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Found 6 results

  1. Several models have given me the same error, and after research I find that hyperview/mesh will generate the H3D file. But it doesn't seem like it's working on mine. Motion solve generates XML file but no H3D file
  2. how to rectify the error showing that "error computing compliance matrix for wheel centre markers"
  3. I'm carrying out a constant radius analysis and have changed the hard points only, given the following input for the analysis the errors that I'm getting is ERROR: At time=1.401E-08 the integrator failed to proceed. ----------- Possible Causes ----------------------------------------------------- (1) The integration has become unstable. Tighten (decrease) integr_tol, h_max, or both in Param_Transient can help stabilize the integration. If the simulation contains distinctive phases, use multiple Simulate, each with its own proper integrator parameter setting, to selectively tighten the tolerance during the period where instability is encountered. (2) If the simulation was terminated because stepsize has diminished consistently below h_min, reduce h_min in Param_Transient to force integration to continue. (3) Non-physical inertia properties, such as mass=100 Kg and Ixx=Iyy=Izz=1 Kg*mm^2, or extremely small inertia on a part with an unconstrained degree of freedom. Make sure the modeling data, in particular the part inertia and the gravity, are specified in proper units consistent with the units given in Param_Unit element. (4) Beam, flexible body goes out of linear range, bushing has large rotation along more than one axis, curve goes out of its interpolation range, higher-pair joint goes out of the range of U or V, etc. Make sure fundamental modeling assumptions, such as rigid contact assumption used in Force_Contact, are not violated. (5) Motion displacement defined using LINSPL, AKISPL in dynamic analysis, or as a function of model states (DX, VX etc), as well as forces defined as a function of other forces, can cause hard convergence and integrator failure. Avoid these modeling practices wherever possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR: Abnormal return from transient analysis
  4. Hello, I am having problems when I try to run any analysis on a front suspension model. I used the FSAE Templates to build the front suspension and also used a standard analysis template. And I keep getting this message when a try to run any kind of analysis. "INFO" "17:08:05" "*** Begin sending off data" "INFO" "17:08:05" " Sending off 1 API version string [HWVERSION_2017.2.0.16_Jul 25 2017_18:12:43]" "INFO" "17:08:05" " Reading API version string [2017.2]..." "INFO" "17:08:05" " Writing model to [C:\Users\formulaCefast\Altair\ES_10\Dianteira\E1SPSuspDianteira.xml]..." "INFO" "17:08:05" "*** End sending off data" Thank you, Pedro Dias.
  5. How to give rpm to flywheel in motion view and how to give value to rpm?i have created joints, now i want to give 300 rpm to flywheel.
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