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Found 7 results

  1. Submitted by Joe on Fri, 10/23/2009 - 21:05 There are 2 inputs to the VisSim ePWM block and when you right click there are many many options. Are there any other blocks or items that go with or belong with the epwm module or is everything self contained. I'm trying to sync a few modules and play with timing. I downloaded the 100+ pages of TI epwm reference (SPRU791F) so this will keep me busy. Any recommendations or tips regarding this module? Thanks
  2. How to configure complementary Mode PWM pulse? I am using TMS20F28035 Piccolo controller borad.
  3. Submitted by Joe on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 20:28 Hi I was using Up/Down count and everything was working fine. Then I switched to Up Count but I can not get the expected PWM waveforms on my oscilloscope. Anything wrong? Please help me.
  4. I am using an F28069 board and trying to generate a 3-phase PWM for 3-phase inverter. To syncin pin of first PWM block, what should be connected?
  5. I figured it out myself. 1. Use the Rate Scaling dropdown to divide the system clock to a lower rate. I'm using the F28069; it starts at 90MHz. 2. Use Up/Down count mode to get an additional divide by 2. 3. Choose a Timer Period that gives 50Hz (14046 for F28069) The final PWM rate == sys clock/ rate scaling / period If Count Mode is Up/Down, there is an additional divide by 2 Note that the current frequency is displayed next ot the Timer Period entry
  6. Submitted by ramkumar on Mon, 09/10/2012 - 21:37 I see that SVM in vissim is making use of pulse centered SVM approach. Hence, it is getting different output(-1 to 1 range) than the normal non pulse centered SVM aprpoach. Note that there is also a small relationship where Vissim_PC_SVM_output. = 1- 2* NPC_SVM_output.http://www.vissim.com/forums/incorrect_output_or_least_confusing_documen... But I did not understand the logic behind the scaling block between SVM and ePWM block. To reproduce the above problem, use the „acim_vf_openloop50Hz_sim.vsm“ and „acim_vf_openloop50Hz_sim.vsm“. http://www.vissim.com/forums/how_use_sv_pwm_vissimecd#comment-101 Here if f= 0.7, then v= 0.789, SVMop = (-0.789 to +.789), ScalingOp = (+0.106 to 0.895) and not (0 to +.789) Again if f= 0.2, then v= 0.5789, SVMop = (-0.58 to +.58), ScalingOp = (+0.21 to 0.79) and not (0 to +.58) I could not get clarifications for the below questions: Is this scaling correct? Here is my concern: I see a relationship viz. Scaled output =0.5 +0.5Vissim_PC_SVM_output. (i.e. pulse centered output using general TI document). But also Vissim_PC_SVM_output. = 1- 2 NPC_SVM_output (i.e. Non pulse centered output using general TI document). That means Scaled output =1 - Vissim_PC_SVM_output. a. Clearly this scaled output is giving toggle value of the non pulse centered output. So, why are we doing this? b. Also, I see that in the example of „acim_vf_openloop50Hz_sim.vsm“, the output from scaling block are fed directly to the ePWM blocks. But, the example uses the following configuration for the action qualifier, ePWMA: CA Up: 0 ; CA Down: 1 ePWMB: CA Up: 1 ; CA Down: 0 However, as per TI documentation http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/sprug04a/sprug04a.pdf (pg 80), we should use the below config: ePWMA: CA Up: 0 ; CA Down: 1 ePWMB: CA Up: 1 ; CA Down: 0 So, are we using output of duty cycles as cmpa signals (when in fact cmpa signal and duty cycles are complementary)? c. Also, we are again converting a pulse centered switching sequence into a non pulse centered switching sequence (although with a toggle status). Are we then not losing the advantage of the PC output approach? Is there any way that I can have a non-pulse centered output instead of getting PC output directly from SVM? How do we do that? Then we do not need any scaling for ePWM. Thanks!
  7. Hello! I created an SWPM generator for 3-phase (as well for single-phase). And after seeing the examples in the simulation about the VCM-SPWM 3-phase block with all the configurable features (3rd harmonic injection, carrier waveform, minimum pulse width, etc.) I wonder: Is it possible to add variables that can be called outside the Codegen block? What I mean is, in the ePWMx block there are several configurable options but all must be configured previously, it cannot be modified "on the run"; just for example, if I want to change the rising edge, I have to stop the process, enter to the block, modify it and run the whole setup again. I tried to put literals on those options but it generates the error of "Please enter a positive integer." Some ideas? Thank you for your time.
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