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Found 51 results

  1. Hı everyone, I want to do fatigue analysis. After Lattice Optimization, my model has 1d beams. How to convert from 1d element to shell element. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I did a 1D topology optimization of a lattice structure (composed of a large amount of PBeamL elements). I want now to perform a Size Optimization of each beam section. Is it possible to generate automatically the design variables (and design variables property relationship), of the lattice structure at this point ? Thank you in advance for the help. Nathalie
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to lattice optimization, and i want to control the diameter beam size and have a better understanding of CLEAN option. If i understood well, CLEAN option can be used with MinRad to delete beams under the radii defined in MinRAD. - When i don't touch the lattice parameter panel, CLEAN is set to YES by default and clean beams with very small radii (E-05 mm) at the end of phase 2 - When i use only MinRad (2mm) and CLEAN set to NO, it get all the beams above the radius defined. - But when i use Minrad with a radius of 2mm and CLEAN set to YES, it has trouble creating a feasible design. Is it because CLEAN option only works with very small radii ? It doesn't simply delete beam under MinRad in the end of optimization? For information, my mesh size is 5 cm, and my objectif is to create à structure with big enought beam, but with less beam without changing the mesh. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, I'd like to share "Tips and Tricks" regarding Lattice Design and the NonDesign Space. First to mention: Please keep Inspire updated - we introduced Lattice in 2017.3 but the last few months, we put a lot of effort to increase performance and stability! ATM (April 2018), 2018.1 is best to work with! If you are unhappy with the "resolution" of your nonDesign spaces after a lattice optimization - you can manually force the nondesignspace (per part) to use smaller elementsize inside the model configuration: Comparison: Before: After: Furthermore, you can create a smoothed lattice before you export it as an STL: Regards, Felix
  5. Hello everybody, I'm trying to make a very simple optimization of a cube (design space) between two thin plate (non-design space). I applied a vertical load on the upper surface and I constrained the bottom surface. So just make it easier to understand it seems like a cubic sandwich. When I start the optimization it ends but a yellow triangle comes out in the result window so it seems like something goes wrong. Can someone help me?
  6. Hello everybody, I'm preparing my master thesis using the software Optistruct 14. I need to use the lattice optimization tool but I don't understand the difference between the 4 types of lattices. I tried all of them and the geometry seems a bit different but I would like some further details about that.
  7. Hı, I am trying to perform a simple lattice optimization using optistruct. I could do OS-3300: Using the Lattice Optimization Process in OptiStruct model. But it is not enough for me to understand. I tried to myself on various model but it made error. Can you help me in terms of example or suggestion? Thank you, Good work.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to convert a solid part into a lattice structure without any optimization. In my analysis, I am considering a cylinder which it has an outer layer made of lattice. To perform the analysis, I want to have a lattice structure in outer surface. so would it be possible to model a lattice part in Hyperworks? Thank you, Soraya
  9. Hı, My question, what is the difference between the following options. These results are calculated according to what? Thank you.
  10. hello to all .Can anyone tell me how to view design violation error after lattice optimization-(i am getting often). How to view that what design violation one has made? and also i want to ask that is there's a standard procedure or method to do lattice optimization? I didn't found any relevant document explaining the issues.
  11. Hı everyone, I want the part of the model to contain a completely lattice structure. But my model are empty places. Could you help me?
  12. Hı everyone, I am trying to do lattice optimization with different types. I'm using hex mesh for design and tetra mesh for non-design. I I can see the different types of lattice in the design structure. But when I check the displacement values, I don't see any difference. Can you help me for this problem? controlarm.pptx
  13. Hello, I am working on optimization of prosthetic wherein I am filling my optimized structure with lattice. And this is my final project for masters. So I wanted to know what kind of lattice is being used by the solver. Is it the Octet Truss Lattice, or something else? Best, Tapan.
  14. Hı I am trying lattice structure optimizatons. Actually I can do it. I want to change lattice types such as 1,2,3,4 and than results compare but I dont have any difference. If you know solution for this problem,can you help me? Thank you
  15. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a lattice structure made of beam elements and I would like to split all those elements into two, in order to increase the mesh's density. So far I have found how to split 1-D elements by drawing a line... but considering there are close to 26 000 elements, this method is definitely not ideal here ! So my question is: is there an easy way to select all the 1-D elements and split them into two "in one click" ? Thank you in advance for your time. Matthieu
  16. Hello If there is a mesh file(like obj or stl files)or coordinates of beams,just like the pic below,how can i build a lattice structure(replace each edge of mesh with a cylindrical beam) in the OptiStruct quickly? I thank you in advance for your help!
