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Found 46 results

  1. Hello, i'm pretty new to Activate and Altair Tools in general. In the past i just worked with Matlab / Simulink. I am trying to import my Simulink model into Active, but i get multiple Errors in my Command Window. Below are some examples. When i start the import i just get multiple errors like these and nothing else happens. Is there a smooth way to find out what these error's mean and how i could fix them? Thanks for your help. Aiko
  2. Hi I am trying to import IGES and make as solid. After I imported the geometry, Geometry tab -> solids-> Go to model tab -> right click components -> make current Under solids -> Surfs-> by collector-> select component -> create I followed procedure above and when I used v11, the procedure worked well, but now I use v12 and it does not work anymore. Is there any other way to make geometry as solid in v12 or should I modify any settings for the recently installed hypermesh? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  3. Hello ! I have a problem when i start my simulation from hypermesh Radioss interface ( student edition 2019 ). My simulation tries to simulate a quasi-static compressive test on polyurethane foam. When I run Radioss, the first error ID 51 appears : .. BLOCK FREE FORMAT ERROR ID : 51 ** ERROR IN INPUT OPTIONS DESCRIPTION : UNRECOGNIZED OPTION IN LINE : /ALTDOCTAG Then, during running I have a lot of error ID 54 : ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /ALTDOCTAG ERROR ID : 54 For me it's a problem of the version of hyperworks used because at the beginning I have imported geometry and mesh from a file which I don't know the software version. But I'm not very sure. Unsupported cards gives me this : ## File: C:/Users/Sebas/Documents/stage_mousse/modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad, Line: 4228 -- The Keyword listed below is currently unsupported # func_ID1 func_ID2 func_ID3 func_ID4 func_ID5 # Fscale_1 Fscale_2 Fscale_3 Fscale_4 Fscale_5 # Eps_dot_1 Eps_dot_2 Eps_dot_3 Eps_dot_4 Eps_dot_5 ## File: C:/Users/Sebas/Documents/stage_mousse/modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad, Line: 4237 -- The Keyword listed below is currently unsupported #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| #- 5. UNSUPPORTED CARD: #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| /ALTDOCTAG U[ljU5^P3QoPMS080`2MHCDdFjM9g]mp2Jb2@hkHQ6Y6Q8B6eFmSE1]dqAGeRNVKfZ@89h;SYm]Vdf:1J`fQYNn789K5j\DEIMJF THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP ! modele_eric_modifv2_0000.out modele_eric_modifv2_0000.rad modele_eric_modifv2_0001.rad modele_eric_modifv2.hm
  4. Hi, I've been testing out Inspire and have noticed that when opening an imported Part it appears centered in the screen regardless of its origin location. I was wondering if the part origin is respected in the import? Also, is there a way to measure the stress/displacement at a specific coordinate (x,y,z)? Thank you for your support!!!
  5. hello, i want to import CAD geometry i didn't find option for import .prt file.
  6. Hi @all First, i hope this is the right forum for this topic. If it isn't, please switch. I've to simulate an multiphysics coupled heat transfer + fluid cooling process (like cooling fins or spines). For that case i've to define an heat flux into the base of the solid structure. The heat is flowing through the structure and left the structure on the "water" cooled contact surface. This cause an increase of the fluid temperatur deltaT (T_in-T_out) on the outflow against to teh inflow temperature. The fluid flow is perpendicular to the heat conduction in the solid. Points I've finished: Import complex geometry into ACUCONSOLE (+meshing) Define the global problem description Define the inflow, outflow, heat source (basic BC's) Simulation of the fluid flow through the structure still open Points: Simulation of the heat conduction Define the result of the Simulation (heat cond.) as boundary for the flow simulation As i wrote in the title, at the moment I work with the ACUCONSOLE. Is Hypermesh (with the ACUsolve deck) better for multiphysics like this? How can I define old results as boundary conditions in new simulations? (current temperature/heat flux as input value for the fluid wall) Is it possible to import more than one geometry into acuconsole? (The software always want to delete the previous part when i import a second one) I hope you can help me to solve this problem. best regards Alex
  7. Submitted by Rich on Sat, 01/12/2013 - 03:33 I want to import a simple text file with data in it, and then plot it within VisSim. How do I do this?
  8. I would like to know how can an input file (.inp) be imported in hypermesh through the command line( without using the GUI). The user profile of the .inp is abaqus. In short, I require the command line (from the Command prompt) to import the .inp file in to hypermesh.
  9. Hey guys, Im having troubles while importing sketches from SolidWorks 2014 to HyperMesh and Abaqus CAE. Is it possible to import a Solidworks 2014 sketch to a 2012 Hypermesh? Already tried IGS and SDLPRT. While in Abaqus CAE the file is opening with "parts" options, in Hypermesh isnt even importing. Though Im not being able to create any mesh or any of the avaiable options.in Abaqus Do you guys know what should I do? Im gonna have to remake my sketch in a 2012 or earlier version of SolidWorks to run in a 2012 Hypermesh Version? Thanks!!
  10. I am trying to create a j-integral domain for abaqus using hypermesh. I am having issues of circles not being imported with enough line segments, resulting in triangles and straight lines for these circles. I have included an image of the import. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, -Clay
  11. Hello everyone, I might need some help importing a CSV table into Altair HyperWorks (Student Edition 2019). The option to import a CSV table under "File > Import > Table CSV" is greyed out and can not be selected. According to Knowledge Base Document #152766 this should be a simple process. Am I missing something here, do I need to change a setting first or is it not possible to import CSV tables in the student version of this program? Thanks for the help!
