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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I wanted to understand how the far field from a near field response from another simulation works. I have a circular waveguide junction problem where I find the aperture field distribution and make it the input of the next simulation as a source to find the far field from it. I have put a PEC surface around the near field source (Not above or below) so that the near field acts as a slot (magnetic virtual current source). I expected to see radiation towards both half of the space but I see on one side like as if there is a PEC surface below that too. However, for some other configuration I do see some radiation towards the other half space. I wanted to understand what exactly happens. I am attaching both models. circular_2wg_10modes_FF_from_NF.cfx circular_5wg_10modes_FF_from_NF.cfx
  2. Is there any option in feko to import far field radiation pattern E theta and E phi? Please help
  3. Hi, In my simulation ,I requested 3D far field patterns. After running the simulation, when checked the far-field output in postfeko I get the following error 'Error 16030: Does not contain axes which can be plotted on a 3D view '. I could not figure out how to solve this. Similarly, I can not find the near fields as POSTFEKO says 'missing data' . I am not sure how to fix this error. any help would be greatly appreciated..! Thanks
  4. How to request near and far fields for horn antenna in FEKO?
  5. Dear All, I have an issue concerning the use of “Double NeGative” (DNG) metamaterials. The issue regards either the electromagnetic scattering of plane waves from DNG metamaterial cylinders or the evaluation of the reflection coefficient for waveguides partially filled with metamaterials. I firstly considered an indefinite (along the z axis), homogeneous cylinder having radius = 4lambda in the case of normally incident plane wave with TM polarization at f = 300MHz (see Fig. 1 in attached files). The cylinder is filled up with a DNG metamaterial having eps_r= -2.2, while mu_r<0 changes from case to case. An indefinite cylinder has been obtained with periodic boundary conditions. The result from FEKO is compared with a cylindrical wave expansion (see “Normal Incidence Plane Wave Scattering by Conducting Circular Cylinder: TMzPolarization” – Advanced Engineering Electromagnetic, Constantine A. Balanis). FEKO and the cylindrical wave expansion agree for mu_r =-1 (see Fig. 2) and for mu_r = -1.2 (see Fig. 3), while they disagree for mu_r= -1.3 and mu_r = -1.5 (see Fig. 4 and Fig. 5). Please, find attached the related .cfx file and relative figures. In the second case, I considered an X-band rectangular waveguide structure (see Fig.6) partially filled with a DNG metamaterial, now with epr_r = -2 and mu_r<0 changing from case to case, and terminated with a short circuit. The result from FEKO has been compared with waveguide theory. While for mu_r from -1 to -1.2 the reflection coefficient is ok, for mu_r = -1.5 (or in general lower than mu_r=-1.3) the phases of the numerical and analytical reflection coefficients differ: the numerical phase is -79.7° while the analytical one is -105.1°. Again, the .cfx file is attached. Thank you very much for any help. A_Case1a_metacylinder_DNG_epsr2.2_mur1.cfx A_Case1b_metacylinder_DNG_epsr2.2_mur1.2.cfx A_Case1c_metacylinder_DNG_epsr2.2_mur1.3.cfx A_Case1d_metacylinder_DNG_eps_2.2_mu_1.5.cfx B_Case1a_Rectangular_Waveguide_ partially_filled_memetamaterial_DNG_epsr2_mur1_.cfx B_Case1b_Rectangular_Waveguide_ partially_filled_memetamaterial_DNG_epsr2_mur1.3_.cfx B_Case1c_Rectangular_Waveguide_ partially_filled_memetamaterial_DNG_epsr2_mur12_.cfx B_Case1d_Rectangular_Waveguide_ partially_filled_memetamaterial_DNG_epsr2_mur1.5_.cfx
  6. Hello, I am trying to understand the results of the CMA of a meandered monopole on a ground plane. The modal significance plot shows two dominant modes (mode 1 and 4). The curve looks smooth and consistent so I expect no mode tracking error here. However, when I look at the far field patterns of the modes and cycle through the frequencies (see below) I noticed that the patterns change very drastically. Mode 1 seems to be the lambda/2 dipole mode at 850 MHz (doughnut pattern) but it changes very quickly above 1.1 GHz. Mode 4 starts as a double-doughnut (similar to 2xlambda dipole) but changes into the single doughnut shape at 1.2 GHz. The total radiation pattern obtained through "Standard configuration" changes only very slightly. So my question is how to interpret the quickly changing far field patterns. I know that FEKO is tracking the modes according to current densitiy correlation. But shouldn't there be some consistency of the far field patterns, too? Is there a tracking error? Or is this the expected characteristic? I am just starting out with CMA. Thanks, Christian meandered_monopole.cfx
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