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Found 71 results

  1. Fluxではスクリプト言語のpython(正確にはjython)によりモデル作成、解析設定、ポスト処理などを記述することができます。 pythonの構文を使うことができるため、繰り返しの処理や条件分岐、例外処理、ファイルの操作などさまざまな操作が可能になります。 FluxではpyFluxを簡単に構築できる環境が整っているため、pythonを知らない方でも簡単にその効果を実感することができます。 このトピックでは、pyFluxに焦点を当てた話題を記載していこうと思います。
  2. Dear Acusolve support team, I am working on a problem of MCCB and I have received the losses information from flux user. As I am trying to perform a co-simulation , I faced the issue for the transformation. I tried using shift option in the transformation but entire mesh models do not transform.
  3. Hello, I'm new in Altair Hypermesh and I'm doing a thermal analysis of an electrospindle. I have to analyze the grid temeperatures in the following case: There is a bearing in one extrem of the spindle and another one in the other extreme. They generate a constant heat flux, but with a different value. Besides, the electric motor is another heat source. With the aim of evacuate the heat, I apply a negative flux in housing's Surface. The problem is that I want to do a heat transient analysis, in which the negative flux is always active, but the bearing's and the motor's fluxes are disabled when 10 minutes have been passed. Anyone knows how I can introduce a flux that depends of the time? Greetings, DavidSol.
  4. Hello, excuse me for interrupting. I am doing a simple Steady State Heat Transfer problem with the aim of undestanding how HyperMesh/OptiStruct Works with heat fluxes. My case is a cube on which there are 3 fluxes applied on 3 different faces (red faces in the photo) and there are 2 faces for the convection (cian faces). I am trying to verify if introduced heat is the same as evacuated heat. I know the applied power and I am looking for the way to obtain the evacuated fluxes, normal to the convection faces. Perhaps exists a card for this purpose, but I don't find it. I know that, if I plot the "elemente fluxes" I can obtain the flux of an element in the three directions, (X,Y,Z), but this flux is proper to the control volumen, no to the normal face of evacuation.To sum up, I want to know if there is an option to know the evacuated heat in a Steady State Heat Transfer problem, the flux normal to the convection Surface. Greetings, DavidSol.
  5. Dear Experts, I am looking to model induced voltage/current in a simple conductive closed loop which is in the vicinity of a high power carrying conductor. I've not been able to reliably model this scenario in FLUX. Any recommendation would he highly appreciated. Moreover, I believe FLUX is software of choice considering that the frequency is at 60 Hz (Power frequency). Since this is a time varying phenomenon, I believe transient magnetic is the choice for physics. Please advise Thanks and Best Regards Balaji
  6. Hello! I'm approaching PyFlux to build a geometry for simulating a magnetic bearing. I've already built the geometry through the Flux user interface. Does Flux return a PyFlux code linked to what I've done through the user interface? Thank you very much!
  7. I've got license for Altair HyperWorks Student Edition 2018 and installed Flux 2018.1. Then I coupled the software with Matlab R2017b and set the necessary path in Matlab. When I tried to run co-simulation using Flux with simulink, however, it failed and the following message was shown: Could anyone tell me how can i solve this problem? thx
  8. I have been receiving the following warning messages towards the end of my 3D transient magnetic simulations. I don't know what to make out of these messages. Would anyone please kindly advise how to decode these and understand how these effect my simulation results. Have a great day Balaji
  9. Hello, I imported a Geometry. As usual there are some intersection which I want to repair in the Healing Context. Now I want to delete a line-line-intersection and get the following error message: What does it mean? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello, I would like to know how can I export a model from FluxMotor to Flux Skew. I saw it in the "03-Flux12.2_FluxMotor_NewFeatures-Altair-PL-SG-FM" file and I want to know if it is now available. I download the FluxMotor 2019.1 version and the icon not appear. Please let me know when will be available. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, I am doing the "SPM_Motor_Flux_3D.pdf" tutorial, and in page 15 there is a file named "Create_NonMesh_Coils_SPM.py" that I have to Run. I can not find it in my PC. Could you please tell me the exact directory where I can get it?, or much better, if you could send it to me I would appreciate it. (and let me know if I need another file to finish the tutorial) Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, I am doing the IPM_Motor_Flux_3D.pdf tutorial from Flux 2019.1, and when I reach page 12 of the "3D Overlay to create the geometry" (after I enter all the values to Create Non Meshed Coil and press OK) I got the following error message: Error message: Failed convert object : class cast error. Desktop updating step failed. I can not skip it because the winding parameters are very important to the study that I am doing. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advance Best regards.