  12. Hi there! I have the following issue: In order to model a 2D airfoil with the help of several points I would like to import a ".dat file" that contains all the point coordinates for the airfoil surface. Is there a possible way to import these data directly without any file transformation? In addition, I would really like to know if it's possible, and if yes how, to connect all the airfoil surface points together with a SMOOTH and nice spline instead of strange linear splines? Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards Martin
  13. Hey everyone, I have a .bdf file (the solver deck file required for NASTRAN). Hypermesh creates this file by the export process. My work requires that I edit the .bdf text, but also use the graphical features of Hypermesh. I would like to find a way of retaining user-added comments in the .bdf. Let me explain: 1. Create mesh 2. Export as .bdf 3. Comment the .bdf file appropriately -BUT- 4. When I re-import to HM and export, my comments are removed. Is there a way to keep them? Hypermesh will keep comments that are attached to material properties (for example, if I add a comment to a MAT1 card, they will stay with import/export) Thanks for any help!
  14. I am trying to trial the software and have a number of models I want to look at testing the software on. My only problem is I cannot seem to import SolidWorks parts into Inspire, nor export in a format that works either... Is there something I am doing wrong. Inspire: OPEN -> PART.SLDPRT. OPEN -> PART.EVO SolidWorks: SAVE AS 'EVOLVE MODEL.EVO' Thanks in hope James
  15. Dear All: I got a question. I want to define some multiplier functions and I want to modify the inp file rather than click in the GUI to import my multiplier function one by one. The right screenshot is how my scripts in "inp" file looks like. The left screenshot is the data format. After I import the inp file, the multiplier function is wrong, only one point is generated. Would you please have a look to see if I have something wrong here? I tried to change the file name to "problem1.dat", "problem1.txt", but none of them work. Thank you very much for your help.
  16. Performing analysis in fluent, trying to do composite analysis for an aircraft in Optistruct, how do I import the pressure values on the aircraft in hyperworks?
  17. Hi, I'm trying to import a file from FLUX software, I export the geometry from FLUX in .IGES and .STEP. In both extension the imported geometry in hypermesh is uncomplete, some solids there are, other no. some lines are ok, other are free lines with no connection. I found a lot of problem in rebuilt the geometry with no succes. How can i fix this problem? is there someone how can works with both programs with no problems? Grazie!
  18. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  19. Hi, I am trying to import some elements into a large model, I have set the import flag to offset the nodes, elements, components, etc and so I will not be aware of the node & element numbers. Is there anyway to mark elements / nodes that are part of an import?
  20. Hi, I have meshed a model in hypermesh and I exported it to Ls-dyna by using .k file. That worked all fine. But as I wanted to make some modifications in the mesh, I am not able to import the k file back into hyperworks. I tried saving for same versions of Ls-dyna from both the ends. It did not help. If I try to import the same file which I just exported from hypermesh, even that file is not being read. The message in the bottom says 'The file being opened for reading does not exist'. Screenshot attached. I have made sure that I am using the correct path of the file I want to open. But this ' file does not exist error' shows up for many cases, even when I try to check element quality or even when I open the hypermesh default screen. Screenshot attached. (2nd)What could be the problem?
  21. Hey Guys! I have faced the next problem when I tried to Import CAD or Fine Element Model With Mass and Inertia in Motion View. The STEP file was imported and you can see on the attached image the „bodies” but the „graphics” aren’t visible. It is written at the Graphical source that "error evaluating". I tried to import in the 2017 version of HW, but it didn't work due to importing/conversion error. What did I do wrong? Could you please help me in this matter? Thank you for your help in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  22. Hello, I'm trying to import a .prt model into my HyperWorks but the only file types that are "recognized" by the software are IGES, SolidWorks and STEP. How can I fix this? I'm using HyperWorks 13.0 Student Edition. Thank you.
  23. I'm trying to write a tcl script to do an import of a Moldex3D Mesh and an export of this Mesh as a HyperMesh-File. If I use the GUI of Hypermesh everything ist working fine. I can Import the Moldex3D-Mesh and export it as a HyperMesh-File. For the TCL script I watched up the commands whitch are stored in the command.cmf file in the working directory. The stored commands I transfered to TCL command by using spaces insted of parenthesis () and commas ,. But it cant get it work for the import command. The export is working fine. The follwoing import command does not work. *feinput "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/io/model_readers/feinput/bin/win64/moldex3D.exe" "C:\\Users\\Willems\\Desktop\\HyperMesh_Files\\Testplatte.mfe" 0 0 0 1 0 The following export command works fine. *feoutput "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/templates/feoutput/hm/general" "C:/Users/Willems/Desktop/HyperMesh_Files/Export_HMASCII.hmascii" 0 0 1 1 0 Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks a lot.
  24. Hello all, I had a look in the forum but I could locate anything specifying the contents or the form of the excel file required in order to import (not export!) the ply layup when creating a laminate in Hypermesh. Could you please provide an example file? Thank you.
  25. Hello When importing a nastran file into HyperMesh I find warnings as shown in the image Can you explain to me where these warnings come from? and how to correct these errors? Thank you
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