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Found 541 results

  1. Hello I try to create an output block that shows me the stress of the elements that I have morphed(which are now morphface) I select those elements and I give them a shell property but I get the error #14 element missing referenced by xhist. How can I solve this problem? Thank you!
  2. Hello, Currently I'm trying to optimize a composite laminate in optistruct. I have meshed the surface I use as shape. When I try to apply a pressure force on this surface the pressure is applied on both sides of the surface. This results in an displacement of 0 mm, ofcourse.... so: How can I apply a pressure force on a single side of a surface in Normal Direction?
  3. Hello, As far as I know its only possible to assign a single direction to a composite ply. However, lots of plies used in the composite industry are not unidirectional. For example a 0-90 ply. In this ply half of the fibres has direction 0 and the other half 90 degrees. How can I mimic this in Hyperworks/optistruct for an FEA?
  4. Hi everyone, I am modeling an additive manufacturing steel element and I have to define non-isotropic material (so an-isotropic or orthotopic), then I have to perform a non-linear analysis. Is it possible to add the non linear behavior to orthotropic or an-isotropic material? As for isotropic material MAT1 I can use MATS1 and TABLES1. Best regards Martina
  5. Santhosh Ravichandran

    Steady State Heat transfer

    How to provide heat transfer between two blocks seperated by some gap .... I have tried TCID and KOHTC entries in PCONTHT Property. My main concern is to find out heat transfer amount between gap (between two blocks ) .... Should not use mesh or gap elements in that gap .... Finally I got some results ... Same way I have tried with various gaps but results are not changed with respect to various gaps.
  6. Santhosh Ravichandran

    Optistruct Transient Heat transfer

    How to check or find the Applied heat flux at transient heat transfer analysis loading case.... In my case I have applied the 100 w/m2 Heat flux at top surface of the (1 m3) cube block .... Transient time zone is 0 to 2500 secs ... I have followed the tutorial oh OS-T:1090... I didn't get any errors also.... In the result of Element flux (v) , I got only 98.10 w/m2 flux on the top surface of cube at the end of trainsient time 2500sec.... Is it correct ? How to check the Applied heat flux ... ?
  7. "DLOAD 12 1.0 1 1.0 8 1.0 11" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. Can someone tell how to work on this?
  8. Arul

    PDAMP Value

    Hi all, What is the unit of "B" ( Force per unit velocity) value in PDAMP Card in Optistruct? Ns/m or Ns/mm ? Regards, Arul
  9. Hi, I need to create a TCL script that automatically assigns material properties to individual CBEAM elements in a component composed of a large number of CBEAM elements. I am essentially creating a lattice within a component but using CBEAM elements. Does anyone have any advice regarding the script, or how I would go about doing it? Kind Regards, Laurence Maskell
  10. hello, i'm triying to to find a solution of a probleme i'v acoutred in the last few days, i'v exported from ANSYS a .cdb, file which i opened with hypermesh and while i'm on the Ansys user profiles every thing seems ok, i got all material propreties, geometri propreties, DOF... but the memont i pass from Ansys user profile to optistruct i lose all my data (no materials defined...), i got only the initial geometry. so i got three questions if anny one got the answers i'll be realy greatfull. 1) is there a way to keep all my imputs when i change the user profiles from Ansys to optistruct ?. 2) how can i define the following matairial propreties using optistruct?: * thermal expansion * permeability * resistivity (constant) * specific heat * thermal conductivity 3) how can i also define a COMBIN14 element type using optistruct? and thank you everyone
  11. LFM1995

    .out file does not exist

    Hi, First time using HyperMesh and I am following a tutorial for topology optimisation. The tutorial I am following is on pages 25-36 in the link provided. When I click OptiStruct, I do not get a message. When I click view.out, I get a message saying: '.out file does not exist.' Where am I going wrong? Thanks Laurence OptiStruct_11.0_Tutorials_(1).pdf
  12. I am attempting this tutorial but I am confused regarding the solver manager. I have altered the fem file using the text editor, then saved it with the name: controlarm.fem.txt, which gives it the suffix of a .txt file. But the tutorial then says to run the file in the solver manager. This is a .txt file so it does not work in the solver manager. What am I missing? Kind Regards, Laurence Maskell controlarm.fem.txt
  13. Oli

