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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I need to know if it is possible to simulate tools that rotation in opposite directions to form a blank (see attached image for a visual explanation). Note: In green is the blank which is the profile of a cylinder. Thank you in advance KBE
  2. Hello, I have a blank of which the thickness varies in different sections of it (see attached image). Green represents the shell, black the thickness variation and dotted line is the rotation axis as this image shows the profile of a cylinder. I need to know if we can define the different thickness values according to the section on hyperform as a shell. Thank you in advance KBE
  3. Hi everyone, In HyperWorks 2019.1.1 version (HyperForm Radioss Incremental interface) i have faced some errors as you can see them below in images and descriptions. I use automated process tools. After preparation of the model, materials have 7.8e-8 density value which must be 7.8e-9 in MPa unit system. Is this change normal in automated process to increase timestep of model? In addition to this issue, after automated model preparation Begin Card has correct value of mass which is Mg.(tonne) When i export manually .rad file, Begin Card has incorrrect mass unit which is mg. Could you investigate these unexpected issues? Thank you.
  4. Hi, I am using the Incremental Radioss in Hyperform. It would be of great help if you could help me with the procedure for adding or editing the FLC curve (forming limit curve) for the material in hyperform. The tutorial says it has an option for FLC under the setup tool. But I could not find that option in the setup menu. I am using the Hyperform 2017 full version. kindly guide me. Also, can you kindly help me with evaluating the result file. I am not getting the .res file even after the simulation gets over. How do I get the .res files? Or how can I evaluate the results without that file. Thank you and help me as soon as possible.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to set up a stamping simulation using crashform. Looks like I'm getting this following error: 13/03/2017 Error output from the solver: ============================== forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow Image PC Routine Line Source e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014249DAB7 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140B34377 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001406576F5 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014024D91C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014239459C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014238ED17 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000142385DC8 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014237EBFC Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 000000014022E0AC Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001400B7F19 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140010EF7 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001400012CD Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000140001049 Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 0000000142497A2C Unknown Unknown Unknown e_14.0.220_win64. 00000001424796BB Unknown Unknown Unknown KERNEL32.DLL 00007FFF0E962D92 Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 00007FFF0EF89F64 Unknown Unknown Unknown Restart file MAR13_0001_0001.rst was not created. Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file MAR13_0001.out. radioss:: Solver run finished after 4 minutes. I'm attaching the .out file here also. Can anyone suggest me to resolve this error? Thank you. --Shawoon MAR13_0000.out
  6. Hi, I have to perform the analysis of deep drawing of sheet metal in hyperform. In hyperform increment radioss/double action draw, we have to define punch velocity and binder force...but in my case i have to simulate with punch force and binder force in tool setup.. how to simulate this???? I couldn't find any tutorial on this.... I have attached image below.....
  7. hello community i want to simulate composite Forming with independent layers modeling with resin. i found in the forum this training support ,but i don't found the other parts of the training. the training support refers to the file " bwrap_independant_layers_resin_initial.hf" as in the picture i would be very grateful if you could help me to find this file it well be agerat help . Best regards. SAIDI Amine HF_Training_Composite_Forming_EN.pdf
  8. Dear All, I want to find tonnage required to form the product as follows. Is it possible in Hyper form or should i go for Radioss?
  9. Hello, In HyperForm to save the session I use save model file ( .hf) and process (.up) file options separately, but is there any way to save file ( both mesh model & forming setup) in a single file or any other process please guide me.
  10. Hello, To save the session I use save model file ( .hf) and process (.up) file options separately, but is there any way to save file ( both mesh model & forming setup) in a single file (i.e. .hm file) or any other process please guide me.
  11. Guest

    Modal Analysis

    Hi Mr prakash, i'm student that doing my project on modal analysis, my situation now are it possible that I used the result from bending simulation from hyperform for modal analysis in hyperworks? hope hear your reply soon. warm regards syam sazani. MY.
  12. Hi, I am doing a trimming operation on a part. After the forming operation, I used the .sta file and started to do the trimming process. I did much of the trimming but at the last step, I wanted to trim the part with the sloth shaped lines. Everytime I do the operation, Hyperform crashes with a segmentation error. I cleaned the temp file and restarted the computer but the problem didn't finished. Can anyone help we with this problem? You can see the sloth shaped trimming lines from photo below. Thank you in advance. Mert Cevdet Günay
  13. Hello, I would like to export the residual stress results from a forming simulation in Hyperform to carry out a structural analysis of the formed part in OptiStruct. Could some one please share a tutorial based on this workflow? Thank you in advance. Regards,
  14. Hello, I'm running a RADIOSS incremental simulation; after simulation it doesn't write any .sta file. I've checked my engine deck where state file is option is defined: /STATE/DT 0.002375000000000 0.002375000000000 4 I'm attaching my engine deck file here. Can you please tell me if anything else I'm missing? Thanks, Shawoon modelC_0001.rad
  15. Hello, I am doing forming analysis of a sheet metal part. I modelled the process with Hyperform and solved it with Radioss. The simulation converged and gave me a result. The error percentage made me suspicious about the result. The error is 24.8%. Do you have any suggestions or any error range to make me rely on my results?
