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Found 9 results

  1. HyperWorks、HyperMesh何れも、モーフィング機能を活用して、ヘキサ要素にフィレットを追加することができます。 HM_Hexa_AddFillet.mp4
  2. 任意の個所を固定して(形状を維持して)、モーフィングしたい場合はTool > HyperMorph > morph constraintsパネルが便利です。 下記ビデオでは、円の肉厚を固定したまま、中央の棒のモーフィングを行っています。 morph_constraints.mp4
  3. Hi All, I am trying to do morphing 2D elements to a surface. But unable to do so. Can anyone please help? Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Desai
  4. I have a full vehicle with Body, Chassis, Suspension, Axle, Cabin, Floor, Roof, Glass, Windshield, Tyre, etc.. in actual manner as in complete assembly. 2D components are present. Now I want to create 3D in a single component for all the 2D components for my analysis. I don't have enough time to mesh all components in 3D & connect. I want to transform the 2D comp to 3D, the may be I can connect all the solids together into 1 component. Please suggest an option. Is there any Batchmesh available or may be tcl script? The Sample 3D model pic is shared for reference. I want the same thing.
  5. モーフィング機能を用いて、パイプを曲げたい場合は、基準となるラインを描いた後、map to geomパネルのline difference機能を使うと便利です。 ビデオの最後では、元のジオメトリ(CAD)も変形させています。 MorphingForPipe.mp4 Pipe.hm
  6. Hello guys, I want to morph a model but after moving my handles there are always some negative jacobians/folded elements. Also after a small movement (about 1-2mm) there are some folded elements (sometimes only 2 folded elements). The size of my model is around 150mm * 250mm and the element size in the moprhing region is around 0.5mm - 5mm. Is there any options to avoid folded elements? Maybe meshing with smaller elements or bigger elements or try some various options in the "morph" subpanel? It would be great if anybody can help me!
  7. Hi, I'm currently working on a shape optimization for a tube. As I want to create the necessary shapes, I'm getting across some problems. I added the file for more visibility. 1. Is there any function to smooth my mesh after morphing? The stress concentration in the "edgy" parts of the mesh is very high. 2. Currently I'm morphing my mesh with "scale" for peripherally located handles. I want to keep the same perimeter as the original tube for manufacturing reasons.. Is there a better way? Thank you very much for your help. Matthias Tube.hm
  8. Hello, First of all i want to explain what i did so far. I performed a frequency response modal Analysis to investigate the dynamic stiffness of my component in Hypermesh/Optistruct. I performed an Analysis with Optistruct and my results are the frequency-depended Displacement (s) and SPC-Force (F). Then i plotted the dynamic stiffness by calculating Cdyn=F/s. The results are exactly what i expected. After that i changed the structure of my component using Mesh Morphing and recalculated the dynamic stiffness of the changed component. This had a huge effect on the dynamic stiffness. I saved the morph-changes as shapes and created a shape design variable. I want to do a shape optimization to reduce (minimize) the dynamic stiffness. Now my questions: 1. Is it possible to do a shape-optimization to reduce the dynamic stiffness (reduce the quotient F/s) with optistruct? 2. When it is possible, can you give me a hint, how i have to proceed with the Responses, constraints and objectives for the optimization? Regards, Fatih Uysal
  9. HyperMeshを用いて、ジオメトリ(CAD)もモーフィング機能で変形させたい場合は、下記の手順で可能です。 1.ジオメトリを読み込んでから、automeshパネルでシェル要素作成 2.HyperMorphパネルで、シェル要素のモーフィングを実行 3.morphパネル⇒morph surfaces機能を実行すると、ジオメトリがメッシュに合うように変形します。 詳細は、以下のビデオをご確認下さい。 HyperMorph_MorphSurfs.mp4 ※音声解説付きです。 ↑が見られない方は、↓のURLへ。 http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/zglo1gpswt?popover=true
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