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Found 36 results

  1. Hello, I am willing to export the Inspire optimized shape to Evolve to continue working on it Evolve. To do this, I right-click on the optimized shape in Inspire 2018.2 Student Version and then click on "Save to Evolve". When I do this, I see "File Saved Successfully" message box. (See pictures below.) Then, I open Evolve 2017-7305 Student Version and click on "Retrieve From Inspire" button under Inspire tab. (See below picture) However, I do not see anything to select in Inspire Shapes Browser. What is wrong with this? Any idea is greatly appreciated. On my laptop, I have both Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 Student versions as well as Evolve 2017 Student version. I have this problem when try to export the shape from Inspire 2018 to Evolve 2017. And since I prepared the optimized shape in Inspire 2018 and Inspire 2017 is not opening Inspire files that are prepared in Inspire 2018, I am stuck with this issue. Please advise. Thanks, Erkan
  2. Following the y-bracket tutorial leaves the optimisation hanging on 100% and analysis fails, saying contact support. The optimisation is definitely no longer doing anything because the process has no load on CPU. Please see attachments. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Best, Darren
  3. Hi everyone, I modeled an element in Altair Inspire, then I imported it in HyperWorks as a Solver deck. The mesh is created by Inspire, is there a procedure to refine the mesh o remesh the object? I tried to remesh some volumes, but the longest side of the FEs was not divided. Bests Martina
  4. Hi everyone, I am using Inspire version 2019.0.1 and have the following problem: I have a loadcase setup with defined forces on my product and I want to set up a requirement for one edge of my product to have at least a displacement of for example 50mm in the topology optimized result. How do I do that? I have already tried to use the function 'enforced displacement' but then it says: 'Incompatible Loads: You cannot maximize stiffness with an enforced displacement and any other load. Please remove other loads from the enforced displacement load case.' In my case it would make no sense, because I want a topology optimization with a defined forced AND a defined displacement. Is it possible to do this in another way?
  5. Hello and thank you for your help in advance. The problem is that I'm trying to do an optimization, it runs during a moment but fails and shows to me the next message. Thank you again.
  6. Hello, For my thesis I would like to use the model from inspire in another software, therefore I would like to know if there's a possibility to export the gradient FEA output as texture for my 3D model. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I've trouble analyzing my inspire construction. After setting up my contacts, forces and constraints I'm starting the analysis and then inspire crashes and closes itself. Very strange because i've done several analysis's and optimizations before without experiencing any troubles. Also have I done several analysis's with this same particular model, only the constrains have changes slightly. Does anyone know the answer to my problem?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm running an optimisation with multiple load cases. The solution gets really close to converging (in the .OUT file) the first and second convergence criterion are met and just as its about to converge the solution diverges. It runs for the maximum number of iterations (80) before it stops. Is there any way to change how long the optimisation will for so that a solution is reached before the maximum number of iterations are reached? Or does it more than likely suggest my load cases are incorrect, or theres something wrong with my model? etc.
  9. Dears, I recently upgraded my RAM from 32GB to 96GB to speed up the optimisation process. In the preference menu I set the: - Number of CPUs = 8 (all the cores available) - Memory allocated to the solver (MB) = 75000 (machine has 96000) Still, during the optimisation, CPU usage maxes out at ±20% while RAM is hoovering around 30% (23GB). I'm running in-core according to the topoOpt.out file. Is there anything I can do to utilise more of the hardware and speed up the optimisation? I'm using Inspire 2016.2 Thanks Gilbert
  10. Hello everyone, I've just a simple question about the Inspire's optimization algorithm: is it the same used by Optistruct in Hypermesh's analysis? Where can I find optimization algorithms of Inspire? I'm looking for math formulas. In which ebook or User Guide should I look for? Thanks in advance Alberto
  11. Hi, I am a student of Youngnam University in Korea.This time, I was going to get a student license and use it.However, an error occurred. I want to know the solution.I don't know if it's a license or my condition is wrong. Perhaps it is not a licensing issue.There's a file I analyzed last year. There was no problem last year. The file went on as it was. However, now the same error occurs as the attached picture. I don't know what the problem is. I need help.
