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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Is there tutorials anywhere(or your help) that can help me with modeling gravitational bodies, say like planets, within a gravitational field within MotionView? My ultimate goal is to model Earth revolving around the sun and launching a spacecraft from Earth to Mars all captured within Motion View -Thank You
  2. Hi, I am performing a thermal analysis with ambient temp at 25 and temp loading at -40 along with Gravity loading in Z direction. I have been able to run Gravity loading with Grav card and individual load case. And thermal loading with TEMPD in for -40 and 25 and creating loadcase with TEMP being ambient temp and TEMP_LOAD being loading temp of -40. I would like to see combined effect of gravity and temp as loads !!1 Any suggestion would be helpful. Note: This is a full vehicle and SPC is PARAM, AUTOSPC.
  3. Hi , I would like to understand why INSPIRE asks me a point to apply gravity ou acceleration in translation ? To my mind , the gravity or any acceleration in translation is applied ti the whole body , not especially in one point. I'm wrong ? what is the consequence to apply gravity on a random point ? BR VV
  4. Hi, I'm new to radioss. I'm carrying out roll over analysis on box as shown in attached image. i've assigned initial velocity along axis and got the box roatating, the problem i'm facing here is the box is being thrown upward and its not falling on the base.do i need to assign gravity? if so how?
  5. Support, How is gravity applied to the mesh in HM? Are all nodes selected and then a magnitude specified? Regards B
  6. Hey there, i got a problem with my optimization. What i want to do is addig 4 gravity loads on my component in various directions. well i know the option to create a load collector and card edit it to "grav". But then i would have to create 4 load collectors and the problem is how to assign 4 loads into my loadcase? So what i tried to do then is just applying 4 forces. Because i know the mass of my component i can easily calculate the force. so i tried to apply the 4 forces on the whole component with the various directions. But now i get a error # 1000 saying incorrect data in field 3 - "FORCE 2 0 1.0 0 ......" Perhaps i may have a big fallacy but i just dont know how to solve that problem With best regards EDIT: I think i found the problem but i dont know how to delete this topic :/
  7. 重力の定義はGRAVカードを用います。 GRAVカードはHyperMeshの荷重コレクターであり、モデルブラウザ上でマウス右ボタンによるポップアップメニューから、Create >> LoadCollectorを選択します。 エンティティエディタでは、Card Image = GRAVにし、G欄に加速度を、N1,N2,N3で加速度がかかる方向のベクトルを指定します。 下の例では、Y負方向に重力がかかることになります。(mm, N単位系では、9800mm/sec^2の加速度) 添付のgrav.femファイルは下図のようにバネを吊り下げたサンプルです。 バネ長10mm、バネ定数100N/mm、バネ上端完全拘束、バネ下端に10kgの質量を付加した状態で、自重(Y負方向の加速度9806.15mm/sec2)を考慮 grav.fem
  8. ①画面右下のPostページ⇒summaryパネルを開きます。 ②load...ボタンからお使いのユーザープロファイル名の中の「ctr_of_gravity」ファイルを選択します。 ③summaryボタンを押すと、各部品ごとの質量や重心等を表示させることが可能です。
  9. How to apply gravity load on COG? should i create Rigids for whole body and apply gravity load on that?? but my model already as rigids for few parts, wont that produce errors?
  10. Hello everyone, I define a rigid body by selecting three components as slave nodes and the primary node is selected as calculated node. An initial velocity and gravity load were wanted to be imposed. I tried, but it didn't work. So I want to know how to impose initial velocity and gravity load on rigid body correctly? And how to select the master node of the rigid body? Best Wishes! Roy Duan
  11. Hi! I am using the RadiossBlock (Block140) in Hypermesh for a forming simulation and I want it to consider the force gavitational, can you please help me? I already read the tutorials in the page, but I think they are not based in the same Block that I am using, but in he Abaqus (Standad3D) block. Thank you very much in avance.
  12. シェル要素で構成された軟組織体を剛壁に押し付けるような計算をおこなっています. 重力の作用は考慮せず,HyperMeshのload collectorでも重力作用については特に記述していません. しかし,シェル要素のMaterialの設定で初期密度(rho_initial)の値を変えると,RADIOSSで計算を行った際の結果が変わるということがわかりました. 重力の作用を考慮しない場合は,密度の値は計算に影響しないと認識していたのですが, そのような理解で正しいでしょうか. またそうであった場合,rho_initialの値を変えることで計算結果が変わるというようなことがあるのか教えていただきたいです. どうぞよろしくお願いします.
  13. How to apply both Gravity and pressure in Hypermesh Abaqus interface?
  14. Hi, I'm new to radioss. I'm carrying out roll over analysis on box as shown in attached image. i've assigned initial velocity along axis and got the box rotating, the problem i'm facing here is the box is being thrown upward and its not falling on the base.do i need to assign gravity? if so how? for the same i tried giving initial velocity to the platform holding the box, the analysis showed platform pushing the box upward same as in first case. how to achieve a tilting scenario in this case?
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