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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, i tried to implement shock absorber in a shock analysis in optistruct. I use tutorial in order to set non linear tranisient analysis. I implement with table1d and pbusht the curve ForceVSdisplacement and applying a force i have checked if the the curves is right. Then i have to checked if my model with this non linear springs has a right answer to established input. In this case the model is loaded with an initial displacement and a gravity. Finally i hate to load model with a curves VelocityVSTime. Now i'm stopped at check problem. My doubt are: the initial dislacement is inserted with IC and TIC in model but in the result there isn't initial dipslacement. Why? The tstep is calculated by solver? Is possible have a fixed timestep? maybe more simple simulate this problem with a explicit solver as Radioss? Thank you for the answeres
  2. Hi everybody. I am designing a rapid attach system for the bucket of a skid steer loader (see picture below), taking inspiration from the commercial systems. In the second picture you can see how this system work: there a contact surface between the bucket and the tach. So there is a contact zone and of sure I should do a non-linear quasi static analysis; however since I would not do a non linear analysis I ask you if there is another way to get a solution. I've already done a non linear analysis but I can't validate the results since this kind of analysis should be quite instable. So I'd like to find another way (with linear analysis) just to compare the results. Thanks in advance for your help Best Regards Stefano
  3. Dear All, I'm using HM as a pre-processor and optistuct as a solver. want to simulate following condition shaft of size =10.000 mm and housing = 9.999 mm(interference of 1 micron) when i'm trying to rotate shaft using motor by keeping fixed housing. 150 degree temp is generated. want to observe the effect of temp on contact pressure and deformation of housing ID and Shaft OD. model is setup is done as per NLQS. what extra i need to incorporate to observe above effect regards, Ganesh
  4. hello to forum members, Problem encountered by solver: Fatal error encountered. About structure: Stucture - Cross size: 12*12*18 mm material : Ti alloy using MAT1 and MATX Property: PSolid and Psolidx(when using it, error is coming) Load collecter: NLPARM is used MY questions is my way of solving correct? which type of non-linear analysis is required (implicit or explicit) in such structures? what is meant by fatal error occurred and how to remove it? For CTETRA elements, Isolid (in psolidx) is not provided any value. does it means it has to keep off and other parameters such as imsrtr and icpre and iframe has to provide some numerical value? if so then what values should be chosen and why? there is no tutorial for solving such problems with Radioss. hyperworks help is not regularly updated In Matx card, is it necessary to provide values to all the parameters like a, b, c, epsmax, N, sigmax? I am uploading .hm file with the issue. I need sincere assistance as this would help me completing my research work. Thanks and Regardscross_669.hm cross_669.hm
  5. Hello all, i would like to know if it is possible to run an optimisation in a non-linear model using optistruct (for exemple a non-linear model in which we have slide contact between 2 components). If it is possible, can you please give me a link of a tutorial or some thing that can help me ? If it is not possible, what do you suggest me ? Thanks for you help. GAYE
  6. Hello All, I am doing non linear Quasi static analysis for example attached , where i am analyzing the deformation in part 2 due to impactor. I have modelled the two contact surface with GAP elements and have give displacement boundary condition of 100 mm to Impactor using curve. I am using NLPARAM(LGDISP) subcase I get error in Model3.fem *** ERROR # 1461 *** in the input data: Card "METHOD(STRUCTURE)" is not allowed for this subcase type. Even though i have not specified "Method" in Loadcase which i know is used for Eigenvalue extraction as workaround I manually deleted and continued with analysis with Model4.fem But i get error as shown in Model5.out file can anyone help me with these errors? Thanks and Regards Pratik Model3.fem Model4.fem Model5.out
  7. Oli


    Hello, I want to simulate a rivet Joint just applied shear force. Between the rivet and the hole in the metal Sheets is a gap. I get convergence but the rivet turns a Little. u can see it if u watch the displacement Contour plot on the rivet which is not symmetric. Is that because of the coarse mesh? I tried to use gap elements but maybe i put some wrong Setting. attachted are the model. Can anybody help me to fix the Problem? rivet_joint.zip
  8. Hello, Good Afternoon. Optistruct solver fetches me great result for a non linear quasi static analysis ( non linear solution converged). But when I run the same file with a coupled topology optimization I get error 941: non convergent non linear iterations for subclass 2. Feasible design <All constraints satisfied> Why is this happening and how do I resolve it?? thank you.
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