    No Hyperview

    Hello, I'm useing Hypermesh for modelling and Optistruct for solving. If I want to solve via the radiobutton: Analysis --> OptiStruct but it just gives me the *.fem file. (Picture below) I can solve via a *.bat file but can't view the results in Hyperview. Only Hyperplay is possible. So I think Hyperview wasn't installed?! But how can I install just hyperview. I installed the edu2017_win64.exe and also got the Altair_lic.dat. I'm using Hyperworks 2017 Student Edition
  14. Hello. I am working on the NL buckling of a composite panel (geometric NL implicit) and I successfully setup the model and ran the analysis within radioss after automatic conversion from the optistruct input. The problem is that although I specify I need 50 increments (NINC) with PW convergence criteria, the solution ALWAYS converges at 25 increments and of course the total buckling is not captured. Below is my NLPARM card from the .fem file. I am not specifying anything else in the NLPARM card or in any other cards. Can you please help? NLPARM 6 50 0.0 6 50 PW + 0.01 0.01 20 + 1.0 Thank you
  15. Hi, I am looking for the right PRE-PROCESSING TOOL and SOLVER to solve this problem. My problem is attached as a picture. Two plates are spot-welded. I assume top plate is excited by horizontal and vertical harmonic loading. I think Stick-slip phenomena appears due to friction between top plate and bottom plate and Slap phenomena appears due to vertical force. (slap phenomenon will occur in this system when the amplitude of the relative displacement is larger than the natural gap distance between the two plates.) RADIOSS is known as the best structural analysis solver for solving highly nonlinear problems under dynamic load conditions. Is it possible to obtain frequency response function of a system with nonlinear phenomenon by using (Hypermesh or Hypercrach) and RADIOSS ?
  16. Dear experts, I realized a simulation of the AM procedure of a plate on Amphyon; I obtain residual stresses due to the manufacturing procedure. Now I need to import these information for each node to HyperWorks to lead a FE analysis. Amphyon allows to export nodes numbers and information in .txt and .stl format. Is there a procedure to import these files in Hyperworks? MartinaC
  17. Hi everyone, I am trying to perform thermal simulation with heat source and sink as boundary condition. I have a positive heat flux(as QVOL acting on solid elements) and a negative heat flux (as QBDY1 acting on conduction interface). However most of the time I could see that the simulation does not converge and the Temperature results are very big. Attached here I have 2 fem files with exactly the same geometry and boundary condition and element size, but different meshing directions. the 1.fem file yields correct results while 2.fem doesn not converge. I have tried to experiment with changing element normal and changing material direction all to be along heat transfer direction but still 2.fem file does not converge and I cant find what makes the difference in simulation results. can anybody check to see if you can converge the 2.fem file ? and what makes 2.fem file not converge? thanks and looking forward to hear from you Rafezi 2.fem 1.fem
  18. OptiStruct

    Error message Optistruct

    Hello Following error message appears by running Optistruct: *** ERROR # 15 *** CTETRA element 3918 is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian). Do you know how to solve the problem? Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. Hi, Instead of rubber bellows I have used Cbush element and given stiffness to it. I want to give preload also. I have checked we cannot give preload to cbush element. CROD,CBAR,CBEAM support for giving preload. Is there any option (spring type) to give preload and stiffness to 1D element simultaneously ? Please let me know soon. Regards, Pratik
  20. Alessandro

    ERROR # 703

    Dear Community, I am running a free-size optimization with a quite complex model and the run is aborted after a number of iteration for the ERROR 703. I receive the following message: Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44879 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44882 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44897 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44900 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44918 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 *** ERROR # 703 *** number of design variables = 47541 number of constraints = 37 error code from optimizer = 900 The optimizer failed to find a solution of the optimization problem at the current iteration. This error occurs in module "appdrv". Other information: If I change design parameters, the iteration where I have the error also change. If I remove ply drop-off constraint, the error disappears. If I reduce the design domain, the error disappears. (unfortunately, I cannot share the model) Any idea on how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance, Alessandro
  21. Hello, I have set the DESMAX in the individual model files but when running the MMO it uses a default value of 80 iterations. How can I change this default?
  22. Sritej Kalas

    RMS Stress

    Hello, Can anyone please let me know how to get/ request rms stress in HM 11, Optistruct Solver? Thank you.
  23. LFM1995

    .out file does not exist

    Hi, First time using HyperMesh and I am following a tutorial for topology optimisation. The tutorial I am following is on pages 25-36 in the link provided. When I click OptiStruct, I do not get a message. When I click view.out, I get a message saying: '.out file does not exist.' Where am I going wrong? OptiStruct_11.0_Tutorials_(1).pdf Regards, Laurence
  24. Hi All, We have utilised RBE2 elements to simulate the bolts in the model. One of the desired output from the model is Shear Forces in the bolts. Our existing approach is to output GPFORCE values and extract FBD section summary of the nodes for resultant forces & moments in the RBE2 Spider (representing the bolt). Considering the size of the model (and high number of bolts) and .op2 file, the process is extremely time consuming. We would be grateful, if someone can recommend a quicker process to extract the shear forces from the bolts. Kind Regards
  25. Karthic

    Restart Error

    Hi , I am trying to restart from the end of a successful nonlinear analysis and append new nonlinear subcase with CNTNLSUB. I have included a new nonlinear subcase to the restart file, While doing so A fatal error has occurred during computations: *** ERROR # 4761 *** The restart model is inconsistent with the original one. Please compare the two input decks. Please help me to restart. Thankyou