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Found 8 results

  1. 現在、PBS professional/ PBS works製品では製品や契約形態に応じて異なる形態のライセンスを提供させていただいております。 ここでは、それらライセンスの種類、識別方法、ライセンス種別に応じた適用方法を案内します。 1. ライセンスの種類  1-1. フローティングライセンス (LMXライセンスサーバを介して使用する、コアでカウントされる)  * 今後、PBS Professional用ライセンスとしては廃止され、以下の二つのライセンスに統合される予定です。  1-2. ソケットライセンス(PBS Professional専用、ファイル単体を指定することによって使用可能、ソケットとコアの数でカウントされる)  1-3. ノードライセンス(PBS Works,PBS Professional用、用途別にファイル単体を指定、LMXライセンスサーバを介する場合に分かれる。ノード数でカウントされる。) 2. ライセンスの識別方法  2-1. フローティングライセンス  ・以下のように含まれるライセンス数を意味する # This license contains N.NN HWUと   使用可能な製品名を意味する FEATURE HWPBSProfessional (PBS Pro用ライセンスの場合)が含まれます。 -------------------------------------------------------------- <省略> # This license contains N.NN HWU <省略> FEATURE HWPBSProfessional <省略> --------------------------------------------------------------  2-2. ソケットライセンス  ・以下のように含まれるライセンス数を意味する OPTIONS = "SOCKETS=NNN:CORES=NNN:FAILOVER=* "   使用可能な製品名を意味する FEATURE PBSProfessionalOEM行が含まれます。 -------------------------------------------------------------- <省略> FEATURE PBSProfessionalOEM <省略> OPTIONS = "SOCKETS=NNN:CORES=NNNN:FAILOVER=true" --------------------------------------------------------------  2-3. ノードライセンス  ・以下のように含まれるライセンス数を意味する OPTIONS = "COUNT=NNN:FAILOVER=*"   使用可能な製品名を意味するFEATURE PBSProNodes行が含まれます。 -------------------------------------------------------------- <省略> FEATURE PBSProNodes <省略> OPTIONS = "COUNT=NNN:FAILOVER=*" -------------------------------------------------------------- 3. ライセンスの適用方法  3-1. フローティングライセンス ・弊社より別途案内されたリンク・ドキュメントをご確認ください。         3-2. ソケットライセンス   ・PBSWorksLicense19.2.1 の以下項目をご確認ください。 Configuring PBS for Socket Licensing  3-3. ノードライセンス   ・PBS Professionalの場合、PBSWorksLicense19.2.1 の以下項目をご確認ください。 Configuring PBS for Node Licensing   ・PBS Works製品の場合(Compute Managerの場合は"3-1"を参照)、PBSWorksLicense19.2.1 の以下項目をご確認ください。    4. Licensing Access and Control 以上
  2. Hi, I am a student of Youngnam University in Korea.This time, I was going to get a student license and use it.However, an error occurred. I want to know the solution.I don't know if it's a license or my condition is wrong. Perhaps it is not a licensing issue.There's a file I analyzed last year. There was no problem last year. The file went on as it was. However, now the same error occurs as the attached picture. I don't know what the problem is. I need help.
  3. So here's the play by play of what happened. 1. I download the FEKO software and receive the license file. 2. I cut and paste the license file into the security directory. (This can be seen in the attached pictures.) 3. I try to run one of the examples (the horn one). 4. I get an error message. The error is: ERROR 18012. It tells me that access is denied. At first I thought I used the wrong IP Host address when I requested a license. So I created a topic on the forums, and Prakash Pagadala told me to request a new license file with the correct IP Host address. So I downloaded a new license file, and then I cut and pasted the new license file into the security directory. Nevertheless, I got the same error message. I have attached some screenshots that show: A. The error message: ERROR 18012. B. The IP Host addresses available on my computer (there are three of these images). C. The new license file shown re-located in the security directory. I also attached the new license file itself, just in case you need to review it to determine something about the license itself. So: How do I fix this? Also, I don't know if this is important, but I do have Windows 7 installed on this computer. Another guy — Rahul Ponginan — responded to my post, but in the link he provided me, it wasn't clear what he was trying to communicate. It had something to do with tinkering with the Environmental Variables in some advanced settings. But in my opinion, he did not write clearly enough for me to follow him, which is to say that he left too much open to interpretation in his instructions for me to feel confident enough to pursue that path of investigation. (Though, to be fair, he might be on to something.) --- altair_lic.dat
  4. Hello,Support. I just downloaded the student version. Also,Successful acquisition of the student version license. How to operate HyperMesh with Visualstudio that I was taught by the product version user. But,The product version and the student version said that the content of the license file is different. The license file is "altair_lic.dat". In the student version can not develop with API? Please help.
  5. Activating your license There are two ways to activate your license: · Set the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH variable to point to where you stored your license file on your local drive · Place the license file in your Embed-installation-folder>/security folder and rename the file to altair_lic.dat To set the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH variable Press the Start button. In the pop-up window, click on Control Panels. Click on Systems and select Advanced system settings. Select the Advanced tab. Click on Environment Variables. Under User Variables, select or create ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH. In the corresponding cell in the Value column, enter the complete path and file name for the license file; for example, C:\AltairLicenseFile\ALUS_ALUS_20151226_324178.dat. To place the license file in the install directory When using a local license file, without defining ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH, you can rename the license file to altair_lic.dat and place it in the <Embed-installation-folder>/security folder Note:Many Window-based computers are configured with Hide Extensions for Known File Types activated. If your computer is configured this way, you should check the name of your license file after renaming it by doing the following: Open a Windows Explorer window Go to the license file folder Right-click altair_lic.dat and click Properties. The entire license file name is displayed. If multiple extensions are displayed, delete the unwanted file extensions and click OK.
  6. Hi to everybody, after that i stopped a dynamic simulation in MotionSolve i tried to start it again but i found this error: can someone help me please? thank you
  7. Ok, so found an old thread about how to move my a license from one computer to the other, but there was no explanation on how to do this since it was sent to the ts through mail. I'm in the same situation though. I installed inspire through the license file i got from my teacher on my desktop and need to move it to my laptop how do i go through with this?
  8. Dear all, I want to disconnect the hyperworks softwares from the license file if my system is idle for more than one hour. So the license can be used from some other system. I dont want to close softwares like hypermesh/hyperview/hypergraph. Just need to takeout the license from them, so that software will remain open, and when i get back the license i can continue my work. Is there any way to do this through scripting or by some other method?
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