  17. Is it possible to run a multiobjective optimization in Optistruct?
  18. Hello, I have a question about the new function topology optimization with lattice: Can the lattice density be variable? I saw that I can set the bounds of density where to put the lattice structure, but has it all the same structure? or can the lattice structure be variable with the density? Thanks
  19. Hi everyone, I want to do a convergence study for two components ( 1st Solid component and 2nd lattice component) I have attached the pic of my components together in one picture for your reference. First I want to do a mesh convergence for lattice to find out optimial mesh for the component with the same E and density values , Similarly I have to do a mesh convergence for solid component same like lattice. My Question is after finiding the mesh convergence study what I mentioned above I have to make a covergence study regarding E modulus, In order to tell how much the E has to be reduced regarding the density of Lattice component to reach same behaviour of solid component. How I can proceed to do convergence study regarding E modulus that the LS block and Solid-block have same behaviour. A help would be really appreciated. Anticipating a good response for experts. Thank you . Kind Regards, Muthu.
  20. hello to forum members, Problem encountered by solver: Fatal error encountered. About structure: Stucture - Cross size: 12*12*18 mm material : Ti alloy using MAT1 and MATX Property: PSolid and Psolidx(when using it, error is coming) Load collecter: NLPARM is used MY questions is my way of solving correct? which type of non-linear analysis is required (implicit or explicit) in such structures? what is meant by fatal error occurred and how to remove it? For CTETRA elements, Isolid (in psolidx) is not provided any value. does it means it has to keep off and other parameters such as imsrtr and icpre and iframe has to provide some numerical value? if so then what values should be chosen and why? there is no tutorial for solving such problems with Radioss. hyperworks help is not regularly updated In Matx card, is it necessary to provide values to all the parameters like a, b, c, epsmax, N, sigmax? I am uploading .hm file with the issue. I need sincere assistance as this would help me completing my research work. Thanks and Regardscross_669.hm cross_669.hm
  21. Hı everyone, We are trying to do lattice optimization with different types. We tried every way, we thought. And we get different errors every time. Finally we have made the hexa mesh using another program. And then solved in Optistruct. Although there is no problem in the solution, the lattice.fem file does not occur. Could you help me? Thank you.
  22. Hı everyone, I want to use different lattice structures in a single model. So some parts of the model lattice type 1 some parts lattice type 2. Thank you.
  23. Hı, I want to create stress restriction in lattice optimization. So I am changing the value in the image below. But I do not see any change when I check the analysis results. (von mises). Can you help me?
  24. Hello, I would like to do some lattice optimization in Hypermesh. However, I need to know if it is possible to have a different mesh size for the lattice sections compared to the solid sections. The way I understand lattice optimization in Altair is that the element size you mesh with originally will determine the average length of the lattice struts. For example; I tetra mesh my model with a size of 2, the lattice beams have an average length of 2. However, I would like to have a mesh size of 0.5 with lattice elements of length 2 (or vice versa). My game plan is to run a minimize compliance with volume fraction on my model with a penalization of 1.8 (low porosity). Then use the results of the compliance optimization to split my part into sections for a given element density threshold. I should end up with solids for the lattice elements and solids for the non-lattice elements. The lattice solid sections will then be filled with lattice beam elements from another lattice topology optimization. I want to remesh each solid individually for different lattice strut sizes and types. Contact surfaces will then be used to connect the solids together and then run the Lattice optimization. The end goal is to use mesh refinement on the non lattice sections to check the validity of my model as well as experiment with different lattice sizes. Any advice is greatly appreciated. -Eric
  25. Hi, I've successfully created a model optimised using lattice capabilities in HyperMesh. The model contains areas of solid and lattice structures. I am attempting to export this into 3-matic and convert to an .stl file. The first process I tried was: Exporting the lattice HM file to .fem with a Filetype= Optistruct and Template=Long. I imported the .fem file into 3-matic using the remesh module. This worked well for the first time I used 3-matic and showed the lattice clearly. I am now trying again and the lattice is not showing at all in 3-matic, even with the exact file that worked the first time. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
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