. However I couldn´t find any button for this funktion. Thank you
  10. Hello Everybody, I am trying to convert a shell to a solid, using aerospace optistruct porfile. After realizing all plies the instruction says the §D Element Types have to be converted from SC8R to SC6R. The problem I have is, that, in the element panel there is no SC8R type, but in the Help Document i is stated, that the shell to solid conversion is supported by optistruct solver. Can anybody help me with this problem? Kind regards in advance Dean
  11. Hy everyone, I am a newbie and I am trying to get ab better understanding of Meshing in general. On that quest I have been reeding my way throught this Forum but I did only find something very specified requests of how to mesh this speciel form or size or verry general information. As I understand it, there is not the one concept that works or the one technique that is the best. But every engineer needs guidelines and general idea where a valid solution might to be found. 1. What tyypes of elements are there? 2.when do I use which elementtype? As I understood so far, this depends on: the form of my part; the kind of the analysis(stress or displacement); the elementsize i want to use. 3. How do I decide the elementsize? As I understood so far, you have do make a compromise between the numeric mistake, which is getting bigger proportional to the number of elements and therefore antiproportional to the elementsize and the mistake concluding from bigger elements and there rough not fitting shape. I realize that it sounds like I am asking for an all-in-all-solution but i really need more basic information. I would also be very happy if you link me to some helpful explenations. Thanks for any help, to be given. That beeing said I admire how productive this forum seems to be. regards Nikolai
  12. Hello, I have imported a FEM in HyperMesh 2017 where there different parts loaded by pressure. The meshes are close. So it is difficult in the viewport to clearly view on which part the pressure is applied. Thus I am looking for a way to isolate the element loaded by a specific pressure loadcollector. I find no way through the GUI. So I guess the solution is through scripting but I do not find the way to script it. Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Can I model a revolute joint with HyperMesh? If so, how to do this? Does any tutorial show this?
  14. Having transparent elements with a dot at its center and also having surface meshing instead of a tetra 3D mesh Can anyone solve the issue?
  15. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to export a .txt file with the connectivity of all the elements on a model. For example: My model is made of CQUAD4 elements only. The ideal output would be a list like this: ELEMENT_ID,CONNECTION_1,CONNECTION_2,CONNECTION_3,CONNECTION_4 With CONNECTION_X being: CONNECTION_1 - Element connected to G1-G2 CONNECTION_2 - Element connected to G2-G3 CONNECTION_3 - Element connected to G3-G4 CONNECTION_4 - Element connected to G4-G1 If there was no element connected, CONNECTION_X would be 0 (for example) I've tried to assemble this connectivity matrix based on the bulk data exported by Hypermesh using MATLAB(it's the only language I'm comfortable with) using the CQUAD entry to go element by element and then search the whole list to find which element is connected to each side. But since the elements on Hypermesh don't have the same orientation, the whole process doesn't finish.. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much!
  16. Hi, is there a way to "freeze" some element number, i.e. to make impossible to renumber them? For example, I create a special node with id=100, then I want to renumber the whole mesh preserving that id without masking any element or node. thx to all responses
  17. Hello guys, first of all, I'd like to thank you for your great support. I'm quite new to FE analysis and now i'm facing my first problems. To get known to HyperWorks, I started to mesh an imported CAD file with Hypermesh and defined materials and properties. Before applying Boundary Conditions and forces I wanted to check the model for errors and started the anaylisis ( Solver: Radioss (Block 140)) That's where I encountered some error messages. With the help of this forum I was able to fix some problems. For these messages I wasn't able to find any solution: According to that warning, i found a thread here ( http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/19028-warnings/#comment-39612 ) Unfortunately I couldn't help myself to fix that issue. For which criteria I have to check the surfaces? What's to do to fix that error in element group? Regards
  18. Hi, How to check the element's normal is sequence and consistent? Please suggest a way to do through programmatically... Regards, SriGanesh
  19. I was use detach feature to detach one element from the other so that they are no longer connected. But how to ensure that the elements are detached, before proceeding for analysis?
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