  13. Hi there! I'm calculating the resistance and the skin effect of different shapes of copper conductors at varying current & frecuencies. I started solving only with a frecuency multi-value scenario due to the fact that the solver trigger an error. I would appreciate some help. Thanks for all, Andoni Resistencia_Skin_Effect.zip
  14. Hello, I am trying to export a Flux geometry (of a rotor or a stator) to FluxMotor by following the "CreateFluxMotorInnerMagnet.pdf" file step by step, but placing parameters and references to the dimensions. When I get the Excel file (in FluxMotor Part Library), none of the parameters are shown referenced, simply the points are placed with coordinates in numbers. Basically, what I am looking for is to design a geometry in Flux and to be able to export it to FluxMotor, and being able to modify its dimensions like the ones that have predefined Fluxmotor. (e.g: be able to modify dimentions of W1, H, WM, TM, etc in FluxMotor with my geomettry exported from Flux) Thank you very much in advance
  15. All, I am new to flux simulation software. Would anyone please kindly advise if I can export the simulation result out of FLUX user interface as a CSV file format? Also, Please advise any help to learn post processing result files using the embedded python window in FLUX Balaji
  16. when we are using stranded coils in 2d models, i f we are not assiginnig any material to it. what will be the default material. thank you
  17. Hello, I make a transient magnetics 3D model. Around the moving part I make a box with compressible area, like in the user guide: file:///mnt/nfs/clients/CAE/Flux/Flux12.3/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?FluxGuideDutilisation1 Is it necessary to make, in the modeler Context, an assembly between the moving part and the box with the compresible area? Because without I didn't get any force as result. Or is the result with the assembly therefore falsified? Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello, I have to model a coil with the resistance of 2Ohm. How can I realize it? The Application is "transient Magnetic 3D". In the Editor for a non meshed coil i can define the reistivity of the coil. But I only know th resistance of it. I can't use the formula resistance=resistivity*length/A because I don't know the length of the wire. In the circuit Editor conextI use a coil conductor. There I can define a resistance. Is this the same? Thanks.
  19. Hi, everyone This may seem a dumb question. I need to do some repetitive work in Flux. I know I can use the python editor to in Flux to run some commands, but what I am trying to do is to use python IDE to run the python commands to load FLU project and of course do other stuff such as changing parameter and post processing, without having to open Supervisor to launch the project and do work in Flux as what people usually do. I can not find any useful material related to this...so if someone can tell me how to do this, or give an example/tutorial, it would be of great help. Thanks! PS: I've tried similar work by using MATLAB, but changing the python command into MATLAB command is really hideous work... Kind regards, Qibin Chen
  20. Hi, How compute the correct behaviour of an anisotropic magnet in 3D during the solve? Grazie!
  21. The macros enable the user to regroup the frequently used commands in an extension integrated into the software. You can build up a macro instead of manually executing a series of repetitive actions in Flux, which you will then be able to call regularly. A macro is interesting because it can encapsulate within a new command a series of repetitive operations and thus improve the quality and efficiency of the user-software interaction. Concretely, a macro file (*.py) is a text file, which defines the macro-function in the PyFlux language. It receives (upon entry) one or more parameters and executes (upon exit) a series of predefined actions. It is possible to use the macros provided with Flux or to create your own macros. All macros provided with Flux are open sources, to help you to create a macro fitting exactly your expectation. The list of macros provided with Flux is available in C:\Altair\Extensions\Macros\macros_list_EN.pdf. The moste recent one are described with more details in the attached document "New_Flux_macros_2016". New_Flux_macros_2016.pdf
  22. Could someone help me understand the following error? Im new to flux and this is the first simulation i tried to make. INFINITE: This region is not completely characterized In Physical, [MODIFY] [REG_SURF] [ELECTROSTAT_AXI] Impossible to solve problem
  23. When closing sketcher context i receive the following error. Am i doing something wrong? Method "glGenBuffersARB" not available
  24. Hello, I am new to this solver and trying to follow the tutorial video on Altair Flux YouTube channel. The video name is: Vibro acoustic coupling to LMS Virtual Lab. I have reached the last part where the solver shows me an error, where it cannot execute solving of Forced Computaation. The message is as follows: evaluateInstances : Execution failed. Failed execution Failed to create a new instance of Force computation. Can not execute the following command : lastInstance = SurfaceForcesComputation(Name='ForcesComputation', Interval=EvolutivePath(parameterSet=[SetParameterXVariable(paramEvol=VariationParameter['ANGPOS_ROTOR'], limitMin=9.54, limitMax=10.0)]), ComputeHarmonics='NoHarmonics', ComputationSupport=ForcesSupport['FORCESCOMPSUPPORT']) Please help me what to perfrom next?
  25. Hello, I am looking to do a vibro-acoustic (electro-magnetic FRF) analysis on a motor using FLUX. My aim is use electrical current/voltage as input to the motor and extract forces as output. Later map these forces onto the FE Model and look for noise levels and if possible mode shapes and stresses. Looking for help in this analysis as I am unsure about the procedure/work flow to be followed. Thanks in advance. Sandeepan
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