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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, how do i request to let Optistruct automatically write a tabluar file after the analysis (non-linear quasi-static), for example column 1 displacemen of a certain node and column 2 SPCF of this certain node? I dont want to do this with HyperView and export graph, because there are to many analysises so i want to do it automatically. The PUNCH file format only writes the results of the last timestep and don`t allows SPCF in non-linear quasi-static. The time history file T01 ist not available for non-linear quasis-static analysis either. Thank you very much for your help! With kind regards Tim Winkler
  2. Hi guys. I'm new in MotionVIew. I was able to found the most of information, which I need for my job. But I was not able to found any information how to create SDF file. I watched this video: SAE SUPRA: Multi Body Dynamic Simulation part 1, where the SDF output is shown. But there is no info how to setup it in MotionView. I need know displacement in one specific Joint, I know that this information is in PLT file too. But I have too much data in PLT file and it's hard to checking one specific joint between so much data. Please, can you help me how to create SDF file like this one: Or if I can have two separately PLT files (one for whole data and another for one joint only), it should be useful too. Thank you so much for any Information. Pavol
  3. I am exploring the use of discrete sphere elements in LS-DYNA, and I was wondering if any guidance regarding output options specific to this element type could be provided. In particular: 1. Is it currently possible to obtain output of the sphere-to-sphere contact forces? 2. Is it possible to obtain output of stresses that develop across each discrete sphere element surface? Thanks very much for any feedback .
  4. Hello everyone! Why am I not able to see new engine keywords introduced in RADIOSS 140 For Eg, /ANIM/BRICK/TDEL, etc. ? Secondly, How do i see the output of user defined law in /ANIM/BRICK/ ? As per the manual I should be able to select USRi - Variable of user law (i =1 to 18) but unfortunately its not visible in my /ANIM/BRICK/ output card. Can someone please guide me through this ? Thank you very much. Regards Avi
  5. Hello I want to a component which will be tested using laser velocimeter and "Normal surface velocity" will be measured. (at some points on surface of the component) I want to have this parameter "Normal surface velocity" as output from directresponse analysis or Modal analysis from optistruct. Is it possible to have it. Thanks and regard Pratik
  6. Hi all, I want to ask something about force output. I prepared a crash analysis with a pendulum and crashbumper system.(crashboxes,bumper and brackets) If i do this analysis with rigid wall i can see the results with RWALL forces,but my pendulum is in a different shape,so i don't do it with RWALL. Instead, i modeled pendulum with a small thickness and fully rigid.I can do the analysis in this way.But i want to learn that;how i can i get the force output of this crash analysis? (Brackets are not fully rigid,they are constrained with four screw with BC.) Attached picture may be a referance. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I am running a static analyses in Optistruct and then importing that data into MATLAB. The results are being uploaded to MATLAB by reading a punch file (.pch). However I noticed that the pyramid element results are omitted from the punch file. Is there a way to include the output of pyramid elements to the punch file? Thank you, -Eric
  8. Hi, First time using HyperMesh and I am following a tutorial for topology optimisation. The tutorial I am following is on pages 25-36 in the link provided. When I click OptiStruct, I do not get a message. When I click view.out, I get a message saying: '.out file does not exist.' Where am I going wrong? OptiStruct_11.0_Tutorials_(1).pdf Regards, Laurence
  9. Hi, I am running direct transient solution with enforced displacement in Optistruct. In the middle of solution, i am unable to track the solving steps from time to time while the solver is running. I only able to get the result at the end of solution but unable to check the progress with .out file. Besides, i cannot find the solving steps, convergence text in the .out file. The solver progress is important to me to estimate the time used per time step to furter preduct the totao solution time. Can someone give me some advices on this issues?
  10. Hi all Where in help can I find all the data about the outsput parameters like ESE that are not easily searchable in the help ? and what H3D means ?
  11. Is it possible to convert the results of c2c into H3D format (for HyperView) after the solver run? Or does it have to be done before starting the simulation ? According to the help pdf, the optio exist in Config Options. I already have the results in c2c and want to avoid rerunning the same simulation, just to get H3D format.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm conducting a steady-state heat convection simulation with Optistruct and wondering if I can see the temperatures after the analysis in a text file? Best Regards, Mert
  13. Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to view results of forces on 3D elements? I have meshed my object initially with 1d beam elements and then I can see the force results using ELFORCE output, but it does not work with 3D elements. Is there any other way to view forces on 3D elements in results? Thank you in advance.
  14. Dear all, I have a question regarding the output of optional responses. I would like to have optional responses like Comp/volFrac/Mass/Stress/... in the output file, even if they are not constraint. I know that I have to use resprint to have all constraint responses in the output and dreport for not constraint responses. But I can not find a really good description of how to use dreport. Do I have to use rebsub in the subcases? Why do I get an error sometimes? I already used dreport and it worked out but not for all responses. So could you give me a desription of how to use dreport just to make sure I have no mistake in my modell? And could someone tell me how to specifie a response "above" the first subcase!? Best regards!
