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Found 15 results

  1. Hello All, I want to analysis a full solid cylinder and i want to reduce the time of the run. Someone suggested to me that I may find an option about analysis only one vertical section of the cylinder and the tool itself will make a revolve and generalize the result as if it was a 3D analysis. Does anyone are familiar with this option? is there something like that in Hyperworks? thanks
  2. Hello, I have one assembly where, coolant is flowing (with some pressure / velocity) through a hole drawn in the solid heated plate, Can we calculate the heat transfer from the heated plate and the coolant(i.e. cooling rate of the heated plate) cfd1.bmp
  3. Hello All, I am using radioss to analysis cylinder. I am applying Concentrated load and this load does not have any effect and I do not find any stresses on the part in the Hyperview. I made curve (x= 0,10,25,250 & Y=0,0,0.02, 0.02) and apply it to a node in the center. Kindly, find the file attached below. full cylind.mvw full cylind.hm
  4. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Yogi Adi Wijaya, and I am an academic students from Bandung, Indonesia. I have tried a simulation about T-joint plate test using Quasi-Static loading (using RADIOSS). But, the result in HyperView show that the structure is not broken as in experimental testing (similar with tensile test). How could this happen? I need answers from all of you, and I hope that this problem could be solved. Thank you very much. Regards, Yogi Adi Wijaya
  5. Hi guys good morning I have attached a .fem file for a frequency response analysis. No error in the analysis and no results are generating. I don't know what is the issue. Can someone guide me regarding this so that I can be able to fix it. Thanks in advance new_project_(3).zip
  6. Hi...I am working on a modal transient dynamic analysis of 40 spring mass Systems with an enforced acceleration. The enforced acceleration is the form of half sine curve, starting from 0 sec to 0.01 sec and then the Transfer function goes linearlly with 0 acceleration from 0.01 sec to 3 sec. For the spring mass Systems, each and every System is fixed in 123456 at the base Points and acceleration is enforced in the base Points in y-directions. So I have used SPC (fixed 123456) and SPCD (acceleration in 2). I want to calculate the Maximum acceleration of each and every mass of the Systems, but I am getting 0 accelerations for results. Can anyone please help me with that? I am attaching my HM file, fem file and Output file herewith. Thanks in advance. MTA 40 Masses_3.fem MTA 40 Masses_3.hm MTA 40 Masses_3.out
  7. Hi, I am performing impact analysis in Radioss. I want to know the strain energy of each parts. Please let me know how to request for the strain energy of individual parts (not global). thanks Ramesh
  8. ERROR ID : 194 ** ERROR IN HIERARCHY REFERENCE DESCRIPTION : -- SURFACE ID : 6 -- SurfPartForInterfaceId_1 TITLE : PART REFERENCE TO UNEXISTING ID=83 please help in solving this,its urgent
  9. Dear sir, I want some help in my final year project. Can anybody provide me step by step procedure to setup the model in Acusolve to do the same analysis as shown in this video? I will be very thankful for this.
  10. Hello sir, please tell me can we model transient response analysis of gang bridge in hyperworks, I am attaching 1 youtube link of that video.please see that and tell me ho to apply that type of loading condition in hyperworks
  11. Hello Sir, I am Sanjeev Kumar, currently pursuing my Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, India. Sir, we are working on a project based on Biomimetics of a butterfly. In this project, we have to analyze the motion of the butterfly while in motion. We have to perform CFD and crash analysis of the butterfly in Altair/LS Dyna as the one shown in the attached GIF.But we don't know this is possible in HyperWorks or not if not can we take help of Ls Dyna.because the major problem we are facing is how to apply motion to the wings of a butterfly and how to apply moving mesh to simulate this. If it is possible then please help me that how can we do this we are unable to find tutorials on the internet. Sir it would be great if you will help. Thanking you in anticipation With warm regards sanjeev kumar sanjeev110795@gmail.com 7030305737
  12. Hi i have a student version of hypermesh 14. i have meshed my part in it. The license expires soon.i want to open the mesh hypermesh 13 as in my university,they have the version 13(Full Version). Could someone please guide me how to do that? my license expires soon.Need urgent guidance. the file is attached below Top_Half_Fully_Meshed.hm
  13. How does the contact force curve look like in crash analysis. can anyone share with me correct contact force curve of any crash analysis.
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