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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I want to make a failure analysis using LaRC03 criteria. I would like to know if it is possible to use ESAComp and export data in a Radioss format. Regards, Antonin
  2. Im getting the following error when i tried to put composite shaft with constrains Mass, and Composite Failure Upperbound 1. The Objective Function is Min Compliance. *** ERROR # 1807 *** Composite failure responses are applied to ply 9 which belongs to a topology or free-size domain. Help needed, Thank you
  3. New user here. Just a query if this is due to my simulation initial conditions or just a limit of the software. I ran an optimization and it seemed to break from the supports i set? as labeled the optimization has disconnected from the supports i put in place, any help would be much appreciated
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question about how the interlaminar stresses are calculated in shell element. I cant find it in the software documentation I have. The thin shell element model does not calculate the interlaminar stresses or shear stresses right? So there is a need to calculate it in another way, does it uses the equilibrium: xTension/dx + xyShear/dy + xzInterLamShear/dz = 0? What about in the free edge, does it assume zero there? What's the failure criteria used? Is it a quadratic considering both xz and yz InterLamShear or just linear? Sorry for so many questions but I need to justify this in my master thesis. Thank you very much, Best regards Gonçalo
  5. Hello, Can anybody explain what is the difference between these 2 stress components ; Tresca and MaxShear? I assume that both come from the Maximum Shear Stress theory (Failure theories) so I do not understand the difference between both of them, in which situation they are to be used, etc. Thank you. BR, Hanif
  6. Hello guys, I'm currently optimizing a cfrp monocoque for our formula student team. After the free size optimization I wanted to check the composite failure, but I can't find cfailure in the control cards as it was in the previous version. How can I get results for the composite failure in Hyperworks 13 to look at in HyperView? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I am trying to assign a failure criteria based on strain. For example, I want to be able to remove or replace the material properties of elements that reach 0.9% strain, or do the same thing when the principal strain of an element exceeds 10000 microstrain (these figures are from literature). The MATF card only takes stresses. How can I implement these strain-based criteria? Thanks.
  8. Hello Colleagues ! I read: HELP > RADIOSS > Reference guide > Starter Input > Materials > Failure models / Elasto-Plastic Material / Concrete and rock materials RADIOSS THEORY MANUAL 14.0 ver. - July 2005 LD FEA PART 2 RADIOSS > Tutorial and Example > Examples47 I'm looking for the material law and failure model that would meet my needs: 1) my object - solid 2) my material - brittle elasto-plastic (without yield stress) 3) my material - strength-different (failure tensile stress = 40 MPa, failure compressive stress = 400 MPa) 4) my load - transverse bending eg cast iron, silicified graphite, i.e material corresponding to the diagram in my picture. In my opinion, the most suitable - LAW24 (concrete). It may be better to use another law ? What do you advise me? But I do not fully understand LAW24 card. p0 (density) - ok, i have Ec - ok, i have fc - failure compressive stress ? - if yes, ok, i have ft - failure tensile stress ? - if yes, ok, i have fb - biaxial compressive/tensile or bending stress ? I have failure bending stress = 100 MPa f2 - what is it ? S0 - what is it ? Ht = -Ec - ok Dsup - what is it ? (not use in Example47, value 0) - Do I need this? epsmax - what is it ? (not use in Example47, value 0) - Do I need this? Hv0 - what will this value give me? I don't have it. (not use in Example47, value 0) And E , sigma_y , Et , alpha1 , alpha2 , alpha3 - for steel in concrete, don't need me. Help me find the right law, please. And help me understand and find all the parameters.
  9. Hi, I have a structure that is composed of many CBEAM elements, all of these CBEAM elements are under one property and one material. I need each of the individual CBEAM elements to have its own property and material. Is there a way to automate this. I have ~9000 beams. I could lower the number of beams to something manageable so I could organize them individually but this is not ideal. The end goal is to be able to alter the material properties of individual CBEAM's, E1 for example, simulating progressive damage with progressive lattice failure. Can anyone help? I have attached my .fem and hm for your visualisation. Kind Regards, Laurence clevis2.0run.fem clevis2.0run.hm
  10. Hello, i got a composite plate with a hole in the center. The plate exists of 4 plys (0°/90°/90°/0°) and is loaded by a Force on one side (see Figure). I would like to get the First Ply Failure now. How can i do this? Greets Elvis
  11. Hi, I'm working on a model that has two load cases acting on it with respective responses and constraints, one of them needs to have low deflection and isn't a problem, but the other needs to have deflection greater than X. meeting these 2 constraints in the free size optimization, while giving the solver a lot of freedom, isn't a problem. The problem is that I need the final layup/model to have no failure. so while the free size optimization thickens and focuses on bits to meet the first load case, I'm getting loads of failure due to the second. And because of what optistruct has done to the plies in the free size optimisation, I can't give it enough freedom to pass the sizing optimisation while meeting the failure constraint of 1 (tsai-wu) that I give it. I've tried varying my constraints in the free size to give it the opportunity to reinforce bits that might fail... Is there any sort of work-around at all to allow the free size optimization to constrain the failure? because this seems possible and would solve the problem. and if not, Is there a simple answer to why optistruct cant adhere to failure constraints in the free size optimisation? Thank you
  12. Dear All, I want to simulate tensile testing of hyper-elastic material such as poly-amide. which material model and damage model required for the analysis. Regards, Ganesh M
  13. Hi there, I'm currently working on a bolt model for blast simulations on bolted plates. The model is quite simple rigid spiders(RB2) at the head and nut end and a spring element in between. The spring is pretensionned using a type 32 property (/PROP/TYPE32 (SPR_PRE)). I'd like to represent the spring failure based on positive rupture displacement but the property doesn't include this unlike /PROP/TYPE4 (SPRING). I'm having trouble finding how to include this criterion in the TYPE32 (SPR_PRE) property. Despite some time spend on tutorials and looking in the theory manual I didn't find what I was looking for. So my question is the following : How can i both include a pretension in the spring and apply a failure criterion ? Best regards,
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