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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have plotted data in POSTFEKO with API scripting, but I do not know how I can export each graph as a .dat file. Can someone help me with that? And is there a macro recording option for POSTFEKO, because I could not find it. Thanks in advance! With kind regards, Meerten Lua_example_post.lua
  2. Hi, I am looking for help with extracting the far field data from FEKO and importing it into HyperStudy. I have tweaked the .lua script which was provided in example I-4 in the Example Guide. The attached script seems to run without any errors (dummy value is imported into HyperStudy) if I comment out lines 17 and 24 of the attached code. Any help is appreciated Here is the code is plain text: -- -- Run into POSTFEKO to fetch results and push the scalar values to a HyperStudy .hstp file -- HstUtl = require "hst.hstutl" local app = pf.GetApplication() local config = app.Models[1].Configurations[1] -- Get first far field result local f_field = pf.FarField.GetDataSet( pf.FarField.GetNames()[1] ) -- get theta values (x-axis) local num_frequencies = f_field.Axes[pf.Enums.DataSetAxisEnum.Theta].Count --local ffdata={} for findex = 1,num_frequencies do ffdata[findex]=f_field[findex].FarFields[1]:Abs() end local dummy=1 -- Create the output file file = HstUtl.NewOutputFile( ) HstUtl.StoreScalarValue( file, "dummy", dummy) HstUtl.StoreScalarList( file, "ffdata", ffdata) HstUtl.WriteFile( file ) -- End of file test.cfx_extract.lua
  3. Hi, I am trying to make a simple geometry with the script editor. I'm having trouble to set a metallic medium to a certain face. here is my attempt: metallic = project.Media:AddMetal() newSettings = {} newSettings["Medium"] = project.Media:Item("Metallic1") newSettings["Thickness"] = 0.002 substrate.Faces["Face1"]:SetProperties(newSettings) I get an error: Error 17901: Medium has an invalid value. When I try to set directly the medium with this code: substrate.Faces["Face1"].Medium= project.Media:Item("Metallic1") substrate.Faces["Face1"].Thickness=0.01 I get an error about being unable to set Thickness to 0. I think it cannot work because I need to make the media and thickness in 1 operation. I tryed using the SerProperties with the GetDefaultMedia() and it works fine. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you
  4. I am working on a Lua script that involves creating a number of plane waves with different parameters. While I could find how to modify the direction of a plane wave easily, I can't find documentation on how to modify the phase and amplitude from the Lua API. I'm sure there's an easy way to do this, I couldn't find anything in the manual or example guide that explained this. Thanks in advance, CE
  5. Hi, I am trying to run a POSTFEKO script from my CADFEKO script. But when I want to run a function from my POSTFEKO script in my CADFEKO script it gives the following error: "attempt to index global 'pf' (a nil value)" The code looks still messy, but I want to know why I cannot do a pf.GetApplication() when running from a CADFEKO project. FEKO_automation_processing.lua FEKO_pos_processing.lua
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