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Found 661 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to assign a failure criteria based on strain. For example, I want to be able to remove or replace the material properties of elements that reach 0.9% strain, or do the same thing when the principal strain of an element exceeds 10000 microstrain (these figures are from literature). The MATF card only takes stresses. How can I implement these strain-based criteria? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I need to create a glued contact between shell and a solid components to do a modal analysis in NASTRAN (the equivalent would be a Freeze contact in Optistruct). Can someone help me on how to create these contacts?
  3. hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how to convert RBE2 elements to RBE3 elements or reverse too (i.e RBE3 to RBE2). Thanks, Sanket
  4. What is tcl command to select elements by configuration (Especially Free Edges(PLOTEL))? Thanks.
  5. I need to create a macro, which would help me to display the name, material properties and dimensions of a component by clicking/selecting it, moreover if the components contains multiple parts it would help to select only those parts whose Properties tag i wish to display. Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.
  6. Hello, In Hypermesh I would like to update the node coordinates of the nodes of a certain component in my model (new coordinates based on results of some simulation). I have a separate text file with per node ID the new coordinates. With TCL, I want to go through this list and update the node coordinate, using *setvalue or *nodemodify. However, either of these commands take ~100 [ms] per node to update. Since I have more than 50,000 nodes, this will take too long. Exporting the model to a text file and editing it there is the current workaround but not preferable: I need a hypermesh file with the correct node coordinates and (very important, and the main source of my problem) the connection with the geometry. So, I thought to use threads. However, this does not seem to work in Hypermesh. If I run the example file from some TCL book (which runs fine in the normal TCL shell) nothing happens: threads are created and destroyed but if I send something to the thread to be evaluated, nothing happens. Can anyone help me how I can modify the coordinates of multiple nodes at the same time by using some kind of parallel processing? Edit: I also tried *setvalue with multiple nodes on a mark but then all nodes get the same coordinate. For example: *createmark nodes 1 1 2 3 *setvalue nodes mark=1 coordinates ="[list {0.0 0.0 0.0} {0. 0.1 0.1} {0.0 0.1 0.2}" (without the "" but otherwise it was not shown in this message) results in all 3 nodes having coordinate 0.0 0.0 0.0 Kind regards, Loesje
  7. Hello Altair community, I am working on performing a modal analysis in HyperMesh and am having trouble figuring out how to shorten the ends of the horizontal beams so they do not interfere with the column at this joint: I was able to find this short illustration in a PDF document provided by Altair: However, I cannot find an explanation for how to do this elsewhere in the PDF. If anyone knows how to accomplish this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!
  8. Hello all, is there a way to create sets contain lines, surfaces or points. My aim is the call those sets or lists in a tcl script. thanks in advance
  9. I have followed every step mentioned in the pdf. file but I am not able to get the accurate results . I am not sure whether the values are proper but i dont feel it is correct. and why have they constrained XY direction end nodes to x direction? is it because of symmetry or to fix the component? hull2 nd.h3d hull2 nd.html hull2 nd.mvw
  10. Hi, I have a structure made of 3d solid map hex mesh elements, ie. primitive unit cells (see primitive image attached). I have turned my hex mesh elements into bar2 elements. I would like to create a central node to the primitive unit cell and connect bar elements to this central node (see body centred cubic image). I know this will most likely be a TCL script problem but I'm not sure how the script would be written. I have successfully created the primitive unit cell and used config edit tool to create bar2 elements (CBEAM's) But I would now like to do this with elements connected to a central node. A comparison of what I'm attempting to do can be seen in this paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6265793/pdf/materials-11-02073.pdf I look forward to hearing from the community, Kind Regards, Laurence
  11. Hello, I am currently on the verge of completing, " Learn pre processing with Hypermesh Part- 1". But I am stuck at the last exercise of 2D shell meshing and topology refinement. I am able to successfully load the 2D model and do the automesh. But the edit parameters window is not opening in the auto cleanup interaction menu. I get an error message I tried closing and reopening the model, used a different model and I even tried restarting the computer. None of these worked. I tried reinstalling Hyperworks. It worked for the first time when I opened the model. But after I closed the application and tried again, it stopped working. Can you please help me with this issue?
  12. Hi, I've been trying to run a CFD simulation using the Hypermesh solver, however, I always get the same error (ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep) and I don´t know what it means. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks.
