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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, first of all im new to Hypermesh and all the scripting. I made a tcl script, which reads a file (like .txt .UFF) and creates nodes from coordinates mentioned in the file. Everything works perfect in the tclsh-environment, it looks like this: % set fp [open "test.UFF" r] file5e9730 % set file_data [read $fp] 1 1 1 1 10 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 10 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 10 I skipped the rest of the code because I think its not necessary. If I execute the script in Hypermesh I get the following error: couldn't open "test.UFF": no such file or directory If I dont read the data file and define the matrix shown above manually, everything is good. So why doesnt Hypermesh find my file? Its definitely in the folder where I start the session from. I hope my problem is clear and someone can help me.
  2. Hello, I am a beginner with HyperMesh and would like to know if there is a way for a user to input a table of node coordinates into HyperMesh instead of having to manually input each coordinate. Manually inputting each X, Y, and Z coordinate is time-consuming, so a shortcut would be great. Here is an example of what the node table looks like. Node Identifier X Y Z A 0 0 0 B 0.1143 0 0 C 0.1143 0.1905 0 D 0.3048 0.1905 0 E 0.3048 0.3048 0 F 0 0.3048 0 G 0 0 0.381 H 0.1143 0 0.381 I 0.3048 0 0.381 J 0.3048 0.1905 0.381 K 0.3048 0.3048 0.381 L 0 0.3048 0.381 M 0.1143 0.1905 0.381 N 0 0 1.524 O 0.3048 0 1.524 P 0.3048 0.3048 1.524 Q 0 0.3048 1.524 Thank you very much for your help!
  3. FEM model for eigenvalue analysis was created with Femap with NASTRAN. The file extension is dat. However, the analysis at NASTRAN took a very long time. So, I want to import this into HyperMesh, and perform eigenvalue analysis with Optistruct. When I operated as shown, I got the following error: *** ERROR # 827 *** Invalid ASET run, PARAM,EXTOUT,DMIGPCH or PARAM,EXTOUT,DMIGBIN must be specified for DMIG output. How do I resolve the error? Reference documents are more helpful. Also, I want to perform frequency response analysis with Optistruct on the same model too. The following is an excerpt of dat data. INIT MASTER(S) NASTRAN SYSTEM(319)=1 ID Neo66B,Femap SOL SEMODES TIME 10000 CEND TITLE = MSC/MD Nastran モード 解析セット ECHO = NONE MFLUID = 1 DISPLACEMENT(PLOT) = ALL METHOD = 1 BEGIN BULK $ *************************************************************************** $ Written by : Femap with NX Nastran $ Version : 11.1.1 $ Translator : MSC/MD Nastran $ From Model : D:\Neo66BC_Hull-vibration_Standard.modfem $ Date : Mon Jul 14 08:00:18 2014 $ *************************************************************************** $ PARAM,POST,-1 PARAM,OGEOM,NO PARAM,AUTOSPC,YES PARAM,GRDPNT,0 EIGRL 1 .5 30. 0 MASS CORD2C 1 0 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 1.+FEMAPC1 +FEMAPC1 1. 0. 1. CORD2S 2 0 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 1.+FEMAPC2 +FEMAPC2 1. 0. 1. $ Femap with NX Nastran Constraint Set 1 : ASET ASET 3 123 ... ASET 50126 123 $ Femap with NX Nastran Property 20108000 : Mat01_t8.0 PSHELL 20108000 1 8. 1 1 0. ... ELIST 1 200001 200002 200003 200004 200005 200006 200007+ ... + 208872 208873 208874 208875 208876 208877 $ Femap with NX Nastran Region 1 : 無題 MFLUID 1 0 5375. 1.025-9 1 N N ENDDATA
  4. Hello, I have a set of data which is in below format nid x y z] . . but it does not have any details about the elements. coordinates are for a cylinder and elements are probably quad. Is it possible to generate surf mesh using this xyz data in HM while also keeping the same nids? Please advice!
  5. Hi, I have a geometry where i already reduce its size by factor of 5 in order to reduce the element number and calculation time. But, when i run the topology optimisation, its stuck at 0 iteration with 62% progress. I don't know why this happen because i expected it the calculation time should be shorter since i reduce its size. Please explain it to me. Here is my .fem file Chassis_Facteur_5.fem
  6. Hello all I would like to find an way to link hypermesh to analytical calculation. For analytical calculation, I think the software will be excel or hyperstudy. Summaries the steps; 1-I would like create a section cut with selected nodes and elements and get the cross section properties ( which is available aerospace section cut command) . 2- Read the FBD forces on that nodes and elements. 3- Do some math with the crossection properties and FBD forces. Which steps and softwares required for this process? What are your recommendations? Best Regards
  7. I completed the deck preparation and trying to export .hm model which includes two include files as .inp file, and error displayed after processing was " getentityvalue : could not find system id :0 " can anybody help in this regard. Thanks and Regards Manohar B
  8. Hi , Is there a way to edit panels created using *createmarkpanel? we get a panel by using the command " *createmarkpanel nodes 1". We have only proceed option in that panel. Is there any way i can edit the panel and create 2 buttons called "Reject" and "Return" Thanks, Bharath
  9. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  10. Hello, I am using 3D tet elements to model a variety of bolted flange plates. I would like to use simplified 1D beam elements as bolts, with RBE2 to connect to each part. Is there a way to use the connector panel to help make this easier? I cannot seem to figure out how to do it for 3D meshes. Also, I have not actually meshed the holes as I am trying to reduce geometric complexity - I have just included a circular "washer" surface for the RBE2 elements to grab on to. My solver is Optistruct. Thank you, Justin
  11. Hi all, First of all I want to Thanks all of your valuable time. I have a component with holes on perpendicular Sides as shown in the file, I want mesh this component with washer split by using drag option for 3D. stuck up at the Holes on perpendicular sides , please guide me on how to proceed further on this. Thanks, David Trail-6.hm
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