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Found 143 results

  1. Hello, I have not been able to sucessfully finish my analysis because of a fatal error. .OUT file says the following error "1 error have been detected in element processing procedure in processes with id = 5. Plese check the corresponding out file for details." What is a process ID? I have encounter this error before with differtent id numbers, but have not figured out what it means. My model contains Hinge joints and is a NonLinear quasi-static analysis. Thank you for your help.
  2. Can someone help me with the following error? *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "datasetFtoC.c", at location # 345. C1C2C.out
  3. I'm trying to run an analysis in Radioss and I get an "Error ID 54". Together with some more errors and warning. I attach the .out file (complete) ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : 581 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 Thanks for helping new_0000.out
  4. Hello, I attached the .FEM file of the optimization I want tot run. I don't know what's going wrong, anyone can help me out? Meshed+Laminated.fem
  5. Hi Everyone, I am working with Radioss. I use TYPE 7 and TYPE 2 contact for this model (You can see from an image below). I set the Engine file as shown in image below. In the beginning, Radioss run normally. But later found a problem, Time Step Less or Equal Zero Error. (Previous model, I set nodal time step in engine file less than zero but Radioss run normally.) Can anyone take a look into my model what's wrong. what change, I have to make. Thank you in advance.
  6. I've installe HyperWorks 2017 Student Edition and added the environment variable "ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH" , when i try to open hypermesh i get a license error ( as you can see in the attached picture). I've checked the ethernet ID and it matches the one I used to register my license. altair_lic.dat
  7. Hi, I am a student of Youngnam University in Korea.This time, I was going to get a student license and use it.However, an error occurred. I want to know the solution.I don't know if it's a license or my condition is wrong. Perhaps it is not a licensing issue.There's a file I analyzed last year. There was no problem last year. The file went on as it was. However, now the same error occurs as the attached picture. I don't know what the problem is. I need help.
  8. Hello and thank you for your help in advance. The problem is that I'm trying to do an optimization, it runs during a moment but fails and shows to me the next message. Thank you again.
  9. Dear Community, I am running a free-size optimization with a quite complex model and the run is aborted after a number of iteration for the ERROR 703. I receive the following message: Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44879 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44882 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44897 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44900 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44918 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 *** ERROR # 703 *** number of design variables = 47541 number of constraints = 37 error code from optimizer = 900 The optimizer failed to find a solution of the optimization problem at the current iteration. This error occurs in module "appdrv". Other information: If I change design parameters, the iteration where I have the error also change. If I remove ply drop-off constraint, the error disappears. If I reduce the design domain, the error disappears. (unfortunately, I cannot share the model) Any idea on how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance, Alessandro
  10. Hi, When solving my model in Flux 12.3, simple electrical steel strip in a coil, I get at error at the end of solving saying 'Failed Execution'. Under the advanced tab it says the following twice. 'CVCM3M - Sentence too long'. Does anyone know what that means? The model seems to solve correctly I have the flux density and voltage in my coils I would expect but why does flux then say there is an error? Any help with the confusing issue is much appreciated! Thanks, Ben
  11. Hi, I made a CFD simulation in Hypermesh using AcuSolve. After running the simulation and trying to display the results according to the video posted at the end, I'm required to select a file. However, no .log files are created as on the video and any of the ones created work. Also, unlike on the tutorial, I'm asked to select a Reader, and I don't know which one to use. Can anybody tell me how to make sure .log files (and any others necessary to display results) are created when running the simulation and which Reader to use?
  12. Hello, I am receiving a error when exporting an Abaqus file. "A segmentation error occurred. Do you want to save your model?" Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, I am trying to export Y-parameters of an array which includes 16 elements, hence, 16 ports. I want to create a .y16p file but every time I try to export POSTFEKO crashes and is not responding. I know it is a lot of data to export, but is there any other way to get Zparameter data? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, I'm having trouble with a CFD simulation. After running it in AcuConsole, the error "Error while executing acuPrep" appears. In Acusolve, this error disappears after specifying the eddy viscosity value, however, I don't know where or how to do that in AcuConsole.
  15. Pavan Kumar


    THE error is increasing what to do ? NC= 9000 T= 8.4895E-01 DT= 9.4325E-05 ERR= -5.6% DM/M= 0.0000E+00
  16. Hi, I've been trying to run a CFD simulation using the Hypermesh solver, however, I always get the same error (ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep) and I don´t know what it means. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks.
  17. I have come across "Segmentation Error" in my script. Script is for seleting particular surface elements and remeshing it with Spline option, and deleting prev. elements on user satisfaction. The script seems to be fine in context of Syntax and API uses. It would be helpful, if someone could tell me the common causes for this error. And, better, if someone could suggest solution to this problem. We thought it as error caused due to memory limitation. So, we have also used *clearmark every now and then. But, seems to not affect that much. Thanks, SAGAR MOTWANI
  18. savednd

    License Error

    I'm just trying to install HyperWorks 2017.2 student edition, I have followed all the instruction content in the mail I received from Altair University but when i try to run the program, this is the error I read.
  19. Hi, I have problem when I try to solve my fekocad file. This happen ERROR 20103 in line 105 of the file @C:\Program Files\Altair\2018-edu\feko\FEKOenvironment.lua: Non-ASCII character detected! - Undefined behaviour! Someone already had this error in the past? thanks for reply!
  20. Hello I am trying to run an Optistruct optimisation but I get the following errors: *** ERROR # 157 *** Error opening the scratch file "./Analyse4_8584_s44.rs~" Fortran error code = 9 This may be caused by not having the access right to open the file, not enough memory left for the system routines, or some other system setup related reasons. This error was detected in subroutine opseqscr. *** ERROR # 158 *** Error encountered when accessing the scratch file. error from subroutine "xdslrs" Solver error no. = -702 This may be caused by insufficient disk space or some other system resource related limitations. This error was detected in subroutine bcsprefct. This error occurs in module "lstatdrv". *** FATAL ERROR # 8012 *** Data block kauspc is already inserted. * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "datami". PROGRAM STOPPED DUE TO ERROR. The constraint is a static stress called in the design variable. The objective is to minimize mass. The check only gives me such a warning: *** WARNING # 1848 Topology Optimization without Minimum Member Size Control activated. Using DTPL card, or DOPTPRM,MINDIM is recommended. Anybody has a clue of what is the problem? I'm a bit stuck here! Cheers
  21. I am trying to import a SolidWorks model from the 2018 version of SolidWorks to Altair SolidThinking Inspire 2018 and I keep getting a message saying unsupported file version or format. I have tried a model from SolidWorks 2016 and I am still getting the same error. I've attached a screenshot of the error message.
  22. Following the y-bracket tutorial leaves the optimisation hanging on 100% and analysis fails, saying contact support. The optimisation is definitely no longer doing anything because the process has no load on CPU. Please see attachments. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Best, Darren
  23. Hı everyone, I'm doing hex mesh. But I get a negative or zero jacobian error, I tried to remesh but ı cant because in the structure has holes. Can you help me?
  24. Dear All, Please help me out with this error.
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