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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have just complete the course on Altair university of Multi Body Simulation and as a practice I am trying analyze the stress distribution on coupled gears. I want to provide angular velocity to one gear and analyze the stress. I did create the flexible bodies , contact and motion but i had an error! Contact graphics undefined for contact force id = 301001! I believe its because i create a rigid to rigid contact between the bodies, later i created the deformable surface and set the contact(Point to deformable surface) but the simulation isnt what i was expecting. Can you tell correct way to analyze the problem? Which step have a gone Wrong?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm modeling a full vehicle event and facing some problems when I try to alter the Rigid body by the Flexible body. With rigid body, my model run well. The error come when I chage body to flexible, the run no longer converge. I recognise It happen because the joint that fix the gear housing of steering boost to the flexible body. When I try to fix it to Chassis (Chassis is Rigid body and was fixed to flexible body) It still run. Could anyone please explain for me why It happen like that and what are comon mistakes leading to disconvergence of model? Below is the log file. Thanks for your reading and I'm sorry if it is an inscrutable expression. Time=1.119E-01; Order=2; H=8.365E-06 [Max Phi=8.134E-11] Time=1.121E-01; Order=2; H=1.133E-05 [Max Phi=5.074E-09] Time=1.122E-01; Order=3; H=2.474E-06 [Max Phi=1.879E-09] Time=1.123E-01; Order=3; H=2.984E-06 [Max Phi=8.737E-11] Time=1.123E-01; Order=3; H=5.273E-07 [Max Phi=2.332E-05] WARNING: [DASPK] The nonlinear system solver in the time integration could not converge ..... Time=1.123E-01; Order=1; H=2.153E-08 [Max Phi=6.221E-05] Time=1.123E-01; Order=1; H=2.629E-12 [Max Phi=8.321E-05] WARNING: [DASPK] The nonlinear system solver in the time integration could not converge ..... Time=1.123E-01; Order=1; H=2.588E-14 [Max Phi=8.669E-05] WARNING: [DASPK] The nonlinear system solver in the time integration could not converge ..... WARNING: [DASPK] The nonlinear system solver in the time integration could not converge ..... DAE SOLVER STATISTICS (DASPK-Index1) ------------------------------------------------ Number of solution steps = 556 Number of residue evaluations = 1701 Number of jacobian computations = 901 Number of error test failures = 7 Number of nonlinear convergence failures = 86 WARNING: Repeated abnormal return from integrator! ERROR: At time=1.123E-01 the integrator failed to proceed.
  3. I am creating flexible body in optistruct of a truck chassis with trailer which is very big model with so many number of nodes and elements. CBN method is used UB_FREQ given 20 but i am getting 131 modes and fbi file size is about 15GB which is too much to import in SIMPACK and then i gave NMODES 40 but still its giving 131 modes which is very high So please help me with this Thank You
  4. Hello, I'm trying to create a flexible body file by using Craig-Bampton Method. I need to write nodal stress values into the .h3d result file. From the global output request menu, I choose the stress option with corner location, then an ordinary analysis that has standard loadstep (for example linear static case) is run, and i can obtain the corner values. whereas, for the flexibody generation case, the nodal stress values are not written in the h3d file. Is there any way to obtain corner stress values in a .h3d result file for a flexible body generation?
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