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Found 36 results

  1. Hi, Is there a query command to identify elements attached to nodes in Hyperview? I can identify nodes attached to elements by using element.connectivity. There isn't such query available for nodes. Thanks, Roshan
  2. Hello, I am a beginner with HyperMesh and would like to know if there is a way for a user to input a table of node coordinates into HyperMesh instead of having to manually input each coordinate. Manually inputting each X, Y, and Z coordinate is time-consuming, so a shortcut would be great. Here is an example of what the node table looks like. Node Identifier X Y Z A 0 0 0 B 0.1143 0 0 C 0.1143 0.1905 0 D 0.3048 0.1905 0 E 0.3048 0.3048 0 F 0 0.3048 0 G 0 0 0.381 H 0.1143 0 0.381 I 0.3048 0 0.381 J 0.3048 0.1905 0.381 K 0.3048 0.3048 0.381 L 0 0.3048 0.381 M 0.1143 0.1905 0.381 N 0 0 1.524 O 0.3048 0 1.524 P 0.3048 0.3048 1.524 Q 0 0.3048 1.524 Thank you very much for your help!
  3. Hello, I have been trying to assign a local coordinate system to a group of constraints and my model so that I can load it in a direction specified by the local coordinate system. Therefore, I believe I need to use the Mesh>Assign>Node Analysis System and BCs>Assign>Load Reference System for all my constraints and model nodes. However, when trying to assign the Node Analysis System, only "set displacement" works. "set reference" gives an error saying that "Nodes defining a system cannot be assigned to it". I have a feeling this is why my Optistruct simulation is quite bad. Interestingly, I tried the same method on a very simple box model in a separate model, and created a coordinate system using the nodes of the box. I was able to "Set reference" without a problem, and I could see a clear change in the OptiStruct displacements to the new local coordinate system. I am wondering why my other model does not allow me to set the reference. Any advice is very appreciated.
  4. Hello, I have a set of data which is in below format nid x y z] . . but it does not have any details about the elements. coordinates are for a cylinder and elements are probably quad. Is it possible to generate surf mesh using this xyz data in HM while also keeping the same nids? Please advice!
  5. Hello, I am using an axial joint and want to to add motion to it. My questions are: 1) Which node moves relative to who? a. Node1 Moves and Node 2 Does not move b. Node 1 does not move and node move 2) If i was to assign a DOF = 1 in MOTNJG does this mean that the node moving wil move in the axial direction of my joint? Thank you!
  6. Is there any way to get the node between two nodes of a element by tcl command
  7. Hi All, I have meshed a sheet metal part. I need to take the output in particular co-ordinates. So, I have renumbered all the nodes from 1000. Now using *createnode (x) (y) (z) , i have created nodes at required co-ordinates. I have created almost 150 nodes. Now i have to renumber the new nodes from 101 to 150 as per the serial number provided for co-ordinate points list. Is there any possibilities to create a node along with particular node number (ex: node at x,y,z (100,102,103) with node number 101) .
  8. Hello I am just new in hyperwork. I want to do displacement analysis for non unofrom beam as shown below. i have 2 different cross section, i defined 2 hyperbeam, 2 properties and 2 component. i use 3 nodes and use cbeam to connect the nodes, the define load step use optistruc to solve analysis, but my analytical value and value that optistruc is obtained are different. i just thank that maybe i should use RBE2 in B, am I right?if yes how can i do that? If no, what is my fault. Big thanks
  9. Hi all, Without making temp nodes to preserved nodes how come there are preserved nodes in model. Is it possible? Thanks, mahes
  10. As you can see in the picture, two forces are acting on single node, on review, I am able to view the magnitude of that force. How to find about the other force? and to which load collector it belongs to, and it magnitude and other info.? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I would like to know, how to get the script to get the elements in contact (spotweld/tied) in dyna by giving only a node as input. The command file does not give clear steps except for *findmark elements 1 1 1 etc.. or findfaces for getting the solid weld element faces. I tried it manually but beyond getting the solid elements, I'm not getting the 2D elements which are defined in contact spotweld. What must I do to get them too ??.
