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Found 9 results

  1. Did you know that there are dozens of interesting examples accessible online for multi-body / motion simulation using Altair software?! See https://altairhyperworks.com/motionsolve-models/ These examples have been designed to help raise your awareness for the kinds of simulations that are possible with Altair's multi-body motion simulation tools. There are currently 17 examples for MotionView+MotionSolve and 29 examples for Inspire Motion -- with dozens more examples scheduled to be added quite soon. The goal is to continually add more and more over time. So consider bookmarking that page and check back often! Each example comprises two pieces: (1) a movie clip that plays automatically in your browser + (2) a downloadable zip file which typically contains: One or more movie (.mp4) files. Pre-built model files for the complete, mechanized multi-body system. Results files. A presentation (.pptx) file describing the model and how to use it. Enjoy!
  2. Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and I'll truly appreciate your help. I'm trying to simulate a shuttle moving along a guide, which is simplified with two curves (Up and DOWN). As you can see here below and in the attached files, I simulate the four wheels with four bodies joined to the shuttle through 4 bushing elements with high rotational and translation stiffness. Each wheel is constrained to the relative curve through a Point To Curve constraint. In order to move the shuttle, I have firstly applied a constant force along the x axis of the shuttle and everything works well. Since I got to simulate the behavior of an electric motor, I would like to apply a motion law. Therefore I created a simply motion with constant speed set to 100mm/s. When the shuttle compete the guide's curve (so it changes the axis of motion from x to y), it "blows up", releasing itself from bushing elements. I tried to define the motion between other markers, but I don't get the desired motion. Can someone help me in this matter? Thank you Carrello.mdl Curva.txt
  3. hi, does anyone know what is error 1253 and how to solve it? thanks
  4. How do I plot an amplitude vs. frequency graph with the results generated in Inspire Motion from a sine-sweep actuator? I can export the displacement results vs time but I'm not sure if performing an FFT on it will give me what I want?
  5. Hello, I'm having a little confusion with defining a motion using markers. As seen in attached image, even though all translation and rotations which are available can be defined with respect to marker 2, there is still a selection for marker 1, which seemed irrelevant to me. I have checked the doc page, and what it says about the marker 1 and marker 2 fields is: "Select the first and second markers to which to the motion is applied." I find this confusing, as there are translation/motion options only for marker 2. And by intuition, I should need only one marker to define a motion with respect to it. Why do I need to select a marker 1? I would appreciate any information to clarify this. Thank you. Sincerely
  6. Hello, I'm working on my thesis and try to simulate a roller on a track, which moves through a curve. The roller follows the track and the curve, but as soon as I apply a force on top of the plate, the whole roller "falls" trough the track, where it stands at the beginning, even with gravity turned off. Between the rolls and the track I assigned a contact. The problem is probably the joint between the rolls and the track, because they are defined as translational (free) - which works without load, but as I mentioned, not with one. So, what is the best way to get it solved? Goal is to get the reactions in the curve and do a topology optimization on it. Thanks for support (y)
  7. Hi, I´m a FS team member and my team has already the license to use Hyperworks. I have been testing Optistruct, MotionSolve, etc, and everything is correct, but yesterday, when I was going to start to work with the suspension system, there was a problem. I need to use the files from your website (Students library), to use the pull/push rod created models and modify it. But when I import one of this models, the next error appears (image attached). I don´t know from where this problem comes, because the file is .mdl. Please contact me ASAP, I´m looking forward your response. Thanks. Kind Regards Javier
  8. hello, I´m modelling a 3 point bending test of a beam in hypermesh/optistruct. The bending is acted by a cilindrical tool where is applied 1 KN force. It´s important in the loadstep that the tool doesn´t touch the profile, so I have to create something like a motion which allows the tool to contact the beam and then bend it. how can I set it?
  9. Sir, What is the significance of the mating part option in user process?
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