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Found 22 results

  1. We would like to know what tutorials you would like to see. Our Evolve Experts are here at your disposal for any questions but they can do more!
  2. Using 2D images as reference to create 3D models -Editing images to simplify the setup in EVOLVE -Import and Setup of reference images
  3. i wasn't see view shortcut in shurtcuts windows. like L for left, T for top. has evolve viewport shortcut? in the end, i like evolve. it's scalable and parametric.
  4. This month’s Tips & Tricks video provides insight into the pixel mapping process, including: Techniques for using 2D images to create 3D geometry Methods to create embossed logos and textures on a model for rapid prototypes Click on the video below to see these tips in action.
  5. Hello guys, I wanna know how to create solid bodies in evolve using loft feature between curves. Actually I want to create spoke of wheel rim using loft command but I'm unable to make it a solid body. Do we get solid body if we loft between all the curves? Please help me regarding this. If you have any evolve model of rim spoke that will be very appreciable. Thank you in advance
  6. Hey guys I'm new to solidThinking Evolve and I need help about dimensioning my drawings. Can we give dimensions to our sketches like in CATIA or solidworks? Also, can we edit position of points according to dimensions? What are dynamic and static dimensions in evolve and how are they different? Please help. Thank you in advance☺️
  7. The company I work for uses Evolve 2015 for product design, and we are trying to figure out how to export our models in a way that would allow the factories we work with to create 2D views in AutoCAD for their build plans. We want to end up with full scale drawings, as they often times print out at full scale to create patterns. We do need the drawings to be editable and dimensional, so I don't think a PDF will work for what we need. I would have thought that exporting as a .dxf would be the way to go, but I have not had any luck reading this in autocad. Do I need to do a drawing layout in Evolve and export that somehow? If anyone knows of a way to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. In this month's Tips & Tricks, Darren Chilton discusses the best methods for exporting models as polygonal data for 3D printing in either .stl or .obj file formats. Using view tessellation for on-screen visual feedback while editing the level of detail Using Advance Tessellation tool to create stitched/watertight geometry Understand the parameters that control polygonal data creation If you have a tip or trick you'd like to share, or comments, questions or feedback, please email us at newsletter@solidthinking.com. Our team is here to answer your questions and share best practices. Your feedback or tip/trick may make it to our next newsletter -- we'll credit you, too!
  9. Hi all! Is there a good way to smooth and simplify results that you get from Inspire? My optimization result has so many elements that it is impossible to manipulate. There is no option to use an optimization with "more material" since that would yield the entire original design space. Thanks in advance, Mika
  10. Well to be honest...none of the versions I have installed on my computer work with Windows 8.1. I am going through tutorials and getting familiar with all the many buttons and sometimes it'll crash on me if I just press a button. If I open a saved project (with or without history) and I try to do anything...it'll crash and shut down. I actually can't use the program at this point so this saddens me... Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Hello, I am new to solidthinking Evolve and have been exploring it since January. It is great fun but I am having a problem. I am not sure how to get a drawing from the parts I have created. I am trying to get orthographic drawings from each of my parts in my model so that I can have these parts cut on a CNC machine from sheet stock. I've noticed that there is an "Environment" heading in the top menu which has "Drawing" as one of the options, but I can't seem to figure it out. This may or may not be the right way to go about this... I just can't figure out how to do this. Can someone assist me? Thanks much! -chairface