  15. Hi Sir, I'm Augustin, a student. I'm new to hypermesh software. I'm working in OPTISTRUCT user profile. I saw the tutorials and knew to analyze the models. But, I want the output results i.e. displacement, stress, etc in text format. (i.e. I need their values in notepad or excel like that. But not in graphical format) Ex: I have analysed a cantilever beam having 10 elements, now I want the result in readable text format (either to read in excel or notepad or anyother). That should display the each element displacements and stresses. I have attached a file of the cantilever problem I had solved (as .rar) Please, please, please............ help me on this. I need to know as soon as possible Cant1D.rar
  16. Hello, I did a calculation on Optistruct via Hypermesh demanding the output results for the displacement, stress and strain but on Hyperview I can only see the results for the displacement. Can someone please tell me if I have forgotten to enter a data necessary to view the strain and stress on hyperview? In the NLSTAT, I activated Displacement, Strain and Stress for the OUTPUT and did the same for the GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST card. I await your response, Please and thank you KBE
  17. Hi everybody, I am currently working on automating an optimazation process for a composite structure with the Solver OptiStruct and HyperWorks Version 2017.3 . Therefore i need to programm a python script which whom i can get the Normal X and Y Stresses of CSTRESS. What i have tried: I checked the OUTPUT-BOX in LOADSTEPS an then checked CSTRESS. The output format i choosed is PUNCH (its the only one i can read with an normal texteditor, right?). TYPE = ALL; NDIV = 1; OPTION = ALL. After the optimazation i opened the .pch file, but the only stress i can allocated is the von Mises Stress i dont want to know. Can somebody tell me where i can find the Normal Stresses, optional the other Stresses and optional the CSTRAIN and CFAILURE? I thank you in advance.
  18. Hi every one, I have a result of a coordinate of a plate from Hyper mesh and I am wondering how can I integrate it in Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. For more details: the file is “.csv” one which is the result of a meshing of Hyper mesh of a plate (I can have other extension in Hypermesh output). I thought about a script but I don't know how to write it, maybe it’s already written in the Feko setup file. Thank you for your help. Samir
  19. Hi All, I am trying to get mvw file output from transient and Frequency response problems. How can I do so. I have used GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUESTS, OUTPUT>>HGTRANS & HGFREQ But still don't see any .mvw files created.
  20. Dear all, I am trying to output modal strain energy for a component. Despite having followed the manual carefully, I am still unable to see modal strain energy results in the h3d file when I view it on Hyperview. Though I can't share my model files due to privacy, below images show the settings I use for the load step. I also show the mode set settings, as I intend to output modal strain energy only for the first mode. What I basically do is I define a load step of the type freq. resp (modal) with a method (struct) that is EIGRL (the first 15 modes, excluding rigid body modes). No spc. Analysis type set to MODES. For OUTPUT, I select only MODALSE. Please see below images for details on the settings I am using. I have also tried adding an OUTPUT control card with settings H3D, ALL, BYITER. Unfortunately, I was still unable to print modal strain energy results in the result file. I would appreciate any information on how I can print modal strain energy values in the result file. Best regards, Deniz Bilgili Note: I am using Hyperworks 17
  21. Hi, I recently started to use Hypermesh 2017.2 as a Preprocessor for LS-Dyna. I'm already quite satisfied with the usability besides one exception: since we're using LSPrepost for the model creation as well, which is providing a clean and structured output regarding the keywords, Hypermesh doesn't: LSPrepost: *MAT_PIECEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY_TITLE ALUMINUM PURE 99.45-O CONDITION $# mid ro e pr sigy etan fail tdel 12.71300E-6 68948 0.33 0.013362 0.0 0.2723 0.0 $# c p lcss lcsr vp lcf 0.0 0.0 3 0 0.0 0 $# eps1 eps2 eps3 eps4 eps5 eps6 eps7 eps8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 $# es1 es2 es3 es4 es5 es6 es7 es8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 HM: *MAT_PIECEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY_TITLE ALUMINUM PURE 99.45-O CONDITION 12.7130E-06 68948.0 0.33 0.013362 0.0 0.2723 0.0 0.0 0.0 3 0 0.0 $$ HM Entries in Stress-Strain Curve = 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 I also attached the original and HM output file to point out the difference. As far as I see, I'm not using very fancy keywords that HM should be able to process and which it's doing for the *DATABASE and *CONTROL keywords. Are there any setting options I missed? Or do I need an add-on to receive clean keyword output throughout the whole file? Thanks in advance for your support. Regards Christian HM_OUTPUT_OHT_qstatic_9_ALU_CNRB_1000_DT_5E-8.k OHT_qstatic_9_ALU_CNRB_1000_DT_5E-8.k
  22. Hi I am performing a modal frequency response analysis with OptiStruct. The model I have gives the displacement as output. However, I am interested in the acceleration as output. I tried obtaining this by checking the acceleration box under load steps => load case => subcase options output, but I could not access the acceleration result when in hyperview. Am I missing something? I can calculate the acceleration from the displacements but I feel like I should be able to get the acceleration results directly from the model. Thx
  23. Hello, I'm working with linear dynamics (modal, harmonic and transient) analysis in OptiStruct and I wonder if I can extract the results of displacement, velocity and acceleration in list format or export to excel?
  24. Dear community, I am wondering if it is possible to print the responses defined for optistruct (as per optimization) to output file even if optimization is not performed (-optskip). This could be very useful to verify a model, in terms of constraints fulfilment, without performing an optimization. I know that it is possible to print all unretained responses to output file with "RESPRINT = option", but this is not working if optimization is not running. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Alessandro
  25. Hi, I have two main questions (for now) 1) I have define an advance joints between two bodies and is there a way to define the contact force between these two bodies without using the 3D or 2D contact simulation? 2) what does it mean when i define output-force-body and how can i see the result in hypergraph or hyperview? thanks for the help!
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