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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, how can I set the material orientation of the 2d elements along the circumferential direction of this ring profile? picture attached. thank you, arh423
  2. Hi everyone, I need MAT8 material behavior (especially E1 & E2 important) for a curved shell structure, meshed with 2D elements. In my special case, the material orientation (E1) has to be the direction of the Z-axis of the global coordinate system. 2D > composites > material orientation > by system axis > local 3-axis If I define it like that and display the material orientation for the elements, however, the vectors always lie within the element plane and are not parallel to the global Z-axis. Is it possible to have a fixed material orientation independent of element orientation (e.g. global Z-axis) for 2D elements? This would mean that the E1 direction would be out of element plane in some cases, as shown by the orange arrows in the figure below. The pink vectors in the example image always lie within the element plane - thats not what I want. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to assign a material orientation via a vector through the 2D-composites-material orientation tab for a 3D solid element with the Mat9ort material card. Hypermesh does not change the element material direction saying the reference vector can not be projected for lowlighted elements. Is anyone able to help or offer an alternative method? Thanks, Aidan
  4. Hi, 1. Is the material orientation of each ply the same? I assigned different material orientations to each ply, but I cannot get the expected material orientations. 2. How to assign material orientation to elements with ply (fiber) direction? I try to assign the material orientation to plies with the cooridinate systems each ply used in drapping operations. But I found the obtained material orientation is not coincident with the ply direction. The attached pictures are the results of this test (for example, the directions in face A). I want to get the same directions, but I don't know how to do. Material_Direction_of_Ply.hm
  5. Hi there! Hope you had a happy new year and a great festive season! I have done some pre-processing and ran into an issue of assigning the material orientation. The following error message came up: I have created a system axis and managed to get the direction to follow the system axis as shown: However, as shown in the error message above, I believe these are the lowlighted elements. And the arrows all converge towards these "lowlighted elements". I have tried googling and searching up online but failed to do so on what this means. Hope you can help out with this! Thanks, Jessica Lee
  6. Im trying to model a solid honeycomb core with MAT28 and PROP6. I'm using a local coordinate System (/SKEW/FIX with Ip=0) to define material orientation. I tried to Change the local coordinate System but the solver always refers to the global coordinate System. A change of the local coordinate System does not affect a change of the material orientation therefore i'm not able to define the material orientation with a local coordinate system. Can anyone help me with this issue? Best regards
  7. Hi All, I am unable to use this command "*reviewmaterialorientation_option" Can anyone help ? TIA. Best Regards, Dhairyasheel
  8. Hello, Attached you can find the model I am working on. It is 3d tetra meshed, after meshing i intend to apply material orientation. But i have some doubts, I select the material orientation as by vector, i wanted to know what coordinates should i define for N1,N2,N3 and base so that it will define the material orientation in 0,45 and 90 degrees or how do the coordinates of N1,N2,N3 work for any defined angle. Thanks in advance Amey
  9. Good morning, I'm trying to change the material orientation in a component. I tried in different way to do the 3D mesh and I tried to use different properties. The geometry is a simple hollow cylinder. I'm using Hypermesh 2017.3. The material is defined as MAT9ORT. To check the material orientation I used Analysis->Systems->Material Orientation. Mesh methods: Method 1: 3D mesh done by using Drag elements along the cylinder axis. The material orientation is along the plane perpendicular to the cylinder axis; Method 2: 3D mesh by using 3D->Element Offset->Solid Layers. The material orientation is along the cylinder axis; Method 3: 3d mesh by converting a ply laminates using the Aerospace tool "Shell to Solid". The material orientation respected the orientation angle given during the plies creation. These material orientations remain valid only without any property assigned. When I assign a property, the orientation changes without an apparent logic. Properties: Prop. 1: PCOMPLS: modifying the THETA angle in the property card didn't cause any modification in the material orientation; Prop. 2: PSOLID: when assigned to the component, the material orientation change the direction randomly and doesn't respond to any modifications with material orientation tool.
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