  13. I am able to connect hypermesh from python terminal through dde commands..and successfully able to pass commands to hypermesh . but when requesting [dde request], it is throwing error "remote server cant handle this command" .. request for help/guidance. @tinh Please help me.
  14. hi all, Can anybody help me with this script? problem statement: I have lot of element pockets (or disconnected elements groups ) in hypermesh display window. The process i want to do: 1.select a random element from the window and find attached all elements (first element group). 2. create a set with above selected elements and mask them. Then the step 1. ( a loop till all the elements are added to sets) thanks in advance
  15. Hi, I am a beginner at using HyperMesh and I need some help regarding this issue. I want to achieve Node to Node connectivity between two seperate parts from one Assembly. I meshed both with Volume Tetra Mesh. I have also already found and read an older post where someone asked a similar question on how to achieve this. The way I interpreted it is that I have to mesh first the red Part and then I have to Project the Elements from the red part onto the gray part. The next step would then be to Volume Tetramesh the red part? Unfortunately I cannot get it done, everytime I try these steps there is no Node to Node connectivity. Maybe someone can give me a detailled step by step explanation so I can find what I am doing wrong. Here is a picture of both parts, (i have already meshed them here with volume tetra) Best regards TimM Test Model.hm
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to put a script together which uses tickboxes but can't seem to find the command to produce a tickbox. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers Andy
  17. Hi everyone, I am on my self paced meshing training using HM desktop. I would like to do 2D cfd simulation. How to do mesh extrusion in HM and reorganize the element to the respective surface (inflow, outflow etc)? In AcuConsole, there is mesh extrusion, is the extrusion feature available in HM as well? I mesh the top first (as shown below) then want to extrude -0.2 m in z direction. then it become volume element. i not sure how reorganize element for surface boundary condition such as inflow, outflow etc which required 2D element. Btw, is mesh extrusion available in HM CFD?
  18. Hi everyone, i want to solve this problem where there are forces on the 4 point and check the FBD forces at the constraints. i run it in the solver optistruct and got the result. When i open the fem and op2 file in hyperview to check the FBD then it opens the file but when i select an element or node an error message showing 'no valid cross-section for plotting' and doesn't work.
  19. Hi all, I am using VWT to run a CFD analysis on a prototype vehicle. I have attached a picture below to show the model. I have the model meshed using HM. I have already ran CFD successfully before, however, this is the first time I add the wheels to simulate their rotation. The analysis works fine and takes around 20 mins to reach 80 percent, and then stays at 80 percent for hours. I have attached the text files in the run directory, I have checked them and couldn't find an error, however, I might be missing something. vwtAnalysis.1.Log vwtAnalysis.1.MeshSim.txt wheels_2nd_try.stmod
  20. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation of a cooling plate in hyperworks with the AcuSolve Solver. The geometry would be this: Where an aluminium cooling plate (the grey solid) is in contact with a water flow (blue volume). The problem is that I can't get a mesh with coincident nodes between both volumes, taking into acount that for the AcuSolve simulation I need two surfaces in the interface between the solid and the liquid volume. Do you have any solution for it? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi all, how can single data points be excluded from the source in HS 2019.1? I have a model from Hypermesh with a few solid elements showing stress singularities due to a freeze contact with beam elements which are physically not valid. Is there a way to exclude single element IDs, a range of IDs, a set or exclude all elements above a certain stress threshold? I could not figure out how to correctly use the filter field in the data source menu.
  22. Model Checker is a very useful tool embed in HyperMesh that performs a series of verifications in your model in order to catch most common errors even before submitting the model to run, as it may take some time to export it and then launch it. To Load the ‘Model Checker’: [HWx and HM Desktop] Ctrl+F >> ‘model checker’ [HM Desktop] Tools > Model Checker Once it is open, you can perform a check by right-mouse click (RMB) and click ‘Run’. Model Checker will verify your model considering the most common ERROR and WARNING scenario for your solver.
  23. Hello, i have a curved shell-geometry on which i like to reorient the nodal coordinate systems to follow the curvature. I only like to do that for the nodes on the edge. With that nodal systems i like to assign rotational boundary condition following the curvature of the shell-geometry. I am using OptiStruct for Solving. How do i proceed to achieve this goal? Thank you very much for your help! With kind regards Tim
  24. Hi, I did mesh in hypermesh. Now i want to export those mesh in STL format but when i am exporting it shows elements not defined in the template. How to overcome this problem. I want to export the mesh as STL file. Can anyone help me please.
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