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Found 7 results

  1. Dear all, I am a newbie in HW as well as HM and aim to setup a component and then perform the analysis with Optistruct. I have defined my BCs and constraints using RBE2 elements but face some issues. (HM model and image with BCs attached) I am not sure about how to define a displacement BC or Constraint on one of the holes (left end in the attached image). Aim is to constraint the sideway motion (x-axis) of the component to max of 2mm. I created a constraint load collector with load type SPCD and activated dof1 with a value of 2mm. Is this the correct way to implement the desired constraint? Secondly, I created linear static loadcases with option Load for my load collectors FRONT, CENTER, REAR and SPCD. Is it required to create a separate loadcase for Symmetry BC as well? I assume a (geom. non-linear) dynamic implicit type load step will be better to use in this case. But I am unsure which sub-option I have to use in that case. Some suggestions and recommendatiosn woudl be really helpful. I. Shaft.hm
  2. Hi, is it possible to combine two loadsteps? In the first loadstep I want to apply a pressure as a linear static problem and in the second loadstep, I want to apply a force as a nonlinear quasi static problem. How can I combine these steps?
  3. Hi everyone, I am starting in HyperMesh and I have a doubt about the loadstep. In case you have more than one boundary condition (2 constraints or 2 forces), when you have to select in LOAD ( for example), the differents loads in the analisys I am not able to select all the loads. I can only select one load and I do not know the way to select all the different loads. I hope you have understood the question and you can help me. Thank you
  4. Hey Guys! In HyperMesh I have many load collectors and I want to know that does any method exist to create load steps automatically and named these load steps after the load collectors and choose automatically SPC and LOAD in analysis type. It's a simple linear static simulation. It could accelerate my work, so it would be very helpful. Thanks for the answers in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  5. Dear all, How can I apply moment to a model in hypermesh? When I apply a force it is clear that after when creating the loadstep I have to assign the created force to "LOAD" and the constraints to "SPC". But in case I want to create only a moment what should I do? And in case I want to create both a force and a moment? Thank you in advance
  6. Hi everyone, I'm doing a nonlinear quasi-static analysis (NLSTAT) composed of two loadstep. Usually I make modification on BC applied to the 2nd loadstep. It is possible to restart this analysis from the second loadstep instaed of restarting the complete analysis? thanks, Luke31
  7. Hello all, I have a question regarding viewing results of two abaqus result files in Hyperview. For some reason, Hyperview automatically synchronizes the loadstep (simulation step) when two ore more results are displayed in a page (for instance, left window myresfile.odb and right window myresfile2.odb). If I want to compare the results of loadstep 1 of file 1 and loadstep 3 of file 2, this is impossible! Everytime I go to the second window to select the third step, the first window jumps to step 3 too. And then I go back to window 1 to set it to step1, the second window jumps to step 1. Can anyone help, because this is extremely annoying. With NASTRAN models, by the way, this does not happen. Kind regards.
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