  12. Hello, When I selected nodes,more nodes are selected,but I didn't create them.I am curious that where are they from?How can I select the nodes I wanted only?thank you.
  13. Hi , what is the command to select nodes by path?
  14. X,Y,Zの節点座標リストから、HyperMesh上で節点やラインを作る方法 コマンドウィンドウで、*createnodeコマンドを使うと簡単に作ることができます。 詳細は、ビデオをご確認下さい。 Excelに書いた節点座標から節点とシェル要素を押し出しで作成する方法.mp4 ビデオが見れない方は、こちらをお試し下さい。 http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/fdczlyk37j?popover=true
  15. Dear all, the following image is an example. In the following image, i would like to re-number the node number 13 to 113. I am able to do it using the manual options available under tools option. But i would like to re-number using commands or tcl scripts. Thanks & Regards, Prabhu p
  16. When I did analysis and started it on crash analysis of Neon Car. I got a notification, "Number of nodes exceeds '100000' limit. Please reduce". Please help me to reduce nodes in Neon Car.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm trying to model a cylindrical section being held between a grip that tightens around it. When I look at each jaw however, I have a contact pressure concentration in one area and I can't seem to find out why. I'm using Optistruct V13 and I use the auto-contact tool to create the contacts between each component. I have checked for penetration between these components and there is none (there is between two other pieces but I do not look at these). I have quite a fine mesh as I'm looking at this specific area (mesh size 0.5mm). Does anyone know what I could do to get rid of this point? Could it be that these nodes are slightly irregular and 'sticking out' slightly from the component? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me!
  18. Hi All, I want to select Preserved nodes to make temp nodes. When "all" elements are masked, preserved nodes are not getting selected. ?? I used following commands : *createmark nodes 1 "displayed" *maketempfrompreservednodes 1 Error: some preserved nodes must be selected (As all the elements are masked, only displayed 'preserve nodes' i want to select) ThankYou.
  19. Hi all, Is there any direct api to select elements from a set of nodes?( For example in the image i need the highlighted elements, dont need the adjacent elements to be selected.) I tried *findmark and *createmark which are selecting the nearby elements too.
  20. Hello , I am doing the structural analysis of the disc and i need to apply forces on a particular area ( where the calliper is attached) again and again with different element sizes. I want to enquire is there a way so that i can simply select the area (maybe a predefined surface or something ) and the software can pick up nodes in that particular area? Thanks
  21. Hello people, This post is about using the "Probe" command in AFDEX to directly pick the nodes of interest from the screen and know the values of state variables like Effective Stress, Effective Strain etc. 1.Open the simulation result file (Format: .a2dsrf for 2D and .a3dsrf for 3D, refer AFDEX File types for details) and select the parameter whose value needs to be probed from the post-processor window. In this example, effective stress is selected. 2. Click the "Probe" command from the tool window and select the node of interest. The probed value is displayed on the lower bottom of the screen. Let us know what you think and feel free to ask questions if you have any. Cheers from AFDEX Support Team!
  22. I'm new to Hyper mesh Tcl scripting, I would like to create a script which reports out the minimum & maximum numbers (i.e. numbering range) of Elements as well as Nodes (Grids) of all the includes imported into the current HM window. Any help is greatly appreciated !!
  23. Hi, I am trying to create a script that is supposed to query node information from the Card Image . Is there any API to capture the following information marked in the image below?
  24. Hello all, For stress analysis, I want to show the stress value of some nodes, in order to make a screenshot for documentation. To do this I put a note on the selected node, and in the note i write {entity.contour_val}. Now the problem is, that i get the value of the selected node and all of the nodes surrounding it. But i only want the stress value of that particular node. Does anyone know what to do? Thank you in advance.
  25. Hi there, Is it possible to track the distance between a node and a user-defined plane in hyperview? Thanks,
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