  16. Hello everybody, i want to create a simple forming simulation with composite material. I want to form 2 plies, 0° and 90° fiber orientation. After the simulation, i want to see the fiber orientation etc., as shown here: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_post_processing_composite_forming_results.htm Is there any tutorial i can use? http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/mfs/mfs.htm?tutorial_setting_up_composite_forming_sim.htm This doesnt help, since its for sandwiches only. If there is no tutorial: - Where can i create the laminate? Do i just do this in the User-Process Tree or do i have to create a laminate in the Model-Tree and somehow apply it to my blank?
  17. Hi everyone, I am trying to find a tcl command for the option "Autotip" in the OneStep simulation for a Script. Has anyone an idea what the command could be? Regards Michael
  18. Hi, I've done a form simulation in Hyperform and I would like to import the .sta file in a new simulation made with radioss block, but when I run the second simulatio an error occours. The error is: ERROR ID : 1101 ** INPUT ERROR DESCRIPTION : CANNOT OPEN INCLUDE FILE SOLUTION : PLEASE CHECK IF INCLUDE FILE LIES IN THE DIRECTORY Could someone halp me? Thank you in advance
  19. Hello Forums, I want to setup a composite forming simulation in Hyperform using the Multilayered approach but with resin in between the plies. On the forums I found the example from the attached .rad files, but I don't really understand how it is setup.. I always thought the multilayered approach uses one blank for one ply, in this example all plies seem to be combined in one single blank and the resin components showing in the Modeltab are not even included in the User Process Tab. I hope someone can give a short explanation or tutorial on how to properly setup the resinlayers in User Process. Thanks independent_layers_with_resin_new_0000.rad independent_layers_with_resin_new_0001.rad
  20. Hello All, I am meshing some sort of symmetrical blank component, but using by B-mesh and also with Automesh I am not getting any symmetrical meshing, What to do to optimize the meshing element, Is there any kind of Advance meshing editing tool to change or edit the meshing element along the line/path in the existing mesh? if so or any other tool is there please suggest for the same. (I have added the pic of component) Thanks
  21. Hi, I am using Incremental Radioss. There are few default material available in the database. When running the simulation with those default material, the simulation runs successfully (though it has 0 errors and 2 warnings. The warning is related to the material property). But I am using a different material which I add it in the database manually. When running the simulation with the manually added material, I get the error in simulation running or the simulation gets stopped in the middle while it is running few animation files. In the summary page, I get 0 errors and 2 warnings, the same one which I got while running with the default materials. The difference is that, the simulation gets over when running with the default material but it isn't getting completed with the manually added materials. The material I am adding is DP1200 steel. Have attached with the screenshot of the error. Error : 2 warning id :1084 Warning in material law1 When referring to material law1, it says it is related to the elasticity of the material. But I have given the input values properly. Kindly help me as soon as possible and thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I'm currently working on getting HyperForm simulations to run and have been quite unseccesful seeing as the tutorials seem to be written for an older verison of Hyperform and do not coincide with the updated user interface. I have been trying to solve the "simple draw forming" tutorial using incremental RADIOSS and have solved many problems that have arisen, however I cannot seem to figure out this last one. When I run I get error ID 684 "Error Trapped: Report to listing file" as well as Error ID: 760 "Restart file Attempt2_0000_0001.rst was not created." I then decided to switch to Ls-Dyna solver and noticed that when I go to run analysis is requests that I tell it the location of the solver? I cannot understand what it is looking for as it does not even indicate a specific file type. I appreciate any support you can provide. Thanks in advance
  23. Hello Everyone, ] was trying to perform a drawing simulation on a simple part. I used radioss incremental auto process. I chose to setup a tool with the die surface but it gives me errors with few of the parts that I tried. What things should be considered while setting up a tool from the die surface, currently I just select the outer surfaces which act as die holder? Can anyone please shed some light on this topic?
  24. Hello All, Thanks for clearing all my previous queries, Here after many trials of springback simulation using all possible ways of the springback setup (i.e. Using automatic/manual/ auto process/advance tools/multistage). I have found the unacceptable spring back results that , in case of a hat section. Here as shown in fig 2. the hat section part after forming-springback the part is going inside (-ve springback, which is unacceptable), i.e. if we bending/forming/flanging a part with 90° it will be springback with the bend angle as 90°+1or2 degree, but springback bend angle will be always greater than the bend angle. But in this case the springback is showing as shown in FIG 2. Image contains 1. springback part, 2. Actual Part, 3. As per the actual forming procedure Please help me what should I do to evaluate the springback, You can take any Hat section part & form it using Pad ( since it is my Design requirement shown as in fig 1) Please reply,
  25. What is the diference between Radios One step and radios Incremental Analysis? When to use one step and Incremental ??
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