  12. I want to do static analyses on spiral bevel gears to optimize housings for those gears, but I can't seem to get the statics analysis to work. I have been able to do transient motion analyses on the gears (as you can see in the files attached), and I have successfully done statics analyses on regular spur gears. However, when I run a statics motion analysis on spiral bevel gears, I get the error "The static solver was unable to find a static equilibrium position during analysis of this model." I'm guessing that this means I have gear geometries that don't properly mesh. However, I've tried this with several different models that seem to mesh well, so I'm running out of ideas. Attached is one of the models I've tried to analyze. When you do a transient analysis, it runs. When you switch to statics, it fails. Bevel Gears 1.1.stmod
  13. Good afternoon, I have a question concerning the connectors in Inspire. What's the difference between rigid and flexible connectors ? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, My question is about the time of calculus on Inspire. I've started an optimization calculus yesterday on my project and it was finished in about 2 hours. After that, I wanted to check the difference in the optimization after activating "optimization" in the property windows of the 8 nuts in my model and the optimization is now running for 16 hours. Is this normal ? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello SolidThinking community, Could someone please point out what I'm doing wrong, or advise a better way of setting my part up for optimization? My part pivots around a shaft near the top such that, it can swing down to contact a vertical wall. I am unsure how to "fix" the wall in all directions. Currently I am using small displacement constraints set to 10e-6. I have set the contact between the wall and part as "contact", and the contact between the shaft and part as "bonded". The contact along the top surface, where the pressure is applied, is "bonded" with the part. The optimization fails every time.. Any help would be great appreciated. Cheers!
  16. Hi, I've been testing out Inspire and have noticed that when opening an imported Part it appears centered in the screen regardless of its origin location. I was wondering if the part origin is respected in the import? Also, is there a way to measure the stress/displacement at a specific coordinate (x,y,z)? Thank you for your support!!!
  17. Dear members, I am a french engineer student (excuse me for my writing) and I have installed Inspire on my personal PC. I would like to know if I can re-install the soft on my second computer (more efficient) ? One number of licence is enought to installed two time the soft on two computers differents (IP problem?). Best Regards
  18. Hi, Can you check the installation package for local Help in in 2018.1? I followed the installation instructions, but it still does not work. Yosef
  19. Hi Guys, I'd like to share "Tips and Tricks" regarding Lattice Design and the NonDesign Space. First to mention: Please keep Inspire updated - we introduced Lattice in 2017.3 but the last few months, we put a lot of effort to increase performance and stability! ATM (April 2018), 2018.1 is best to work with! If you are unhappy with the "resolution" of your nonDesign spaces after a lattice optimization - you can manually force the nondesignspace (per part) to use smaller elementsize inside the model configuration: Comparison: Before: After: Furthermore, you can create a smoothed lattice before you export it as an STL: Regards, Felix
  20. How do I plot an amplitude vs. frequency graph with the results generated in Inspire Motion from a sine-sweep actuator? I can export the displacement results vs time but I'm not sure if performing an FFT on it will give me what I want?
  21. Hi, I am new to Inspire. I want to perform topology optimization of a simple geometry with frequency constraint. (Attached a sample image for reference) Is there any tutorial which can help me get started? Thanks, Roshan
  22. Version: Evolve 2016.2 Build 6160 License: Academic The procedure followed is based on this thread at Inspire forum - But the "Edit PolyNURS" dialog does not appear. Is that a license limitation, or am I doing something wrong?
  23. I am trying to trial the software and have a number of models I want to look at testing the software on. My only problem is I cannot seem to import SolidWorks parts into Inspire, nor export in a format that works either... Is there something I am doing wrong. Inspire: OPEN -> PART.SLDPRT. OPEN -> PART.EVO SolidWorks: SAVE AS 'EVOLVE MODEL.EVO' Thanks in hope James
  24. Hi all guys. After inspire have run completely, I display that result. It show dialog No Shape Created. And my design space is not optimize. There are only appear and disappear. Please advise.
  25. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Xin Ren, an Associate Professor who works at Nanjing Tech University. I applied an academic license for the software of Inspire two days ago, but I have not received any feedback yet. I wonder could you be so kind as to provide me with the academic license for the software of Inspire 2018 ASAP, please? Looking forward to hearing from you and your significant support is much appreciated. Best regards, Xin Ren
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