  12. Hello guys, I need your help in this context. CATIA "imagine and shape" and solidThinking Evolve are these same? Are both used for class A surfacing? What are relative advantages and limitations of these two softwares? Thank you in advance
  13. Hello, I am designer of soles for footwear in 3d, design with Rhinoceros. I'm looking for videos, solidthinking Evolve tutorials for soles or shoes and I can not find. Is there anything on this subject? Also know the differences between Evolve and Rhinoceros, some person who works with both programs. Thank you very much
  14. Hello, I am willing to export the Inspire optimized shape to Evolve to continue working on it Evolve. To do this, I right-click on the optimized shape in Inspire 2018.2 Student Version and then click on "Save to Evolve". When I do this, I see "File Saved Successfully" message box. (See pictures below.) Then, I open Evolve 2017-7305 Student Version and click on "Retrieve From Inspire" button under Inspire tab. (See below picture) However, I do not see anything to select in Inspire Shapes Browser. What is wrong with this? Any idea is greatly appreciated. On my laptop, I have both Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 Student versions as well as Evolve 2017 Student version. I have this problem when try to export the shape from Inspire 2018 to Evolve 2017. And since I prepared the optimized shape in Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 is not opening Inspire files that are prepared in Inspire 2018, I am stuck with this issue. Please advise. Thanks, Erkan
  15. Hi, If you are using a dongle license, please update the dongle driver by visiting the link below. You have to select the right OS to filter the download list. GUI runtime installers are the simplest to use. HASP DONGLE DRIVER UPDATE
  16. Hello together I recently started with Inspire and Evolve. I constantly run in the problem, that I'm not able to trim or use boolean functions in my models. Do you have any idea, what I'm doing wrong? You can find my file in the dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtxcdzupsflc7km/1900611_2.evo?dl=0 Thank you very much. Kind regards Ben
  17. In this month’s Tips & Tricks, Darren Chilton discusses using RenderQ to process batch renderings, including batch rendering setup for images and animations. Click on the video below to see these tips & tricks in action.
  18. Computers running NVIDIA Optimus technology and Evolve might experience issues with our latest and upcoming releases. To avoid visual artifacts or crashes when running Evolve, it is recommended that you change the 'Preferred graphics processor' setting under Global settings in the NVIDIA control panel from 'Auto-select' to 'High-performance NVIDIA processor' This will avoid using auto switching that has been found to be the primary reason for crashes.
  19. Dear Evolve users, We want to bring to your notice that Evolve 2017.1 will not be supporting native solidWorks 2017 file format (part file) We expect the translators to be updated by the end of the first quarter of 2017. You will still be able to open evolve files (.evo) on solidWorks using our solidWorks plug in. Exchange of data between SolidWorks and Evolve can be done seamlessly using the parasolid (x_t and x_b) formats.
  20. HyperMeshではありませんが、モデリング用ソフトウェアということで、ひとまずこちらのページからご紹介です。 HyperWorksにもジオメトリ作成ツールがあるのをご存知でしょうか? ライトなCADですが、3次元形状が簡単に作成できます。 HyperMeshではなかなか作れない螺旋やバネ、可変フィレットなどが簡単にできますので、ぜひお試しください。  Evolveのページでも今後たくさんの情報を発信していく予定です。 Evolveでどんなことができるの? インストールするには?など、まずは以下の情報をご覧ください: HyperWorksのライセンスがあればご利用いただけますので、ぜひお試しください!
  21. We have found a bug on MacOS 10.15 where the users are unable to select .dat file (license file) to activate their license through the license wizard. The workaround is as follows: Quit Evolve/LicenseWizard Copy the license file to /Applications/Evolve 2017.3.4/Security Rename the copied file as altair_lic.dat Launch Evolve If the problem persists or you are unable to activate your copy of the license, send us a support request here
  22. まずはEvolveに慣れるために、簡単なデータの読み込みとウィンドウの操作、レンダリングについてご紹介します。 【データの読み込み】 1.ファイル > 開く を選択し、開かれたダイアログボックスでファイルを指定します。    2.下記フォルダにあるサンプルデータを読み込みます。   Evolveインストールフォルダ / Examples / Rendering / Lens.evo    【ウィンドウ構成の変更】 デフォルトの構成からパターンを変更してみましょう。 ・ 指定したウィンドウの拡大表示  ウィンドウ上部のドットの領域をダブルクリックするか、キーボードのVを押します。   ・ ビューの変更  ウィンドウ左上部にある文字をクリックしてビューを切り替えます。   ・ レイアウトの構成   ⇒  【レンダリングの実行】 下図に示す位置のアイコンをクリックするとレンダリングが実行されます。  ⇒    
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